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Looking to Commission Someone

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 27, 2015, 4:02 PM

I have recently started using PayPal, after a long and patience testing process of waiting for my account to be of use and then for it to transfer two messily dollars from my bank.

Now that I have it, I've decided that I want to make use of it just this one time.

I am willing to offer up to $20 (Canadian) for a point commission. If somebody has a really good category of picture close to that then I'd be willing to consider going over $20. Like say for example somebody offers a category of commission that I find to be up my alley for $30, in which case I would debate in my head a little and decide whether or not I want to pony up the extra $10.

And also, I will not be accepting the first person to post here with an offer. I will look at the gallery of each person to comment and decide based on their art and their price range which one I would like to try out.

The picture I ask for MAY be an Invader Zim based one, but I may decide on something different. Nothing is set in stone yet.

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Dark World 2, Round 2, Part 2


Mary’s cry of pain echoed within the cavern and all the way to where Maestro was still engaged in his duel with Arnost, both men clashing blades, illuminating the ground around them with sparks as both seemed to be an even match for one another. Maestro flinched in the middle of a clash as he heard the scream and quickly broke away from Arnost as the hunter attempted to slice at the Vycan’s head while propelling himself off of a rock pillar.

~Miss Mary,~ Maestro’s amethyst eyes widened, ~No, she's in danger!~

“Mary? You're letting yourself get distracted.” Arnost said as he pushed the Vycan back a few steps with brute force, attempting to break through Maestro’s defence as the demonic butler quickly back pedaled, redirecting and parrying many blows from the Shadow Kin.

~Please, I beseech you Arnost. I must attend to the young woman pulled into this world with me!~ Maestro looked right at the Shadow Kinm showing no signs of trickery in his eyes nor in his mental voice. After a moment of indecision Arnost slowly pulled back before sheathing his blade.

“Very well, for now we shall attend to the girl you speak of and then continue our duel.” Arnost grumbled, not pleased with a fight that he had found to be a good exercise being interrupted.

~Thank you.~ Maestro said, his eyes shaping themselves into a pair of arrows pointing upwards (his ‘happy’ face) before racing off with Arnost right behind him, hurrying to the source of the scream and the area where Maestro had left his companion.

Sure enough Maestro's fears were proven true as he saw Mary on the ground, looking very roughed up while Champagne was struggling to break free from a block of ice and two humans who he recognized from the ranks of the competitors. Without hesitation Maestro hissed and rushed right at Parry with his wings out, ready to cut the man's head off in his anger. The Vycan slashed at Perry, who held up his shovel to block it just in time.

“Oh well aren't you a big one? And you’ve got a creepy snaggltoothed friend with you. Well, the more players the better I always say.” Perry smiled while Maestro snarled.

~How dare you lay a hand on miss Mary!~ He yelled out in their minds as his rage built up.

Without really thinking it though, despite what Champagne had said, Liam pulled another orb from his side bag, a light blue one this time and threw it as hard as he could, letting it land between Perry and Maestro. Mary looked up just in time as the orb produced a very strong gust of wind, catching Maestro's wings and throwing him back hard. Much to Mary's horror he landed on a Stalagmite, the sharpened rock tip sprouting through the Vycan’s torso as his entire body went stiff and his eyes widened to the size of dinner plates.

“Maestro!” Mary screamed as she got up and rushed for her friend. Perry made a move for the dino girl swinging that bladed shovel but it met with Arnost's blade. Before the shovel wielding human could react the Shadow Kin’s elbow rammed into the side of his jaw and knocked him to the floor.

“Despicable,” Arnost growled, holding the tip of his blade to Perry’s throat, “Attacking an unarmed woman from behind.”

Suddenly Perry swung one leg up and kicked Arnost in the gut, distracting the Shadow Kin enough for Perry to swing his shovel around and knock the blade away from his throat and roll to his feet. “Well I think the jury is still out on the woman part.” He replied with a shrug.

As Perry and Arnost clashed Liam watched in amazement as Champagne broke free from the purified ice with sheer brute force and rushed to Mary's side as the girl fell to her knees next to Maestro. Liam had grown used to killing demons and handling with things of the undead or occult persuasion but for some reason watching this reptile girl induced a feeling of guilt over what he had done to the demon like creature.

“Come on Maestro, y-you can bounce back from this! J-just like last time. You're tougher than that!” Mary cried out, choking back tears and pulling her gloves off quickly. She tried her best to pull the Vycan free from the stone spike but was a bit too weak from her clash with Perry. Maestro coughed a little as it took all his focus to turn the sword he held in his hand back into the black liquid then slowly into the violin he would always play for Mary.

~Miss Mary...please...take it Maestro struggled to speak to Mary in her mind as his vision started to go dark and he lost his grip on the violin. Mary caught the instrument before it could hit the ground, and looked in horror as her friend's eyes slowly closed.

It was at that moment Mary felt that a part of her life, possibly one of the only parts that made her happy had been ripped out of her very soul.

“No, no no no! No you can't die! Maestro no, don't leave me!” Mary cried out.

Champagne was also in tears as she hated to see Mary so distraught. She herself had killed countless amounts of her own people in the dark days of her past, but none were out of spite and she had respected those who fell in battle; they fought for a cause just as she did. Watching Mary cry her eyes out broke the sprit’s heart, but she knew that the time for mourning had to wait as she could easily see that the stranger who had accompanied Maestro would not last long while outnumbered...and then it dawned on her.

Champagne recalled as she watched though Mary's eyes how music from that violin not only helped to heal Maestro but had an effect on Mary...but could she really help?

Dropping her scythe Champagne picked up the violin as Mary buried her face in Maestro's shoulder as she cried.

“By the gods I hope this works.” Champagne murmured as she held up the bow and placed it on the strings. She had played the violin before in the past but never under such stress so it was hard to think of what to play until one song came to mind; she started to play without a second thought, almost instinctively producing a sweet melody rivalling what Maestro could create.

At first the song had such a sweet yet sorrowful tone to it that it got Liam's attention, amplifying the sensation of guilt and remorse in the young magic user.

“God damn it, why does she have to play something like that at a time like this.” He whispered, but then heard something else besides the music and the clashing steel, something...odd.

Liam could swear that he heard a storm brewing, but knew they had to be deep underground yet he could hear the wind howling as if nature was also mourning the fallen Maestro. Mary still cried her heart out the entire time as the music only seemed to deepen her own feeling of loss as a few sparks shot from her horns and claws.

‘Why did this have to happen, why me?! Why did Maestro have to die!? It’s all my fault... its not... It's because of those humans and that thing...they did this; they took Maestro away from me. We didn't want to fight but they don't care, they just want to kill us so they can be the only ones to leave... I'm sick...and tired of this.’

 Mary slowly stood up as Champagne continued to play the violin, panting hard as her muscles tensed up as the sparks flew more from her horns coursing down her body as he bared her fangs. “You sadistic scum, you're going to pay. YOU'RE ALL GOING TO PAY!” Mary screamed at the top of her lungs as her eyes started to glow and her hair that wasn’t dyed turned the same shade of gold as her eyes. “I'M GOING TO KILL YOU BASTARDS!”

Almost as if a switch had been hit Mary's mood had completely changed, as did Champagne's music as it was much faster and more aggressive and with it Mary charged straight at Arnost and Perry, punching the human man right in the face throwing him a few feet away but then her attention went right to the Shadow Kin; her right hand sparked with electricity as she swiped at him, her claws slashed thought his vest and shirt leaving some burning scratches on his chest as he stumbled back. When she came at him again Arnost was ready for her and swung his sword only to be met with a bolt of lighting from between her horns paralyzing him for a few seconds . Mary was ready to slash at him once more but her attention was pulled away from him when Perry jumped at her, swinging his shovel again.

“Now this is more like it! That’s the spirit Barney girl, let that demon side of you out!” Perry laughed while Liam was more annoyed by how things just seemed to escalate the more the fighting went on.  He knew if it kept going like it was there was no telling what would happen.

Liam’s gaze went back to Champagne the violin in her hands which was emanating a magical aura; in that moment he realized that if he stopped the music then maybe Mary may calm down. Taking a daring risk, Liam pulled a pink orb from his pouch and threw it at Champagne, hoping to entrap the ghost again and end the song. Unfortunately a bold of lighting from Mary’s horns and struck the orb, flinging it away without her even looking in Liam’s direction, almost like she had sensed it in the middle of her clash with Perry.

“Perry, stop! You're only making things worse you damn idiot!” Liam yelled out as he watched Perry swing his shovel at Mary, trying to hack off a limb or her head while she kept moving around each swing, narrowly dodging it every time.

“Oh come on Liam, she's just a silly little demon. What could she do?” Perry asked with a smile as he took another swing only for Mary to catch the shovel in both hands and send an electrical current though it that kept Perry still for a moment as Champagne's music started to slow down to a calm tempo.

“You sick freak.” Mary hissed, “You call me a demon, but all you want to do is hurt others and think that it’s funny when they feel pain. Maestro was my best friend and the only living person who I didn't have to act like someone else around. He understood me and only wanted to see me happy for once, but you bastards took him from me! You want me to be a demon? Well I'll be worse... I'LL BE A FREAKING DEVIL IF IT MEANS I CAN GET YOU ASSHOLES BACK FOR WHAT YOU DID TO MY FRIEND!” Mary roared out as Champagne's playing went back to being aggressive and fast paced once more.

 Mary bashed her head right into Perry's face, most likely braking his nose as he tumbled along the ground, but she wasn't done with him yet. Mary rushed over and swung one leg out, kicking Perry in the stomach with enough force to fling him up off the ground only for Mary’s tail to snatch him by his ankle in mid flight and then swing him around right into Liam who just barely caught him, sliding several feet back and falling over.

Arnost finally got over his shock and climbed to his feet. The Shadow Kin knew that he had to subdue the girl, as her thrashing would do neither her nor anyone else any good. Moving as quickly as he could he pounced at Mary ready to slash her across the shoulder, aiming for a non lethal wound that might snap her out of it. Mary heard the Shadow Kin when he pushed off of the ground and waited until the right moment before she spun around to meet Arnost face to face. A scythe appeared in her hands, one that wasn't as large as Champagne's but still lethal none the less; in the center of the blade lay a broken heart that was carved into it and the blade itself was serrated. Pushing the shadow kin back with one foot, she clashed her steel with his, making sure that he was on the defense until she twisted her blade around once the jagged edge caught hold of Arnost's sword and flung it aside, and followed up slapping him hard across the face with her tail and throwing him into a pillar.

Mary hissed and glared at the fallen Shadow Kin with glowing eyes, slamming the scythe down with the blade digging into the rock just over Arnost's good arm with the hilt of the scythe angled so that it lay across his chest, keeping the hunter pinned.

Champagne's song was reaching a high point as Mary looked over at Perry and Liam, who were picking themselves up off the ground. Mary sucked in a deep breath as a light started to shine down deep from within her throat and pass out through her mouth as electricity sparked all around her.

By this point Champagne's song had finally ended yet Mary was still going and full of rage; she had built up a deadly amount of energy inside her body and was a thought away from unleashing it.

Sensing this, Champagne rushed for Mary. “Mary, don't do it!” She yelled out, but it fell on deaf ears.

Liam and saw the lighting crackling around Mary, and the look on her face made it pretty clear that she was going to kill them if he didn't do something fast. He was already winded after using so many spells in quick succession-and being knocked down by Perry, but he had to try something fast. He quickly reached into his pouch just as Champagne grabbed hold of Mary.

“Control yourself Mary!” Champagne yelled, too late.

Mary opened her mouth. “Gold Cannon!”

With this declaration a large blast of electrical energy came rushing from her gaping maw with enough force to throw Champagne off of her. The blast hit its mark, there was an explosion with enough force to shake the ground as chunks of rock flew and lava oozed out from the cracks around them

Panting hard, Mary fell to her knees as her eyes and hair changed back to normal, her whole body trembling from the shock as she had never handled with so much energy in one sitting. “I...I did it...I got them Maestro.”

She had a bit of a smile on her face, not thinking about what she had just done but rather that she had avenged her fallen friend...or so she thought. Perry leaped out from the dust, and before Mary could react in any way but release a gasp he swung his shovel right into her face, hitting her with the edge and drawing blood.

Letting out a scream, Mary fell to the ground while clutching her face over her right eye, blood running down from between her fingers. Champagne gasped in horror, seeing her beloved granddaughter badly hurt and that the shovel wielding man hadn't a scratch on him from the blast, though she soon saw why.

Once the dust had settled Champagne saw that Liam had constructed a small stone wall and coated a pair of stalagmites by them in wet ice that had electricity sparking around them, having made not only a protective wall but also a pair of makeshift lighting rods to divert most of the power away from them. The tactic had saved them both, but it had left Liam drained.

“Nice trick,” Perry said, resting his shovel across one shoulder casually and smirking down at Mary. “Buuuut no cigar.”

“Mary!” Champagne rushed forward, only to be struck by a sphere thrown by Liam, this time freezing her in a block of magical ice which the spirit found much harder to escape than before.

Nearby, Arnost was freed when Mary’s scythe vanished, shattering into a cloud of many little lights that faded in moments. The Shadow Kin snatched up his sword and shook his head as he climbed to his feet. “Such a fighter,” He muttered, looking over at the defeated Mary and triumphant Perry, noting that the latter was adjusting his grip on his shovel, “But she is defeated and calmed now, stay your weapon and face your remaining opponent.”

Perry shook his head, giving a ‘tsk’ sound. “’Fraid I can’t do that, chief. You see, it’s my job to kill demons, and I’m not in the habit of letting Liam outperform me in that area.” He reared his shovel back and swung it down towards Mary’s neck, only to meet Arnost’s blade in a shower of sparks.

“I said she is down!” Arnost growled, forcing Perry’s shovel back up and twisting, kicking the human in the jaw hard enough to knock him off his feet and then finished his spin by levelling his blade at the fallen Perry. “Your fight is only with me now, and if you raise your blade to a fallen foe again I will-”

A sudden wave of pure force struck all three combatants, pushing them hard enough to make them stumble if they were still on their feet or relocate them several feet across the ground of the cavern. It came from the limp form of Maestro, who was now grasping the rock impaling him through the chest.

“Oh come on!” Perry growled, getting back up. “You have a big rock through your chest, stay dead!”

Ignoring Perry’s command, Maestro shattered the rock between his hands, energy travelling down through it to the floor and fragmenting the material into dust, leaving the Vycan to collapse onto his knees, one hand over the gaping hole in his slender torso. Another wave of force shot out from his body, travelling in all directions, making Arnost slide back a few feet until he dug his sword into the ground to anchor himself. This repeated itself, slowly getting stronger as the Vycan began to get up.

Liam ducked behind a pillar, trying to catch his breath and think of a spell to use for this situation. Perry on the other hand chose to act as brashly as he had before and charged Maestro after timing the duration between the pulses being unleashed.

“I’ll take your head off just to be sure,” Perry muttered to himself as he slid into cover just in time to avoid being flung back like Arnost was, the Shadow Kin’s sword being left stuck in the ground. Perry dashed the last ten feet and leapt, swinging his shovel down towards Maestro’s exposed neck...only for the Vycan to grab him by the throat and slam him into the ground with enough force to crack the surface beneath him and fracture a few of Perry’s bones-and the human was not nearly as fragile as most of his species.

But the worst effect that it had on Perry was when Maestro’s bare hand had touched his exposed neck.

It allowed Perry to see the worst atrocity that Maestro had ever committed.

He saw visions of a village burning, a castle crumbling, people charging forward with torches and weapons only to be struck down and reduced to mostly liquefied piles of gore while a shriek pierced the night. In the midst of it all was the tall, slender demon with purple eyes blazing like stars, clawed hands ripping flesh and shattering bone, tearing people from their hiding places so that his jaws might envelope and crush their heads.

Many tried to fight, others tried to flee.

Nobody escaped from the demon, who unleashed one final shriek that contained all of his anger, his hatred, his pain...and it levelled every structure within ten miles, splintered every tree, burst ears and finally caused hundreds to topple over dead in the midst of fleeing, killed to the last infant who died being cradled by their mother.

And when the vision cleared Perry did not see the simple demon butler from before...

He saw the visage of the devil itself staring down at him, framed by the glow of a lava fall behind him. As the Vycan lifted Perry up by the neck the human could only stare with wide eyes, his face pale and his hands weakly trying to dislodge the clawed hand’s grasp on him.

~You fancy yourself a monster?~ Maestro slowly tilted his head. ~You don’t know the first thing about it. But let me show you just how much of a monster I can be!~

He then rammed Perry into a pillar next to them, the crack of shattering bones filling the air with every impact while Perry gave a pained scream, only to go silent after the third time he hit the pillar face first. Liam spotted his partner’s peril and gasped, quickly bringing out a sphere and lobbing it at Maestro. “Let him go!”

The orb exploded into a plume of fire, but Maestro dropped Perry’s shattered form and shot upwards into the air. ~Not this time, little wizard.~

Liam looked around frantically, grasping another orb in both hands as he tried to see where the Vycan had vanished to. He spotted Arnost pulling his sword free and moved to join the Shadow Kin, seeing strength in numbers against the thing that had singlehandedly beaten Perry to a bloody pulp. Before the young magic user could get far however a shape landed in front of him and rose to its full height, spreading a pair of bat like wings as Maestro opened his mouth, revealing rows of razor sharp teeth...

And for the first time since Mary had met the Vycan, she heard a noise come out of his mouth: a roar accompanied by a blast that struck Liam and slammed him back against the same pillar that had Perry’s blood staining it. The whole of his front torso was no charred, with some areas burned away to reveal bone as Liam collapsed a few feet away from his partner.

Arnost gaped at this scene of grotesque violence, having known the Vycan to be a reasonable person who would not use such gruesome tactics. Now it was like he was a force of nature, a blood thirsty monster! The Shadow Kin tightened his grasp on his sword and sprinted towards Maestro, hoping to end this madness before anyone died.

Maestro turned, his wings folding to his back like a cape as his violin shot to his waiting hand and became a scimitar that blocked Arnost’s first slash. Arnost tried to follow up by slicing at Maestro’s legs, but found every one of his attacks blocked with a simple flick of the Vycan’s wrist.

“Control yourself,” Arnost demanded as they broke away from one another, “Your charge is still in good health, minor injuries aside. Nobody need die here.”

Maestro’s head tilted noticeably. ~I disagree,~ He responded, ~In this tournament nobody truly dies, am I right? So...why should I care to restrain myself?~

Maestro’s blade almost took Arnost’s head off as the Shadow Kin ducked down and then locked blades with Maestro, who began to almost casually push his smaller foe back. Arnost’s boots dug into the dirt until he found himself pressed back against a wall, the Vycan beginning to lean in.

~Tell me, Shadow Kin,~ Maestro mockingly addressed Arnost, slowly opening his mouth again, ~How well will you contend with another arm lost?~

Arnost felt a piercing pain in his skull as Maestro sifted through his exposed thoughts, bringing back the memory of the loss of his other arm, the scorn and humiliation he had endured for it...

The only thing that saved him from having his good arm bitten off was Perry’s shovel hitting the back of Maestro’s head. The Vycan roared and spun away, back handing Arnost hard enough to send him flying before facing the culprit.

“M-Maestro,” Mary, holding one hand over her eye and using the other to grip Perry’s blood stained shovel, backed away from him. “You have to stop.”

Maestro stiffened as he stared down at the young woman. He could see the fear in her one good eye, the quivering racking her entire body.

“Maestro?” Mary whispered.

~Mar...Dearest Mary?~ Maestro shook his head. ~I...~ He looked to the fallen forms of Liam and Perry.

They were still alive, but without any treatment that would change quickly.

~Did...did I do this?~ Maestro whispered, a pained groan alerting him to just where Arnost had landed after being flung away.

The Shadow Kin had landed at the edge of a river of lava, and on a very short and sharp stalagmite in a similar fashion to how Maestro had been wounded earlier. Luckily it had avoided any major organs, striking him to the right of his stomach and above his hip (on a human body that would only contain the appendix). He had managed to pull himself off of the spike and toppled onto his side as Mary and Maestro reached him, pulling him away from the stream before he could slide too close.

“Nnn...good time to get your senses back,” Arnost groaned as Maestro set him on his back.

~Mary, retrieve the two humans, please.~ Maestro reformed his violin. ~If I work quickly perhaps I can heal all three.~

“Don’t bother,” Arnost coughed, “You heard what Eileen said earlier...we shall be taken care of upon your victory. Don’t toss it away by putting us back in good health too quickly.”

Maestro shook his head. ~Call it childish or naive, but...practicality over morality, that is not my way anymore.~ He began to play a slow tune, inducing a regenerative effect in Arnost’s body to begin sewing the injured flesh shut. Mary dragged Perry over first and went back for the burnt and battered Liam.

Arnost chuckled. “Amazing...someone so ridiculously altruistic has such a...dark side.”

~To my shame,~ Maestro replied, not skipping a beat as the healing effect spread to both of the humans. ~It is a part of me that I had hoped to never hear from again...and I fear that Perry saw it the moment he touched me. Something about him allowed him to view...the most shameful moment of my life.~

“We all do regrettable things,” Arnost groaned, now able to sit up, “It helps if we have a guiding hand to steer us the right way.” He then produced his knife from his belt and threw it, cutting the strings of Maestro’s violin and cutting the tune short just as the worst of Liam’s and Perry’s injuries faded, leaving them stable but unconscious. “You’ve beaten us, Maestro...don’t waste that victory. Besides, I don’t think these two would like to go up against you two power houses again.”

Maestro sighed and dismissed his violin, absorbing the black liquid into himself. Stubbornness seems to be a common theme among this phase of the tournament.

He looked down at Mary, whose eye had not healed, though the bleeding had now stopped. He reached out with both hands, causing Mary to flinch as he gently held her head.

Dearest Mary...your eye. Maestro whispered sadly.

Slowly Mary's good eye closed as she went limp in his arms, drained from the fight. With a sigh Maestro sat down next to Arnost, now forced to wait for whoever would come to collect them all.

After several minutes they heard the sound of cracking and looked about, seeing that the ice which had entrapped Champagne had grown weak and soon crumbled to the ground...but the lovely knight was not there, not in the same way they had seen her. Within the pile of ice was a set of armor and a skeleton with some rotten flesh still clinging to it bones.

 Both Arnost and Maestro knew Mary would be more torn up than ever with the knowledge that Champagne was gone, yet that thought quickly left their minds.

“This can't be real.” Arnost stated as he looked at the pile of bones and armor and saw something that sent chill up his spine for once.

Standing over the corpse was a large cloaked figure with glowing red eyes from under the pitch black hood, it clutched a large scythe in its boney hands while a skeletal tail swayed behind it. As Arnost and Maestro watched as the corpse within the broken armour slowly began to stand up almost like the zombie movies Mary would watch late at night once and a while.

The decaying knight slowly got up to her feet, missing her head but picked it up to plop it back into place on the tip of her spine. Half of her face was nothing but bone while the rest was decayed with a small glowing light shining in the socket where she was missing an eye.

“I had never be seen like this...oh well.” She spoke in a hissing raspy voice as she looked at the two before successfully placing her head on her neck bone. The moment her head was back on her shoulders the decaying knight slowly turned back to her lovely self.

“Merci, darling, for getting me loose.” The restored Champagne said to the cloaked figure, which seemed to say something to her but it was too quiet to make out. “Oh stop're making me blush.” She laughed as the figure slowly vanished, and then walked over to the others and saw their astounded expressions. “What?”

“What was that?” Arnost blurted out the question, even Maestro wished to hear an answer, though he would have been more subtle about it.

“It was my darling husband.” Champagne responded with a smile, still getting a bewildered look from the two men. “What? You act as if you have never seen death before.

~That is something I'm sure most could say or wish to say but...might I ask, how?~ Maestro asked.

“Oh, well after my death my husband struck a deal with the gods to become the next reaper of Sauria rather than pass on so we could see each other, as I was bound to Marybell. What is with that look you two are giving me? There is more than one reaper you know. It's not like one reaper can handle the total sum of souls from every single world after all.” Champagne put her hands on her hips, looking amused by their reactions.

Arnost looked down, “That does make sense...sort of,” He muttered.

Champagne nodded, “Yes, now how is Marybell? Is she safe?”

~Yes lady Champagne but I...~ Maestro felt ashamed for all that he had done but couldn't bring himself to say it. Even Arnost could see it on his face that he felt a deep sense of guilt.

“It's fine, I saw the whole thing. I was trapped in ice but I wasn't blinded. We' about what happened later.” Champagne sighed a she knelt down running a hand over the sleeping Mary's face.

Just as Maestro and Arnost were starting to calm down they felt a shill in the air. Behind Champagne a door appeared out of thin air and a small creature walked through. It looked to be a stuffed toy wearing a pinstriped suit with glasses and carrying a walking stick while looking at the group with a little smile.

“Well well, quite the show you lot put on. I am a bit disappointed with you Arnost, as I would think a Shadow Kin would have had no problem with a well dressed demon, two skinny humans, and a lizard girl. I'm only glad I did not place a bet on this. Oh well, live and learn as they say.” The toy shook its head with a ‘tsk’.

“Just who are you, small annoying creature.” Arnost hissed at the stuffed toy, wanting to pick up his blade again and cut it down. Even Maestro was getting annoyed by the rude manner in which this thing addressed the Shadow Kin.

“You may call me Mr. Blink. I'm here on behalf of Lady Eileen to retrieve the lot of you, as much as I could not care about those that are, as they say, dead weight.” Blink scoffed with that smug smile as he walked closer, twirling his walking stick around as he looked to the out cold pair of Liam and Perry, then to the sleeping Mary.

“Speaking of dead weight” Blink smiled as the stuffed bear got closer to Mary only to have the path blocked with Champagne slamming her tail down. Looking at the toy her eyes turned black like a void with nothing but a small red light the size of a pin shining from them.

“I don't know what you are, nor do I care. If you so much as even think about touching my Marybell I shall rip what you call a soul out and tear it to shreds before devouring it.” This made Arnost and Maestro think as to how deadly could the spectre really be, to toss a threat like that around so easily.

“My my, such a temper. Fair enough,” Blink shrugged and snapped his fingers, slowly levitating Perry and Liam off of the ground and took them though the door. “Well, come along then. No doddling.” Blink walked through the door, leaving the other four behind until they thought it was okay to proceed. Maestro helped Arnost back up to his feet before walking though the door.


Hours later Mary woke up in the room they were given by Eileen, sitting up as she looked over in a mirror seeing half her face was bandaged up. “Oh Mary, you're finely awake!” Champagne sat by her bed with a smile while Maestro was cleaning the blood from her clothes close by.

~Lady Mary, it is so good to see you awake and well... I'm deeply sorry for...~ Maestro started to say but Mary just held up a hand to stop him.

“It's...fine.” Mary sighed as she stood up, with nothing on but a bed sheet to keep herself decent and making Maestro avert his eyes as he handed her back her clothing. Once she was dressed Mary ripped the bandages from her face.

~Lady Mary don't! You could get an infection if your wound is not properly covered.~ Maestro urged.

Champagne added in support of the Vycan’s plea, “He's right Mary, you should really rest and get your strength back.”

“I'll be fine...” Mary sighed as she sat down, keeping her eye closed. “Maestro...could you please get me something to eat...and an eye patch.”

Maestro bowed his head ~Of course Lady Mary. Just wait here and I shall return.~

“No, I'll go with you. I need to stretch my legs out a bit.” Mary looked over at Maestro and he shook his head as she gave him that same look he knew all too well, the same look she always had when her mind was set on something.

~At least...wait for me to get some cloth to work with.~ He slowly walked out of the room to get the right materials, which didn't take long. He returned a few moments later with some cloth needle and thread and in no time at all he had a stylish eye patch made for Mary in a way that befit her style.

Accepting the eye patch, Mary slipped it and found it to be very comfortable. She looked in the mirror, find that it really was her style. It was all white and almost silky with a shape at the centre of the patch shaped like a broken heart like on the chest of her outfit but with black lace around it.

~Is it to your liking Lady Mary?~

“Yes it is,” Mary nodded, brushing one hand over it as she turned and addressed the Vycan. “And Maestro, you're my butler, correct? And you have to fallow my orders?”

Maestro hesitantly answered, ~For the most part...yes~

“Good...then I have an order for you.” She looked at Maestro with a cold look in her eye. “If I become dead weight ever're to devour me, body and soul.”

Champagne gasped. “Mary!”

~Lady Mary, you're asking pure madness of me!~ Maestro protested.

“Not really.” Mary shook her head and sat down on a comfortable chair, one leg crossed elegantly over the other. “Champagne told me while I was sleeping before that you were ready to eat me, but hesitated.” She saw Maestro cringed, “I do still trust you...but this is more for me.”

She looked between Maestro and Champagne. “If I'm going to get out from under my uncle's shadow I cannot be a whimpering little girl, and if that is what I am stuck as then I don't deserve to go back home.”

Champagne sniffled, “Oh Mary...” She wiped a tear from her eye.

~I...~ Maestro was speechless for a moment, but then nodded as he put a hand over his heart and bowed a little. ~As you wish...Lady Mary. I will follow your order if the time comes.~

The Vycan butler looked back up to see a tiny smile on Mary's face before she walked right out the room with both Maestro and Champagne following. Mary soon left Maestro and Champagne as they went to make her some food as she had to keep her energy up.

Mary waited in a large area where everyone else who had been kidnapped would collect to hear what their 'host' had to say as well as eat. Sitting down at a table alone she could just hear a few people whispering, some glancing at her as they talked, and it made her tail twitch as she anger grew. Mary could hear a few select things such as her keeping a demon on a leash to kill everyone and worse, how she made him do the fighting for her.

Standing up, Mary slammed a gloved fist to the table, leaving a dent in it with sparks flying off of her body.

“IF YOU PIECES OF TRASH HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY ABOUT ME YOU SAY IT TO MY FACE!” Mary roared, baring her fangs to get everyone's attention. “I'm Bloody Mary Glock and you’d all best remember that name! I don't want to hurt anyone but if any of you even for a moment think you can walk over me like some weak little child, I'll beat you down within an inch of your life and break your bones piece by piece till you wish I had killed you!”

Mary snarled at those that were around her, leaving some of them shocked just as Champagne and Maestro showed back up.

~Calm yourself lady Mary. For dinner I was able to prepare a fine beef Donburi and a fresh bottle of chilled sparkling grape juice.~ Maestro bowed to her while Champagne smiled and waved to the others leaving them confused as to who she was and where she had come from.

“And I drew you a bath to help relax your muscles. Don't need your muscles locking up on you.” Champagne kept that smile on her face as Mary let out a relaxed sigh and followed them back to her room.

Along the way Maestro could hear some of the others talking about him, questioning what he was, but he could hear them clearly better than Mary could. As Mary fallowed Champagne he stepped away for a second and loomed over some of the other contestants.

~You wish to know what I am?~ His demeanor and appearance spooked them, and the way that spoke in such a well mannered way with his eyes looking as if he was smiling made the closest tense as though he was about to attack.


~I'm simply one hell of a butler.~ He bowed to the group and walked off to fallow after Mary and Champagne leaving everyone speechless until the Vycan turned and looked over his shoulder at them with one eye.

~A butler who eats things bigger than any of you for a light snack, so do endeavour to not upset Lady Mary as you have this day or you shall be made to truly comprehend the words with which you label me when you think I am not listening.~ Maestro hissed, his eye narrowing and glowing before he turned and stormed out, following after Mary and Champagne.


End of Round 2

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Dark World 2 Round Two: Inner Demons

With their first round won, Mary Glock and Maestro celebrate by relaxing for what time they have until the second round. In what should be a moment of peace Maestro begins to detect an unnatural change in his mind, and fears what this occurrence could mean for Mary’s safety.


His name was Maestro, but throughout history he had possessed the names and faces of countless beings who had lived on the world known as Earth. He had watched as mankind flourished and reached its peak, and had shaken his head when they tumbled and fell by their own foolishness or greed. A hundred years was a blink to him, and his memory dated back further than two thousand. And in all of that time he could not name one soul who he could compare to the slumbering young woman who he was watching over.

The Vycan sat by the bedside of Mary Glock, heiress of the Glock Industries and the first person in so very long who had continuously accepted him for exactly what he was: something that most others would agree had no business living anymore. She was curled up beneath a blanket he had spun from the black liquid he conjured, mimicking the texture of silk and allowing Mary to use his folded up coat as a pillow as he played a song to ease her to sleep.

Their first match had not been so much of a fight as it had been an ordeal, forcing themselves to refrain from harming the canines who collectively identified as Vladikhov and keeping said duo from putting them in any further danger with their antics. Vladikhov had panicked and ended up attacking them both, provoking Mary into puncturing an orb filled with a liquid which Maestro could accurately place as being several times hotter than lava.

How did he know this? From experience, which was why he was swaying a bit where he sat from the effort of not trying to collapse and doze off. The regeneration process had gone well, but Maestro had expended most of his reserves just to keep himself from exploding with pain after shielding Mary and the dogs from the flood. The Vycan rubbed his forehead and tried to conjure his violin, looking to distract himself from his own sorry state with some soothing music that might even help Mary in her dreams, yet the orb of black liquid that pooled in his palm splashed to the floor in a mess when he could not maintain his focus.

Growling softly, Maestro stood up and began to furiously pace. He had treated his own body as a temple for centuries, yet in a single instant he was reduced to a wreck who would take days, perhaps weeks to fully heal! And all because he had decided to rescue some girl and two bratty dogs, all of whom were to blame for his injuries in the first place! If he had just killed those canines when he saw them this could have been avoided; he could picture twisting their heads off and eating their twitching corpses with his bare hands, gobbling down the raw meat and then moving onto Mary and-

Maestro stopped himself, his eyes widening in horror. To a bystander they would have only seen the Vycan pacing before coming to a stop and widening his eyes ever so slightly, the rest of his face still a blank slate. Maestro stayed near the foot of Mary’s bed, trying to comprehend his sudden and inexplicable fury.

Why was he thinking such things? It was one thing to be irritated, but to consider doing such horrible things to two innocent dogs and…dear gods how could he think of doing to Mary what even now he was picturing in his head?!

Maestro shook his head, sitting back down at Mary’s bedside with his head in his hands.

Deep in the recesses of his conflicted mind, a voice began to whisper to him in his subconscious thoughts.

She is to blame for his condition…she punctured the orb, she unleashed hell on him.

But it had been an accident, she never would intentionally harm him. They were friends! He loved her like a little sister, and she had let him stay in her own home for years...

But what if that was all part of one big, cruel joke? Take the poor Vycan in, let him play as her butler, indulge his desire for company and then be rid of him when he stopped being convenient!

That made no sense…none of this did. He wouldn't have died anyways, one could not die in this tournament…although one could feel pain, and he still felt it even now. Could Mary have really meant to do that?

Maybe she should see how it feels. She couldn't die here, but she could feel the pain just as much as he did, so maybe she should have an idea of the agony he suffered for her!

Maestro looked down at the slumbering young woman as she rolled over, beginning to toss and turn in her sleep. Usually he would play her a little music to ease whatever troubles she dreamt of, but the voice in his head growled at the thought of it. Let her deal with her own nightmares, it said; she only knew a fraction of what it was like to endure true fear!

A single whimper from Mary drew Maestro out of his thoughts, and he summoned the black liquid staining the floor back to his hand where it quickly shaped into his signature violin and bow. Maestro closed his eyes and began to play Mary’s favourite song, a soft and almost sorrowful melody that for some reason put the Saurian girl at ease. She was already relaxing, bundling backup beneath the blanket and smiling as Maestro’s music began to replace whatever caused her such grief with a more pleasant scenario.

He could weave such pleasant thoughts and sensations with a few notes from his violin, or turn them into an unholy nightmare with but a simple adjustment to how he played, changing the mood of his music.

It would be so easy right now to send her spiralling into some world of terrors and death, and the fact that he could even think of that only caused Maestro further distress, which he tried to forget by losing himself in his own music.

This was not the first time that Maestro had pictured harming Mary in his head, nor the first time that he'd had such dangerous urges. As a Vycan he constantly was in a stalemate with what he was told were his ‘natural instincts’. Once when there had been countless Vycans roaming the universe they had treated mortals as little better than snacks or a fly on the wall, and even took pleasure in killing many by intent or mistake, it mattered nothing to them. They were hard wired to see themselves as the apex species, the cosmic gods of the universe, the demons who devour all life simply because they could.


And for all his thousands of years of living on Earth and among people, Maestro was one of these monsters and their legacy lived on in his veins. Everyday it was pushing him to become what he would have been had he not by some miracle been sent away to live among mankind.

It's only natural for him to want to do away with the bothersome lizard. For all their power these Saurians pass themselves off as being opposed to killing and war, but their history was gushing with blood they could never hope to hide. They were weak, childish, denying their true selves! For all their strength it would be pathetically easy for him to make a meal out of them!

In the years to come, Maestro would thank whatever gods there were for letting him return to his senses again at that moment. If it had been one second later, Mary’s head would have been encompassed by his jaws…his massive, drooling, very visible jaws that were lined with shining needle sharp teeth. His lower jaw had somehow grown disproportionate to the rest of his head, opening wide enough that he could fit most of Mary’s upper body into his mouth.

Maestro was leaning over Mary’s bed now, hands on either side of her and his teeth just a few inches from her head as she continued to softly snore. She was unaware that if he had been engrossed in his thoughts for just one second more her head could have literally been bitten off, and even if their host spoke truthfully and somehow revived her any bond between the two would be shattered. She would hate and fear him for the monster he was...

Maestro instantly threw himself back across the room and slammed against the wall, causing the furniture to rattle a bit and stirring Mary from her slumber. She sat up and wiped her eyes, the blanket falling away. Upon seeing Maestro slumped against the wall a concerned look dawned on Mary’s face, she drew herself over to his side in an instant.

“Maestro? Is something wrong?” Mary asked, setting one hand on his forehead just below his horns. He appeared to be normal, staring blankly at the opposite wall and not reacting to her presence. “Maestro?”

His head snapped around and tilted up to gaze at her so quickly that Mary almost jumped back.

~Dearest Mary,~ Maestro tilted his head, ~Did I wake you up?~

Hours seemed to tick by slower than ever as if they were days, never seeming to end while Mary sat with Maestro after she woke from her nap. She was deeply worried about her friend after the somewhat odd reaction she had gotten from him upon waking, but felt that it may simply be the stress he was under; she knew he had the best poker face when it came to hiding how he felt, so all she could do was speculate.

After their little ordeal in the odd swamp/ocean they were brought back to the large castle like place by an odd creature with a skull face in an old cloak and hat with bird like feet. At first it tried to take Valdikhov away but Mary refused to allow that, the look she had given the creature even made Maestro a bit surprised. It had been as though death was on her mind for the odd creature.

Thankfully they were allowed to escort the dogs to a room where they could rest and were given plenty to eat, just what they had wanted for some time. During the waiting period Maestro still could not shake the images out of his head of what he thought about doing to the dogs, but what chilled him to the bone most was the thoughts of himself killing Mary. Was it really his instincts kicking in? Was it something to do with this insane place? Or was it something more that was putting such dark ideas in his mind.

~Dearest Mary I...~ Maestro started to speak but even then it was hard with the heavy weight on his mind.

“Maestro...I'm sorry...” Mary sighed as she hung her head low and curled up, hugging her knees to her chest as she sat next to him. Maestro glanced down at her as he pushed himself to focus on her and not what was going on in his head.

“I really screwed up big time back in that muck filled’s all my fault you got hurt because I was too stupid, acting without thinking and letting my temper get the better of me.” Normally Maestro would have comforted her by now but instead, as he listened to her laments, he could hear the nagging voice in his mind again.

~You’re nothing but a shield to her. Kill her now and you'll never have to deal with her lies again.~ That voice could very well hold some ground as he thought given how things had been happening, but then he heard Mary sobbing. They weren't crocodile tears as people called them, he had dealt with those who excelled at dealing in lies such as Mary's cousins. It was always so easy to tell when they were lying or when Mary was fibbing...but now? Was she really that good at bending the truth now or were her tears really that of pain for what he had been though? Looking at her face and how she was trembling clinched it to him that she was indeed upset with herself.

~Dearest Mary, you did no wrong to me... You simply wished for no lives to be lost and there is no shame in that. With the situation we are in and how we have been treated it is understandable for you to lose your temper as the people here have, as they say, gotten under your skin... Although I would think that to be a daunting task to do so given your skin is much thicker...being a reptile.~ Maestro looked away for a moment, and if his mouth was visible one would see the edges of it cracking upwards a bit in a smile.

“ just try to make a joke?” Mary asked as she looked up to him while wiping the tears from her eyes.

~A little one... granted it was indeed a bit dry as comedy is not my strong point.~ Maestro rubbed the back of his head a little just as Mary started to laugh a bit.

“Hee hee, it was good enough.” She wiped her eyes. “Thank you...I do feel a little better...but I promise I won't do anything like that again. I don't want to see you hurt because of me.” Mary looked back down towards her knees as she swore to herself that she was going to make sure her friend made it out of the hell they were in alive and in one piece even if it killed her.

Just as Maestro was about to put a hand on her shoulder the door swung open, and standing in the hall outside was the cause of their problems, the one that brought them to the hell they had to walk and forced to do play her game, Eileen. Just seeing the girl set Mary from calm to enraged in record time as the reptile girl stood up with her fangs clenched and her whole body tensed up. “What the hell do you want?!” Mary snarled out as Maestro slowly stood up next to her looking between the two girls fearing a catfight could break out. 

“The next round is about to start so you better get moving.” Eileen said coldly before she turned to leave.

“I don't see why we really should, you...” Mary tensed up more as she tried to keep her temper down but once Eileen turned her back to Mary the sparks flew, figuratively and literally. “Hey! Look at me when I'm talking to you bitch!” Mary snapped out to Maestro's surprise, as he knew the only time Mary would resort to such foul words is when she was under a great deal of stress.

~Calm yourself Mary, you don't wish to start anything, not here and not now.~

“No, I'm sick of everyone bowing down to her and I'm not scared of her anymore! This crazy bitch is the reason for all this and thinks people trying to kill each other is going to fix her problems!” Mary growled out only for Eileen to slowly turn back around, her fists clinched as her anger built. Maestro noted how the room began to shake around them, reflecting Eileen’s emotional state.

“You're going to shut your mouth if you know what’s good for you, lizard girl.” Eileen said with clenched teeth, looking like she was ready to snap at a moment’s notice.

Unfortunately so was Mary.

“Or you’ll do what?! You've already taken me and Maestro from our home, threatened us along with so many others and forced us to fight! And all for what exactly!?” Mary thrashed her arms about as she yelled, Maestro tying in vain to calm her down and keep Eileen from blowing her top at the same time-all without success. The more Mary raged, the angrier Eileen and the more the room trembled like it was experiencing an earthquake.

~Oh dear,~ Maestro groaned, shaking his head. ~I can see where this shall lead.~

“You don't know anything about me or what I've been through so shut your flapping jaw or I'll make you!” Eileen shouted, unleashing a new wave of tremors which caused Mary and Maestro to wobble, yet it still didn't seem to push the dino girl back-if only push her to match Eileen's anger.

“I would like to see you try, Four Eyes! Without all your little helpers and stupid tricks I would kick your ass and you damn well know it!” Mary growled out as she advanced, stopping only a few feet away from Eileen by that point.

Seeing no sign of either girl calming down, Maestro reached out to try and gently pull Mary back. Just as he took hold of Mary's arms all three were startled to see a scythe slice downwards from seemingly nowhere and dig into the floor between both parties, forming a dividing line. The little distraction was just enough to stop Eileen's earthquakes and get Mary to thankfully back off into Maestro's arms. Looking to the side, the three saw a figure slowly materialize out of thin air like they were stepping out of a fog. The newcomer walked towards the scythe and plucked it from the ground without the slightest show of effort and then stood upright and faced the would-be fighters. This strange being was no taller than Mary, and was arrayed in pink armour clearly designed for battle despite the atypical color arrangement and wore a hooded cloak with this attire.

“Really, you two should be ashamed of yourselves.” The woman said, sounding like a mother scolding her children. “Bickering like five year olds. You both should act your own age, no?” The figure spoke with a slight accent that made Maestro momentarily think back to the days he’d spent in France centuries ago.

~Pardon me for asking, mademoiselle,~ Maestro said, releasing Mary from his arms. ~I do appreciate your timely intervention, but if I might inquire...who are you?~< i>

The figure sighed, resting the scythe over one shoulder while a free hand pulled her helmet off, under it was a woman that looked almost like Mary but older and with long pink hair.

“Granny Champagne!” Mary blurted out as her mood flipped over completely upon her long passed ancestor. The young woman’s tail began to wag as she grinned brightly. this is the fabled Champagne you spoke of, Mary. Well, it is an honor to meet you miss Champagne.~ Maestro said, bowing at the waist with centuries of practiced elegance and balance that one would not attribute to a being of his stature (or species).

“And just who are you? Threatening me with that weapon will not be tolerated.” Eileen glared at the woman, whose response was a cold look out of the corner of her eye and a shake of the head. Slowly the reptile woman turned and walked up to Eileen, looking down at her without saying a word...and then without warning, in one quick motion Champagne turned her scythe around so the blade was facing herself before smacking Eileen on the top of her head with it.

Maestro was flabbergasted to say the least while Mary covered her mouth, trying not to laugh, but Eileen clearly did not share the young Glock’s amusement. Her temper flared up again, causing tremors to rock the room once more. “How dare you do that to me?! You're going to pay dearly for-” She was cut off by a second blow to her head.

“Young Mademoiselle, these shows of force are very unbecoming and downright childish.” Champagne scolded Eileen, who was rubbing the point of impact on her cranium. “Now if you and my petite Mary are done, how you say...flexing your vocal muscles, we can continue on your schedule, as I'm sure you have more pressing matters to attend to, no?” Champagne finished this with a smile.

Surprisingly, Eileen did reign her temper in and turn her glare to the side, now more annoyed with herself for letting a few words get to her the way they had.

“Well then off with you. I shall attend to my uppity great grand daughter and her associate.” She smiled once more and gave Eileen a pat on the head. “Go on now; scoot, off with you now.” She waved Eileen off as she did just that to talk with the others that were in the next round. Once the door closed Champagne sighed and muttered something about ‘kids never changing’.

Immediately Mary let her euphoria derived from the previous encounter be known. “That was so cool! Next time can you hit her even harder and like in the face?” Mary eagerly inquired only to get the same treatment Eileen got...that being a hard smack on the head.


“OW! What was that for?!” She whined, rubbing her head with both hands.

“You know what it was for!” Champagne's attitude changed drastically as she turned her scythe back around. “I know you are angry but threatening someone because of that anger is uncalled for and you know that! Do not think for one moment Marybell that you are too old for me to turn your posterior a new shade of red!” Champagne roared out.

This scolding had Mary shaking where she stood with her tail curling up; Maestro had never seen anyone have such an effect on Mary before, not even her uncle-who was almost a living devil with how he acted. Just as quickly as before however, Champagne dropped her snarling demeanor along with her scythe and pulled Mary into a tight hug. “Oh my petite Mary I've missed you so....and look at how you've grown. You are growing like a weed no?” She looked at Mary who smiled a little, “And such a young beauty now.”

The compliments only caused Mary’s cheeks turned pink and her horns to spark a little.

“And this towering gentleman is Maestro, no?” Champagne asked as Mary stepped aside quickly, turning her sights to the Vycan.

~Yes, that is the name I go by now thanks to Miss Mary,~ Maestro said as his eyes gave the impression that he was smiling. The Vycan took one of Champagne's metal clad hands and bowed, being the gentleman he was, and planted a kiss on the metal gauntlet. ~It is a pleasure to finely make your acquaintance, Lady Champagne. I've heard quite a deal about you from miss Mary as well as reading about you in history books, but alas the artists’ impressions and them and in all other academic sources do you no justice at all.~ Mary had to giggle to herself after hearing that and seeing Champagne blush a little for the first time.

“Oh my, you are quite the charmer, Monsieur Maestro. If only I were a few years younger...and alive...hehe...” The deceased Saurian blushed a little more, but the moment was interrupted when she saw the full length mirror on the other side of the room moving and distorting as though it were water, and rather than a reflection it seemed to be like a glass window with a view of some new place. “It seems they are telling you they shall wait no longer.”

“I hate this! I don't want to be here or do what that girl wants.” Mary huffed with her arms crossed over her chest.

“I know, but like before there is little we can do... I'm so sorry my petite Mary for being away for so long. After the last ordeal that you and the princess were in I had little strength left over from helping you, so I had to rest; but I'm here now and I won't allow anything to happen to you or Monsieur Maestro.” Champagne smiled as Mary and Maestro nodded to her. “Now then, I would assume that mirror is your door for your next challenge. I shall have to hide for the time being, but I shall be watching.”

With that said Champagne slowly vanished into thin air just before the pair walked to the mirror and slowly sank into it. On the other side they found themselves in a strange cavern. The rocks were composed of several shades of green, but some were glowing and it was quite warm all around for a place that should be underground. They could see somewhat fine with some of the stalagmites glowing and even some pits giving off a glow-and a noticeable warmth that could be felt even from a safe distance.

~Miss Mary, much as I know you will not enjoy this I do advise that you should maybe stay put while I go on ahead and flush out who we might be dealing with.~ Maestro offered a suggestion, already collecting some black liquid into his palm.

“What?! No, no way! Did you forget what happened last time we did that?” Mary protested, “ I mean, yeah I really messed up at the end but...”

~Do not worry, I don't intend to stay gone long or move too far, nor do I intend to really engage in any combat unless I have to.~ Maestro assured the young Saurian. ~This place is quite dark in most areas so I will be able to hide, unlike in our last encounter. If I run into our opponents I can easily slip away, even in my weakened state.~

Mary still did not appear to be convinced or comforted by her Vycan companion’s rationalizing. “I guess...but...”

~Furthermore, after seeing a few others who made it this far I'm quite sure they would not think twice before using deadly force. We were lucky the last time and I wish to not drag you into any harm you can't handle. I'm sure miss Champagne would agree with me.~ Maestro continued, shaping the liquid into a sword before having it shrink back down into a sphere and then spread over his hand like a glove, now hidden from obvious sight.

“Fine...” Mary huffed with her arms crossed over her chest, receiving a pat on the head from Maestro before he took off and vanished into the darkness. Mary sat down behind a nearby stone pillar, grumbling. “I'm not a hatchling, I'm 19 years old. I can handle what some crazy person throws at me and toss it right back.” She spoke softly, yet her words echoed through the cavernous area. “Why can’t he just understand that?”


Maestro examined pillars of stone as he passed, chipping some away with his claws to hold up in the glow of a nearby pool of lava. The cavern seemed to be composed of at least two different colours of stone, one green and the other pink, both bearing qualities of materials that he had discovered across several worlds. These regions that were used for battlegrounds seemed to just take features of other locations and combine them randomly, as Maestro doubted that the area from the first round could produce any life on its own anymore than this one could. It made sense for these battlegrounds to be constructed just for these fights and designed specifically to avoid any unpredictable factors such as wild life or outside interference.

The Vycan was torn from his thoughts as he felt a seering pain from his shoulder and quickly side stepped out of the way of several droplets of lava falling down from the ceiling where veins of the molten material glowed, looking like veins standing out against flesh. He noted several more of these stretching up or along the walls at random, only releasing droplets in some areas where in others Maestro spotted whole streams of lava pouring down into larger rivers.

“Is it not wiser for a team to remain together?” A voice called out from the dark.

Maestro’s entire body tensed as the liquid flowed off of his hands and reached down to the floor before shaping itself into a cane which he casually leaned on with one hand. ~Is it not wiser for a hunter to not reveal himself?~

A shape leapt down from a small cliff not far off to the left across a thin lava stream. The hooded Shadow Kin stood upright, his one hand resting on the hilt of his sword. “You could tell that much about me without us ever being acquainted?”

~You may discover that I am rather astute at reading people.~ Maestro replied.

Arnost leaned his neck to either side, generating a popping noise as he strode to the edge of the river. “I must have much left to discover, as I cannot recall my Kin ever having encountered such a strange being before.”

~Then your Kin are blessed.~ Maestro twirled his cane and rested it along his arm up toward his shoulder. ~I’ve been told that my own Kin are quite...uncivilized to be around.~

Slowly drawing his sword free of its scabbard, the midnight black blade reflecting the light of the river as the Shadow Kin held it by his side. “Do they also possess your abilities?”

Maestro let the cane slid down in his grip, catching it by the end and flipping the object around as it reshaped into a sword that almost matched Arnost’s, but was longer and thinner like a rapier. ~You are once again blessed with the fact that you shall never have to know, but you may know that I prefer a fair fight. You needn’t fear me using my powers to tip the balance of this fight even if I wasn’t rendered weak by the previous round.~

Arnost was surprised by this, expecting the mysterious being to strike him down with the powers he had seen it display from time to time with the reptilian girl. “You would face me on even ground?”

I would beat you on even ground, Maestro held his blade out towards Arnost, ~Unless you wish to contest that, Arnost of the Shadow Kin.~

Arnost chuckled softly. “So be it then, Maestro of the...Vycans, was it?” He leapt across the river and immediately struck at his taller foe, striking upwards to the right only for Maestro to catch the blow with his own sword and redirect Arnost’s attack while moving out of the way.

Placing one hand behind his back, Maestro held his blade out to Arnost again. ~Correct.~

“Then let us see how Vycans do battle!” Arnost bellowed before lunging forward again, his blade clashing with Maestro’s in a shower of sparks.


Mary sighed as she sat down by a rock pillar in the dimly lit cavern, thinking about her dear friend; the look on his face after she woke up from her nap made her worry, as she knew that deep down Maestro was a tortured soul-though he wouldn't openly admit it. Dealing with that and the fact that she was once again in a strange place, forced to fight with would be killers frustrated her to the core.

“Next time I see that four eyed geek I swear I'm going to bust her right in the face for all this.” Mary grumbled as she cracked her knuckles under her gloves, just itching for a shot at Eileen.

“Now now Marybell, you know you must keep a calm, level head in these matters,” Champagne said, appearing once more, sitting cross legged next to Mary.

The spirit had learned from experience that her presence calmed Mary, having more effect than simply speaking to her in her mind.

“I know I know, sheesh you're almost as naggy as Maestro sometimes; you two dating now or something?” Mary glanced at her ghostly ancestor, whose face turned a bit pink and caused Mary to chuckle a little.

“Why of course not! I have but only met the man, and while he is very charming I'm sure I am, as they say, not his type.” Champagne giggled a little more and would have been sweating bullets if she had been alive as Mary stared at her. “And are you not one to talk? As I recall before you had, how you say, the hots for a pair of demon men no?”

Champagne successfully turned the tables, and now it was Mary's turn to blush as a few sparks cracked from her horns.

“You need not worry about monsieur Maestro, he is quite gifted in many ways I'm sure.” Champagne giggled.

Mary rubbed the back of her head, looking down. “Well yeah I know that but- it’s just that he's been though a lot and now I think I'm just dragging him down. I mean you saw how hurt he got because of me.”

“You know he did what he did because he cares about you and I'm sure he holds no regrets for it,” Champagne smiled and gave Mary a hug with one arm only to whisper in her ear, “We're not alone anymore if you hadn't caught on.”

With that Mary's senses snapped to full alert, but she didn't let on by visibly reacting and kept calm and relaxed as if nothing was going on, but then she caught it; her strong nose got the scent of something new and it got stronger as the source came closer with every passing second. Without warning or hesitation both dinos leaped forward, diving to the ground just as something crashed up against the pillar right where Mary's head had been. Getting some distance, they both turned around and saw a well dressed human man holding a long silver shovel, a huge smile on his face.

“What’s the big idea you creep?!” Mary roared out as she stood back up clinching her gloved fists together.

“Oh I'm sorry Barney, I had meant for it to be quick but I guess my timing was a tad off.” The m shrugged, “Oh well, it’s more fun this way.” He smiled in a way that was eerily creepy, and no in the way that Mary found to be cool at all.

“I told you to wait up Perry! You know damn well it’s hard to get around this place with one arm.” Another voice came from behind the pillar before a second man walked around, this one a little more gruff than the other with long brown hair that was tied back, a green coat, blue jeans and boots with a little leather strapped around his hip.

“Okay so you found who we have to deal with, don't you dare go all blood crazy on me again and...” The man trailed off once he set his eyes on Mary and Champagne. “Okay, maybe you can a little with the lizard demons.”

That one comment sent Mary off into a fit.

“I'm not a lizard you furless monkey! I'm a Saurian! Get it right you smelly old man!” Mary snarled.

The man took a step back. “Hey, you look like a freaking demon to me kid and I'm not a monkey or an old man!”

“Oh well she has you on one count Liam” The man with the shovel said with a bit of a chuckle.

“Oh shut up Perry.”

“Now now, I'm sure that if we all calm down we can come to peaceful terms.” Champagne spoke up with a smile that made Liam almost second guess thinking that the two reptilians were demons. He certainly didn't get a demonic feeling from them at all.

Just as she was about to speak again Champagne pulled a long scythe out of thin air and with mind blowing speed blocked Perry’s shovel, which had been inches away from splitting Mary's head open. The spirit frowned, glaring at Perry. “That is quite rude sir.”

“Oh I know but we can't get out of here until you’re dead, so please keep resisting so I can have some fun, okay?” Perry smiled still as if he were a kid ready to play a game of tag even as he was pushed away, only for Liam to take hold of his shoulder with one hand.

“Okay Perry, you need to back off right now. You nearly killed that kid last time and while I don't know what they are you can't kill them.” Liam said in a stern, calm tone.

“You know I was just giving that kid a hand.” Perry smiled while thinking back to the strangle hold he had on the young boy Ansel after the bag joke that had only gotten under Liam's skin a bit more. “Look on the bright side, killing some Barney demons would be doing our job and-” Perry got cut off and knocked from Liam's grip by Mary, who had rushed in and bashed him hard across the face with a right hook so powerful that it ended up knocking him to the ground much to Liam's surprise.

“You think that it’s funny trying to kill someone you punk!? I am not a stupid demon, I am a Saurian and my name is Mary Rebecca Glock! Now get up so I can kick your ass you psychopath!” Mary roared out as rage burned through her. The Saurian’s arms tensed up, ready to fight as she watched Perry rub his jaw with a smile.

“Ooo, now that was a nice one, Mary Berry. Guess this will be more fun than I thought.” Parry said as he got back up to his feet and pulled up the black surgical mask he had hanging around his neck up over his lower face before spinning his big shovel around with one hand and took a swing at Mary to cut her head right off her neck.

Mary ducked under the edge of the shovel, getting a few hairs cut as she did. Swinging her tail and baring her fangs, she lashed out with a left cross aimed at the man's body but he jumped right out of the way, being as nimble as a cat; it was then that Liam saw the sparks of electricity running around that left arm that he knew this girl was not just some odd fist fighter.

“Damn it Parry you pain in the ass, stop playing around! She isn't normal!” Liam furiously called out while taking cover behind the pillar.

“Define normal for us Tsundere, besides this is easYYYY!” Perry got cut off for a short second as another hit form Mary missed but it came close enough to that shovel to attract some electricity to give him a good zap.

“God damn it Perry,” Liam face palmed before he pulled his small book from his side back and moved in to help, only for Champagne to appear and block him. “So you're not of the living. I can feel it.” He said, warily eyeing the spirit.

“Yes, I've been passed for centuries now, but that isn't going to stop me from protecting my Marybell.” Champagne declared, holding her scythe in a defensive stance.

“And that’s not going to stop me from sending you back to the afterlife where you belong.” Liam responded.

Champagne rolled her eyes and drawled, “Oh really? Maybe where you are from that is something that must be done but I'm not from your planet.”

“Like that matters.”

“Actually it does, for your information. I'm not an evil spirit and I will rest when I am no longer needed, but I will not be separated from Mary on the basis of your ignorant beliefs regarding where I am allowed to exist.” She said in a slightly stern yet polite tone while holding her scythe but showing no signs of moving to attack.

“Well lady, I got to admire your devotion to that girl, but I got a job to do and that comes first.” Liam pulled out a charm for purifying and threw it at Champagne while reciting a chant meant for dispelling spirits, but as the ball hit her chest it fell and did nothing. A moment of silence passed between the two before Liam deadpanned, “You've got to be joking.”

“Well, it seems that I won't be going anywhere after all.” Champagne smiled and leaned her scythe on one shoulder only for Liam to throw another charm at Champagne's feet, she gasped as the lower part of her body was been quickly encased in ice, and what was most concerning was that she couldn't pass through it.

“Nope, you'll be staying right there. That is, until this crap is sorted out.” Liam looked over and frowned as he saw Perry hit Mary across the back with his shovel throwing her into a stalagmite and cracking it a little as she yelled out in pain.


End of Part One

Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 15, 2015, 11:38 AM

Dear Kidlet

Pour romance is over. When you put cuffs on me in your camping car and carved your initials into my avocado plant, a man said that Extreme Home Makeover sucks. I still have your ring and the oil stocks, and I've always wanted to break the incarnation as an Eskimo.

Good luck on your short term leave from jail

- Irken-Risk

1. What's the color of your shirt?
Blue - Our romance is over
Red - Our affair is over
White - I'll join the monastery
Black - I dislike you
Green - Our horoscope doesn't match
Grey - You're a pervert
Yellow - I'm selling myself
Pink - Your nostrils are insulting
Brown - The mafia wants you
No shirt - You're a loser
Other - I'm in love with your sister

2. Which is your birth month?
January - That night
February - Last year
March - When your dwarf bit me
April - When I tripped on sesame seeds
May - First of May
June - When you put cuffs on me
July - When I threw up
August - When I saw the shrunken head
September - When we skinny dipped
October - When I quoted Santa
November - When your dog ran amok
December - When I changed tennis shoes

3. Which food do you prefer?
Tacos - In your apartment
Pizza - In your camping car
Pasta - Outside of Chicago
Hamburgers - Under the bus
Salad - As you ate enchilada
Chicken - In your closet
Kabob - With Paris Hilton
Fish - In women's clothing
Sandwiches - At the Hare Krishna graduation
Lasagna - At the mental hospital
Hot dog - Under a state of trance
None of the above - With George Bush and his wife

4. What's the color of your socks?
Yellow - Hit on
Red - Insult
Black - Ignore
Blue - Knock out
Purple - Pour syrup on
White - Carve your initials into
Grey - Pull the clothes off
Brown - Put leeches on
Orange - Castrate
Pink - Pull the toupee off
Barefoot - Sit on
Other - Drive out

5. What's the color of your underwear?
Black - My best friend
White - My father
Grey - Bill Clinton
Brown - My fart balloon
Purple - My mustard soufflé
Red - Donald Duck
Blue - My avocado plant
Yellow - My penpal in Ghana
Orange - My Kid Rock-collection
Pink - Manchester United's goalkeeper
None - My John F. Kennedy-statue
Other - The crazy monk

6. What do you prefer to watch on TV?
Scrubs - Man
O.C. - Emotional
One Tree Hill - Open
Heroes - Frostbitten
Lost - High
House - Scarred
Simpsons - Cowardly
The news - Mongolic
Idol - Masochistic
Family Guy - Senile
Top Model - Middle-class
None of the above - Ashamed

7. Your mood right now?
Happy - How awful I've felt
Sad - How boring you are
Bored - That Santa doesn't exist
Angry - That your pimples are at the last stage
Depressed - That we're cousins
Excited - That there is no solution to this
Nervous - The middle-east
Worried - That your Honda sucks
Apathetic - That I did a sex-change
Ashamed - That I'm allergic to your hamster
Cuddly - That I get turned on by garbage men
Overjoyous - That I'm open
Other - That Extreme Home Makeover sucks

8. What's the color of your walls in your bedroom?
White - Your ring
Yellow - Your love letters
Red - Your Darth Vader-poster
Black - Your tame stone
Blue - The couch cushions
Green - The pictures from LA
Orange - Your false teeth
Brown - Your contact book
Grey - Our matching snoopy-bibs
Purple - Your old lottery coupons
Pink - The cut toenails
Other - Your memories from the military service

9. The first letter of your first name?
A/B - Your photo
C/D - The oil stocks
E/F - Your neighbour Martin
G/H - My virginity
I/J - The results of your blood-sample
K/L - Your left ear
M/N - Your suicide note
O/P - My common sense
Q/R - Your mom
S/T - Your collection of butterflies
U/V - Your criminal record
W/X - David's tricot outfits
Y/Z - Your grades from college

10. The last letter in your last name?
A/B - Always will remember
C/D - Never will forget
E/F - Always wanted to break
G/H - Never openly mocked
I/J - Always have felt dirty before
K/L - Will tell the authorities about
M/N - Told in my confession today about
O/P - Was interviewed by the Times about
Q/R - Told my psychiatrist about
S/T - Get sick when I think of
U/V - Always will try to forget
W/X - Am better off without
Y/Z - Never liked

11. What do you prefer to drink?
Water- Our friendship
Beer - Senility
Soft drink - A new life as a clone
Soda - The incarnation as an eskimo
Milk - The apartment building
Wine - Cocaine abuse
Cider - A passionate interest for mice
Juice - Oprah Winfrey imitations
Mineral water - Embarrassing rash
Hot chocolate - Eggplant-fetishism
Whisky - To ruin the second world war
Other - To hate the Boston Celtics

12. To which country would you prefer to go on a vacation?
Thailand - Warm regards
USA - Best regards
England - Good luck on your short-term leave from jail
Spain - Go and drown yourself
China - Disgusting regards
Germany - With ease
Japan - Go burn
Greece - Your everlasting enemy
Australia - Greetings to your frog Leonard
Egypt - Fuck off now
France - In pain
Other - Greetings to your freaky family


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Trial By Fire Round Three: Scar vs Dr Slight


Far from where he had experienced having his arm severed just below the shoulder, Slight was sitting against a wall and breathing frantically.

“I’m not going to die, I’m not going to die,” He murmured repeatedly, trying to force his one good hand to stop shaking long enough to position a syringe near the stump. The area was already mostly charred thanks to Scar’s preferred projectile being a plasma bolt, but blood was still flowing from some areas where the actual detonation had shattered bone and tore through tissue instead of incinerating it.

Sucking in a breath, the scientist forced the syringe into his shoulder and felt the pain shooting up from the site of his injury begin to fade. The serum slowly emptying out of the syringe was a regenerative formula that began to seal off the end of what used to be his left arm, stopping the flow of blood and causing flesh to begin to grow and the sharp tip of an exposed bone to recede until the limb was fully sealed but now reduced to just less than the upper half of his bicep.

Exhaling, Slight raised his arm and wiped some sweat away from his brow with his forearm. “Not dying here, not here, I’m not going to die...” He took a few deep breaths and reached out for his cane, manipulating the remaining liquid metal into climbing up his side and latching onto the stump of his left arm.

The metal extended, shaping itself as he held it up alongside his good arm, comparing the lengths of both until they matched up perfectly to the exact millimeter. With that done he began the difficult part of his plan: shaping the mass into an exact replica of his arm, mirroring every proportion except for certain details that even Slight’s brilliant mind could not waste time mimicking. He settled for a basic hand matching the general shape of an Irken extension with the appropriate digits and then had the nanomachines alter the composition of the metal, locking it into that shape while providing it a limited measure of movement.

Slight had lost a limb from time to time in previous bodies and had been forced to replace it with a liquid metal prosthetic, and had taken the precaution of designing subroutines in the programming of his ultimate weapon, creating a ‘prosthetic limb mode’ that would allow the metal to retain the shape on its own without requiring Slight’s continued mental control and allow him to focus on other matters.

Testing the flexibility of his new limb, Slight flexed his fingers and rotated his arm while climbing to his feet. Satisfied, he then began a test of its strength by punching the wall he had been collapsed against, breaking a hole through the weakened surface and sinking his arm in up to the elbow before pulling it back.

“Perfect,” Slight whispered, composing himself now that he was back in functioning shape and no longer in danger of bleeding out or going into shock. “Back to business now, can’t waste time crying over lost extremities.”

The rushed self-administered surgery was over.

Now he would have the sweet sacrament of vengeance against the natural born cripple who had done this to him.


Close by, Scar had found a pathetic excuse for a restroom and had barricaded himself within while he tended to the puncture in his rib cage. He had stripped out of everything above the waist and was staring at the reflection in a dust, cracked mirror with the dim lighting provided by a flickering light bulb. Blood continued to leak from his rib cage on the left side where the skin was heavily bruised, just low enough to avoid being fatal and shallow enough to avoid damaging anything vital.

Pressing one finger to the area made pain shoot up Scar’s side, but the assassin barely reacted to the sensation. He took a slow breath and opened his medical kit, setting out an array of supplies and medical devices while his PAK ran a diagnostic of the damaged region.

Damage sustained to tenth rib on left side. Clean break. Minimal threat to long term health. Recommended treatment: bind ribs with elastic therapeutic tape to reduce pain.

“Thanks for stating the obvious,” Scar murmured after reading the text in his optical prosthetic’s vision and followed the instructions, binding his ribs firmly before pulling his shirt back on and taking a few breaths to test the effectiveness of the treatment. His ribs still ached, and he would have to be careful not to take any hits in that spot again, but he could work with it for the time being.

Scar couldn’t deny the fact that he was slowly being picked apart by this tournament. A stab wound to his front, a puncture wound and broken rib on the left side...this was quickly becoming more difficult as the injuries racked up, and Scar could only hope that there wouldn’t be too many rounds after this one.

Pulling his jacket back on, Scar zipped it up and leaned on the cracked sink, staring at his reflection. The scarred face of what used to be a handsome man stared back at him as the light began to flicker again. Scar turned his gaze down while pulling out the picture of his family, taking in the sight of his wife and daughter one more time before the lights went out, plunging the room into darkness for several moments.

“I will not die in this place,” He whispered to his absent family. “...I will not leave you alone.”

Scar closed his one eye. “Makena, Sylvia...I will come home,” He vowed, “I will come back to you both...and I shall kill everything that stands in my way.”

When the lights flicked back on, Scar was already long gone without having even opened the door.


With his first trap having failed, Slight had to re-evaluate how to handle Scar. The assassin had managed to turn the tables before Slight’s machinations could wear him down enough to weaken him, but he also had taken a significant wound in the process. Scar was hobbled now, and Slight just needed to go about his next move with more caution than the first.

As he slunk through the dank corridors of the slaughterhouse facility Slight went over what he knew about Scar in his head.

    -          Highly talented at close quarters fighting.

    -          A trained marksman (this came from firsthand experience)

    -          Equipped with advanced prosthetics

That last one set off a bell in his head. “...of course,” He smirked, “How foolish of me to forget the most obvious weakness.”

Now Slight had a plan that would require more direct action, but would also neutralize Scar far more quickly without giving him time to think and react. This would leave him crippled with the opening shot and make it all too easy to finish him off nice and cleanly without Slight having to worry about anymore lost limbs.

The one thing he didn’t consider was the possibility of this plan going just as bad as the previous one.


Just a little way’s down the line from the room where the two had staged their confrontation was a functioning freezer that still held slabs of meat impaled on hooks. The room was three stories high and cooled to the point that prolonged exposure would be like standing outside in the middle of winter wearing nothing but a t shirt and shorts. Even through his jacket Scar could feel the chill as he crept between the rows, darting between shadows and avoiding being in the light for too long or disturbing any of the hanging slices.

However, he hadn’t expected to step on the frozen corpse of some worker who had wound up trapped in the room. An entire arm crumpled beneath the weight of his boot and caused Scar to pause and glance down at the frost burnt face of the Irken, which was drawn back into an expression of fear, perhaps in the midst of calling out for help as he finally succumbed to the cold.

Scar shook his head at the sight of the body. This room was no place to die and that was no way for anybody to go: trapped, helpless, and perhaps with rescue a few feet of metal away and stopped only by either lack of proper observation or just a complete lack of care for the fate of this worker. Either way, Scar had no plans for taking a spot next to the Irken icicle.

A sudden echo of metal clanking against metal caused Scar to tense up and quickly scan the room for the source of the noise as it repeated itself every few seconds.

“Command: Passive Sonar: Lock on.” He whispered, causing his optical implant to adjust according to his command and use his PAK’s sensors to pinpoint the general location of the noise being generated. Scar quickly shoved his way out of the rows of hanging slabs of meat and out through a door with a hole torn in the rusted metal-easily broken off of its hinges with a single kick.

The trail led Scar to an area that lacked the stench and disrepair he had noted in every other part of the facility. The floors and walls appeared to be maintained, albeit with second hand materials likely scavenged from other sectors and the lights were fully lit overhead. This made remaining hidden harder, but Scar’s steps remained silent enough to not even interfere with his tracking the echo.

Finally he found the origin of the sound upon entering a lab of some kind lined with glass tubes of varying size and condition, some being shattered while others appeared untouched and still contained something shrouded in a yellow tinted liquid. A robotic arm mounted on a floating drone was banging against the floor in front of one of the intact containers in a steady rhythm.

Choosing to be cautious, Scar scanned the room for anything that would indicate a trap, be it by Slight or any of the other paired opponents likely stalking one another in the maze like interior of the slaughterhouse. After finding nothing he slipped his blaster out from under his jacket and fired a single shot into the drone from across the room, blasting its metal shell open and causing it to clatter to the ground in a mess of sparks and half melted metal shards. The lab was now completely silent, but Scar was unwilling to believe that this drone had randomly activated of its own accord and experienced a malfunction; somebody had activated it and set it to make that noise, but why hadn’t the trap been sprung?

After scanning the wreckage of the drone Scar crossed the floor towards the glass tube it had been hovering in front of and peered at the form within.

Why would a slaughterhouse have a laboratory like this?

A speaker overhead suddenly released a burst of static before a pre-recorded warning began to play. “Warning, specimen containment protocols overridden.


“Oh, so that would be the trap.” Scar groaned as he looked at the tank, noting how the form within appeared to be moving about. At first it only stirred, but then a tail slammed against the interior of the glass and caused a spider web of cracks to spread across the once smooth surface.

Like it?” Slight’s voice now came from the speakers. “As it turns out this facility was not as backwards as I had originally believed. They cloned certain specimens that were hard to import and dabbled in genetic splicing to create newer, more exotic creatures to serve up on platters for higher prices or to sell live for more funding. Unfortunately most have already perished, however this one has endured.

During Slight’s speech Scar tried to move for the door only to find some metal shutters covering every exit. A quick scan revealed that his blaster would be of little use in breaking through the barricade.

That slimy little bastard had drawn him into another trap!

The glass tube began to crack more, liquid pouring out and spreading across the metal floor as its occupant fully awakened for the first time in its life. It lacked any knowledge of the world beyond its glass womb, and reacted in fear of this strange new existence as it tried to smash its way out of its prison. It would be out within the next minute at best, leaving Scar little time to escape or form a plan against this unknown threat.

He tried accessing the control panel next to the door, extending several cables from his prosthetic arm which then forced a connection to the circuitry beneath the panel.

Ah yes, I’d almost forgotten about those well crafted prosthetics of yours. Cyber-Irken made, if I recall.” Slight chuckled

Suddenly a surge of electricity shot up the cables and right into Scar’s arm. A warning flashed on his optics as the assassin pulled back with a pained yelp, his arm once again going limp as a result of the electrical shock.

Unfortunately for you I made sure to account for that while converting this lab into a death trap.” Slight added. “I learn from my mistakes, but you won’t have to be ashamed of yours after the next few seconds.

Scar glanced back at the tube as the glass began to give away.


Slight, who was watching all of this transpire through the security cameras in an adjacent security office smirked. “Do try to die with a little dignity.”

Scar’s response was to shoot the speakers, clearly more irritated with Slight than afraid of the beast that was about to be unleashed on him. Slight gave a ‘tsk’ and shook his head. “Poor sportsmanship does not become you.” The assassin could no longer hear him, but that didn’t stop Slight from taking pleasure in what was about to happen.

And all that Slight would have to do was sit back and watch. If by some miracle Scar defeated this thing with his arm disabled he would certainly be on the verge of death by that point. Slight may not even have to walk in there and finish him off if this creature was as ferocious as its profile claimed it should be.

It was a combination of some of the deadliest creatures from many worlds, embodying the strengths from each template. If not for the facility being shut down this thing would have likely been sold to be used as an expendable bio weapon or the pet of some wealthy bidder.

The venomous fangs and wings of a Shadow Fury from the planet of Void along with the species’ ability to alter its own mass.

Organs capable of electrical discharge derived from the fearsome Deep Serpent of Aquarion Prime.

Eyes capable of perceiving thermal signatures and the power of concealing its own thermal signature, thanks to the DNA of an amphibian species known as the Marsh Reaper of Okavango.

Skin that can alter the frequency of the light it generates and its luminosity to make it essentially invisible to the naked eye, compliments of a defence mechanism employed by another amphibious species.

Organic subdermal armour capable of dispersing heat and kinetic impacts, and had been seen absorbing entire platoons’ worth of plasma fire when used by the gargantuan creatures of some arid world to smash through entire ships.

And best of all an intellect developed enough to allow it to have certain aggressive or strategic tendencies imprinted on it-at customer demand.

For all of that build up this Diverse Terror Alpha (which the selected name translated to) had better be worth the DNA poured into it.


The Alpha shattered the glass and landed on the floor amidst a field of shards, coughing up liquid and tearing itself free from cables and a mask that had been fitted over its face to feed it oxygen. It sucked in a breath and unleashed a bellow that made Scar cringe as he ducked behind a row of consoles.

The Alpha looked primarily like a Shadow Fury: quadruped, dark skinned, long tail, wings, bright red eyes; it was almost fifteen meters long and its wings had to remain folded tightly to its back to have enough room for it to maneuver without knocking anything over or injuring itself. Scar noted several differences such as the ridges on its skull and along its spine and the sparks of electricity arching off of its flesh.

Oh great. It was an Electrical Super Fury on steroids.

Scar slowly inhaled and leaned back against the console as the Alpha continued to sputter and clean itself off. This thing wasn’t like anything he’d faced, and he doubted that even if it was something normal he would have stood a chance anyways. He was severely underprepared and too depleted from his previous confrontations to take it on in a fair fight.

And judging from how he could hear it already getting closer it might already know where he was and was just waiting to get over being stuck in that tank for gods know how long before pouncing for the kill.

He quickly went over his arsenal in his head: a single blaster, combat knife, two explosive shuriken, three Karambit knives, one grenade, three spare energy cells, one portable audio recorder/speaker, two drones with explosive payloads. His arm was offline for another minute, but his optics and leg still worked fine.

Now for a plan.


Crap, that one might not be so easily processed.

The Alpha was now just on the other side of the consoles, sniffing the air and slowly raising itself up on its hind legs to climb over them and peek down at the meal waiting for it. Most predators would have immediately struck, but the Alpha felt a sense of...excitement, anticipation. It wanted this to be fun while it lasted. It wanted to make Scar shake and cringe in fear before he died.

And that was where Slight’s plan hit a speed bump: the following moments were all that Scar needed to formulate a plan.

What did he know about this thing?

It was at least partially Shadow Fury based off its appearance.

What did he know about Shadow Furies after practically raising a few over the years?

That they had sensitive eyes which could easily adjust to new levels of light and darkness in moments, but sudden and intense changes caused it a lot of pain.

And what did he have that could make a large flash of light?

A blaster which he overloaded the energy cell on before discharging mere inches from its eyes as it began to peek over the edge again. A flash of blue light mere inches from its right eye caused the beast to recoil and yowl, slipping onto its side and kicking one of the consoles clean off of the floor with a rear leg. Scar scramble away, keeping on balance despite his non-functioning arm.

Now for step two of his plan: finding a way out and getting his hands on Slight. He had to be close by if he was directly controlling this room’s security settings like during their previous fight, and he was betting it was a security room designed specifically to oversee this one in case something dangerous like the Alpha broke out.

Scar reached a console on the far side of the room as his arm quickly regained its movement and repeated what he did with the door controls: inserting cables directly into the computer to access it. Luckily Slight hadn’t booby trapped these.

It took all of five seconds to find what he was looking for: the nearest security office located through the western wall of the room, to the right of where he had entered and currently blocked off by the Alpha as it rose to its feet.

“Come on,” Scar turned and faced it while extending his forearm blade and levelling it at the creature. “Come on! Right here!” He called out, taunting it into charging at him.

It was fast for its size, leaping entire distances and moving along the walls and ceiling to try and confuse its target. It then shot towards him like a torpedo, wings spreading and jaws open wide, claws reaching for him...

And Scar rolled beneath it, barely dodging a date with several claw tips sharp enough to sheer through body armour. The creature crashed into the wall behind him, making a huge dent in it, but used its tail like a whip to strike Scar in the back and send him flying as he rose to his feet. The blow carried him several feet and made him slid through several shards of glass that cut at his jacket, but luckily didn’t leave him with any new major injuries to add to the tally.

Now the Alpha was back up and coming after him again, its lower jaw splitting into four segments as it shrieked and came down towards Scar...whose response was to hold up his arm, retract his blade, bend the limb as far as it would go and sprout the elbow blade just in time to make it slice up into the roof of the Alpha’s mouth, drawing blood and making it rear back again and shriek in agony, which gave Scar a chance to roll to his feet again and dash towards the western wall.

“This’d better work.” He muttered and produced his final grenade, hearing the Alpha charging after him.

It wouldn’t fall for anymore tricks, and it wouldn’t play with its food anymore. This had to work or he would be lunch in the next thirty seconds.

As Scar reached the wall he repeated what he had done with the robotic arms back in the larger slaughter room: planting his feet and using his speed to rush up the wall just two steps before using his prosthetic leg to kick off with enough force to propel him into the air, just high enough that the Alpha brushed the back of his jacket as it slammed into the wall. It quickly recovered and snatched him out of the air with its tail before slamming him into the floor hard enough to make his broken rib ache.

That would have been the end of it if Scar had not armed and dropped the grenade right by the wall, which was not as strong as it used to be despite maintenance being affected by drones over the years. When it went off it generated a loud enough noise to deafen the Alpha even as shrapnel tore at it and send it flying over Scar and crashing into one of the other tubes.

As he recovered his senses Scar realized that his plan had worked.

...There was now a huge hole in the wall, and through it was the form of Doctor Slight with a chest that had been shredded by grenade shrapnel. The doctor was gasping for breath as he tried to crawl towards the door of the security office, too slow for even the winded and aching Scar to lose. The assassin stepped through the hole and pressed one foot down on Slight’s leg-the other was just a bloody mess now.

Slight gave a pained groan and glanced over his shoulder. “”

“Thinking on my feet,” Scar answered, glancing at the console that Slight had been working from. “...really clever of you. You knew you’d never match me up close so you decided to try and make this place do the dirty work for you.” He nodded. “Resourceful, masterful...for most people you might have won back when we first fought.”

Scar reached down and picked Slight up by the neck with one hand. “Unfortunately it’s not always about being the smartest fighter or the most ruthless.” He carried Slight over to the hole in the wall, and felt the scientist begin to struggle in his grasp as he saw what lay beyond. “You need to be lucky.”

Scar had Slight meet his gaze. “I should know, as I somehow killed two women who deserved to win more than I did and I’ve just defeated a man much smarter than me.” He shrugged. “Goes to show you, sometimes it really just comes down to being luckier than the rest.”

With that Scar flung Slight into the lab beyond the hole and turned away as the Alpha clambered out of the mess of glass and blood it had been buried in. It had lost one of its eyes in the crash, and its wings were in bloody tatters...

But it still had a hunger to sate, and it saw a mutilated Irken just a few feet away.

Slight’s liquid metal had been entirely destroyed by the detonation, and his PAK was little better off. It was almost too easy, but a change of prey didn’t make the Alpha change its mind.

It was done playing, it wanted to eat.

Luckily for Slight before he even had time to scream it stamped one foot down on his chest, crushing every organ in his body and utterly shattering his rib cage. Blood spurted through his mouth as the Irken exhaled one last time, and then went limp as all life left him.

Scar watched as the Alpha gorged itself on its very first true meal, turning away only when his personal camera drone appeared.” It could barely bring itself to stare at the feast before it followed Scar out of the office. “Pretty cold.

“I didn’t get to live this long by playing nice. You saw me fighting somebody as close to me as family and another person who I sympathized with.” Scar growled, “That man was smart enough to earn some respect from me...but I really fucking hate broken ribs.” One hand hovered over the area where Slight’s liquid metal had stabbed him earlier.

Well won again,” The drone tried to move past what it had just seen, “And I think this death just got more views than the last two put together. Can we expect more of this?

“Depends on my mood,” Scar replied, hearing the Alpha’s roar back down the hallway. “And it depends on how fast you teleport me the hell out of here.”

Point taken!” The drone nodded quickly, clearly not interested in waiting around anymore than Scar was. “First a fuzz planet, then a mall planet and now a butcher planet. What’s next?

Both the drone and scar vanished in pillars of light just as the Alpha crashed out into the corridor not too far behind them, following the scent of its original prey once it finished off its quick snack. It was met with disappointment, and groaned as the pain of its injuries caught up to it.

But it smelled more prey close by...there was always plenty to eat in this place, and this creature might just have become the new alpha predator of this facility.


The End

Trial By Fire Round 3 - Scar vs Dr Slight Part 2

Looking to Commission Someone

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 27, 2015, 4:02 PM

I have recently started using PayPal, after a long and patience testing process of waiting for my account to be of use and then for it to transfer two messily dollars from my bank.

Now that I have it, I've decided that I want to make use of it just this one time.

I am willing to offer up to $20 (Canadian) for a point commission. If somebody has a really good category of picture close to that then I'd be willing to consider going over $20. Like say for example somebody offers a category of commission that I find to be up my alley for $30, in which case I would debate in my head a little and decide whether or not I want to pony up the extra $10.

And also, I will not be accepting the first person to post here with an offer. I will look at the gallery of each person to comment and decide based on their art and their price range which one I would like to try out.

The picture I ask for MAY be an Invader Zim based one, but I may decide on something different. Nothing is set in stone yet.

Thinking of going for the second season Resisty Uprising. Who do you think I should use? 

3 deviants said Risk (he's yet to be in one)
3 deviants said Lenia (her husband already went and joined a tournament, she might as well get suckered into one too)
2 deviants said Envon (he definitely needs to be brought out of the closet of lost OCs)
2 deviants said Emkol (My first PlanetJacker)
1 deviant said Skullene (she's won every other oct she's been in)
1 deviant said Rik (he lost at Bloodsport but is ready and willing to fight)
1 deviant said Daelias (She'd be right at home with killing her fellow prisoners/opponents)
No deviants said Paneece (she needs her time in the spotlight)
No deviants said Rimak (just as ready as his dad and a lot younger)
No deviants said Connor Carroway (a tribrid of Irken, human and a DNA parasite who could do with some time in the spotlight)


Thinking of going for the second season Resisty Uprising. Who do you think I should use? 

3 deviants said Risk (he's yet to be in one)
3 deviants said Lenia (her husband already went and joined a tournament, she might as well get suckered into one too)
2 deviants said Envon (he definitely needs to be brought out of the closet of lost OCs)
2 deviants said Emkol (My first PlanetJacker)
1 deviant said Skullene (she's won every other oct she's been in)
1 deviant said Rik (he lost at Bloodsport but is ready and willing to fight)
1 deviant said Daelias (She'd be right at home with killing her fellow prisoners/opponents)
No deviants said Paneece (she needs her time in the spotlight)
No deviants said Rimak (just as ready as his dad and a lot younger)
No deviants said Connor Carroway (a tribrid of Irken, human and a DNA parasite who could do with some time in the spotlight)



Irken-Risk has started a donation pool!
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I'm looking to get a subscription, but at the rate I spend my points I will have some trouble. For now...I'm just hoping anybody who likes some of the stories I put up might donate a few. I am in no way pressuring anybody to, I'm only saying it would be appreciated-plus I can still collect points the old fashioned way...though for some reason I can't access my badges page to give away badges for points. I managed to get to it using my computer's history, but I'm honestly not sure if that was supposed to happen or if it's another error. Either way, I chose to open this.

The only thing I could offer right now would be a written entry with one of your own characters in it. If you would like one in return for points, just say so.

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