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I need somebody willing to accept a point commission for a digital art entry. It will have two characters and will serve as a reference for them. It isn't any of my characters, I  will disclose the details once I come to an agreement with somebody. It isn't anything fancy or difficult, I advise having expertise in having drawn anthromorphic characters.
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CuddlesandHuggles Adopt Pic (80s/90s Theme) by Irken-Risk
CuddlesandHuggles Adopt Pic (80s/90s Theme)
This is NOT how I pictured this OC coming out on paper, promise. Due to my lack of access to a scanner I couldn't put this through SAI and make her look presentable.

link to the less poorly done line art:

I believe I also need to provide a name and background story for this OC....

I'll do so once the adoption goes through and I'm out of my night class.


NAME: Jevimilla (Jill for short)

AGE:  By the time of this picture? About 25

GENDER: If you really need to read this to know she's a girl I'm sincerely worried.

LOYALTY: She's a loyalist to the empire, just not exactly the die hard loyalist sort.


Jill was a pod born Irken originating from an Irken outer colony known as Purgatau, considered the crap hole of the galaxy or ass end of the Empire due to the abysmal condition it's in and The Empire's unwillingness or inability to bring order to it. Jill lived in the upper districts where it was at least mildly safe and was slated to be a fitness drone, meant to assist soldiers and aristocrats with maintaining their own physical health. As a result by the time she hit her late teens Jill was physically fit but also growing sick and tired of her life on Purgatau, tempted into trying out more risky and violent activities due to sneaking off to the Lower Districts from time to time. She eventually managed to fully escape from the Fitness Center, where she was required to stay at all times, by removing the tracer technology from her PAK and joined up with the Syndicate.

Her obsessive nature with maintaining her physical shape made her a good trainer for recruits and later on a suitable spy. She began to steal information for the syndicate and began to move on to assassinating key targets before she was captured on a mission several years into her career. Rather than execute her, the Irken Noble who captured her chose to punish Jill by erasing her memories and rewriting her personality, making her into a timid version of her old self and assigning her to be the personal servant of himself and his associates. In addition to her old duties however Jill also was assigned as a dance teacher and yoga instructor due to her learning numerous things outside of her service to the empire or syndicate in her spare time which remained wired into her PAK. Jill has since then spent her time quietly and obediently serving whoever she is assigned to, but sometimes she can find glimpses of memory from her old life.
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(Contains: sexual themes)

Waking the Beast


“Boss....please don’t make me do this.”

The albino Irken growled while turning on the quivering green skinned Irken, who was much smaller and wearing armour of the Imperial Remnant. “You are a trained soldier, a veteran of the empire ,and you’re scared of an unarmed woman?”

“Sir,” the soldier swallowed. “...she keeps moaning. I do NOT want to be stuck in the same room as her for days on end.”

This made the WitchHunter pause, an astonished expression on his face. “...moaning?”

“Yes sir. She uh...asked me to make her bonds tighter when I stepped in to feed her.” The soldier was blushing heavily. “Can’t we just leave an automated drone in there with her? I’m seriously worried that those um...supernatural uh...seduction-”

The WitchHunter rolled his eyes as he and the soldier walked side by side down a corridor lined with Irken guards clad in full infantry armour. “Supernatural derived aura that causes hormonal increases to those within its proximity, we went over that in the briefing.”

“Y-yeah I know, sir. I’m just worried that this um...aura could be affecting me.” The Irken Guard explained. “I mean I...I hear rumours that people who get too close to her suddenly get sore...” He pointed southward on his own body, shivering a bit. “And only Defectives are supposed to feel that sir. I’ve been in the Imperial Armada for decades and I’ve never had this problem before.”

The WitchHunter sighed as he and the soldier stepped through a door on their left and into an observation room. “Perhaps the effect of this aura is greater than I had first believed...very well then Sergeant, you are relieved of prisoner watch for the time being. I’ll assign a new guard and look into arranging a rotation to keep this...thing observed at all times.”

This greatly relieved the soldier, who smiled. “Oh thank you sir.”

They then looked into the main surveillance monitor, showing a room that was mostly barren, save for the row of bars forming a metal box around the only occupant...and the layer of energy barriers right outside of the bars...and then the turrets built into the ceiling that kept their sights on the sole occupant of the room.

She was sitting on a chair of sorts, and despite her situation seemed to be very the point that she looked like she was in heaven. Her arms were secured behind her by complex metallic restraints to ensure that she couldn’t separate them, a metallic clamp clasped around her from her waist to just beneath her breasts which was securing her arms flat against her back, and finally metallic capsules covered her hands and forced them to keep them balled into fists. The WitchHunter didn’t know the exact capabilities of this demoness, but his years of experience had shown that they had numerous methods of enacting their magical powers...

Which was why in addition to securing her arms and keeping her from making any hand signs the blue skinned demon’s mouth was covered at all times by a metallic muzzle that enveloped her lower face; to keep her from possibly hypnotizing any guards her eyes were covered by a blindfold, and to keep her from tracing any symbols in the floor her legs were secured to the metal chair and her feet forced to remain on their toes.

Even now the woman didn’t seem frightened so much as she was...aroused, but that wasn’t a grand surprise seeing as she was a Succubus. Regardless of what her specific powers were, the WitchHunter had learned not to take chances with demons or any of their hybrid spawn, hence the extensive measures in addition to a Disruptor Field* around her room. The Imperial Remnant didn’t have a great many of the Disruptor devices in stock outside of their few loyal worlds and outposts, so the small garrison had been forced to purchase one second hand. It was an obsolete model compared to what the WitchHunter would have preferred...but in the event that it failed to dampen the woman’s powers entirely he would be on station to deal with her personally.

The being in the cell had been captured only a day ago, and since the Imperials had no reason to interrogate or torture it for information the WitchHunter had ordered them just to stick it in a cell. They could dispose of it after their true target, the one they were baiting with this creature was dealt with. This demoness had seduced a former colleague of the WitchHunter, a man considered to be a hero by the Imperial Remnant who had died killing the dreaded rebel war criminal known as Wrath...

Seeing as Wrath never came back they had assumed that this man had done it right up until he returned and began wandering the galaxy at random. At first they had tried to bring him back to their territory to reward him and hopefully make use of his powers to begin rebuilding the Irken Empire, but he refused outright and killed any Imperials who came near him. It only got worse when it was confirmed that he was actually having a romantic relationship with a Succubus of all things!

It simply wasn’t acceptable. It would be the final nail in the Imperial Remnant’s coffin if people discovered that Rykan, former WitchHunter and the shining symbol of imperial might was mating with a Succubus of all things. He had to die, seeing as this thing didn’t seem to be sucking the life out of him fast enough as it should have. So they took it while he was away, and surprisingly it didn’t offer any resistance to them, even taking pleasure in being restrained so much.

It was clad in just the dress that it had been wearing when it was taken, some grey and magenta colored garment that left very little below the waist to the imagination and highlighted curves and the demon’s assets...which were further highlighted by the metal clap around its mid section and its arms being restrained forcing its chest to stick out a bit. Its wings were restrained in a nano-weave sleeve that kept them firmly secured and unable to flap even if this thing desired to be freed from its current predicament.

The demoness was sweating, and a light blush could be seen whenever the muzzle was removed from its face. Its attitude towards its situation was off putting to most ,but to the Witch Hunter it was simply disgusting and embarrassing. He could end her life with a single command and this creature was getting aroused by the security measures he had taken against it?

“ we still have surveillance on Rykan?” The WitchHunter growled.

“Yes sir. He’s recently arrived in orbit and is holding position.” His aide, who had been wating for them when they walked in answered. “We believe he is attempting to scan the planet for this Succubus’ location.”

“Lower the jamming field on my order, and on my order only.” The WitchHunter leaned forward onto the desk where the various monitors were set up. “We don’t want Rykan to find us until everything is in order...”


“...not until I have everythin’ ready.” Gai-Laen* said as she stepped down out of her personal cruiser. “I’m not lookin’ to get the paint on this thing scratched for you again, Colonel.”

The WitchHunter watched as numerous drones carried supply crates out of the Levask Mk 1.3* Cruiser...which Gai-Laen had christened the Dijung*. “It is not your place to presume to order me or my men around, winged one.” He was at the very least capable of sounding semi-pleasant as he walked with her. “You are here because the Imperial Council* allows it, not because I asked for you. We execute the plan at the time of my choosing alone.”

Gai-Laen spun on the taller Irken, and her coat flared out before something slid out through slits in the duster’s fabric. A buzzing noise filled the corridor as the woman floated off of the floor.

“And YOU are not privileged enough to dictate orders to me, Colonel.” Gai-Laen hissed, held aloft by the wings of an insect until she lowered herself back down, straightened out the duster she wore and the Slouch Hat resting on her head. The wings vanished back beneath the coat like they had never been unveiled to begin with. “I was sent here because the Council is aware of muh track record in disposing of individuals who even you WitchHunters are otherwise unable to handle yerselves...they sent me because I’m the best in the galaxy at killing anything, regardless of what fancy powers it happens to be gifted with.”

“And you believe that you can kill the man who killed Wrath?” The WitchHunter hadn’t flinched or changed his expression in the face of Gai-Laen’s confrontation, and continued to walk alongside her away from her docked ship.

“No,” Gai-Laen replied. “I believe that it would be a challenge to try though...and that if I’m doin’ this anyways,” She patted one of the crates as it was carried past them. “I may as well come prepared at the very least.”


In orbit over the planet, some randomly chosen ‘Trade World’ that existed solely to serve as a hub for incoming and outgoing passengers and packages, there was no ship currently they were all held firmly in place amidst the void while a single figure floated down towards the planet, unprotected by any suit or star ship.

He was an albino Irken with blood red eyes, and his white arms were bared to show off powerful muscles while his semi-form hugging dark clothes did little to hide the impressive temple that was this individual’s body.

He had tracked her across the galaxy to this place, he knew that she was here...but why? She hadn’t run off without a word before...and she hadn’t been upset in any way before their telepathic link was severed. She had been in fact describing to him some of the things she hoped they would be able to do once he returned before she went silent...

Her essence could be felt on this planet for just an instant, and then faded again and reappeared nowhere else on any other planet in the known galaxy.

And believe me...Rykan was capable of checking that.

The former WitchHunter shut his eyes and reached out with his mental power, feeling a barrier surrounding a portion of the planet repel his attempts to scan it. A growl escaped his throat-or it would have if any sound could carry in the vacuum, as he recognized the infernal device that blocked him: an imperial designed Disruptor Field to keep him away from a certain part of the planet.

It was definitely a trap in that case. The Imperial Remnant, the bothersome moths they were, had caught up to him and taken Voxira, the one being in all of the universe who the former super soldier could sincerely say he cared for and even loved. Ever since his rebirth Rykan had been plagued by emotions and feelings, previously unknown characteristics of his mind would have labelled him as a defective Irken in his old life. Voxira had helped him to...cope with these changes after they met.

It might also help that every night with her was like a night in heaven itself and helped to take away from the stress of living the way he did.

Rykan grumbled as he tried not to imagine one of these ‘stress relief sessions’, knowing he would have to dedicate every ounce of focus to the next few minutes. Inside the facility from which the jamming field originated he would be treading into unknown territory and against a fully prepared enemy force. They knew of his powers, and even when they didn’t know of his limits-not even he did, they were fully prepared for anything he had shown before and likely were assuming he could hit even harder than he had in past encounters.

How did he know?

Because that was how Witch Hunters operated, how he had once rationalized every situation and every hunt. Always assume that you are at a disadvantage and that your prey is capable of much more than they let on, and most importantly always assume that they will kill you if you give them the chance.

“Better not give me a chance then,” Rykan growled, “lest your deaths be...extensively slow.”

The jamming field came down soon enough, and Rykan rocketed towards the surface.


Several dozen yards of solid metal and stone? He shifted the density of his body and phased right through it.

Miles of tunnels to traverse beneath the sprawling metropolis, rigged with numerous traps and sensors? He walked right through the sensors, overloading them as he passed and avoiding the traps without even using his powers. They got more complex as he went along but Rykan remembered his training and was more than capable of going through this system several times without harm.

And finally the hard part: a disruptor field encasing a section of the catacombs. He’d sensed it on his way through the sewers, but now that he had to cross this particular metaphorical bridge Rykan found himself wondering just how he would proceed.

Within the field he would be weakened to the point where his powers would be almost useless. He might be capable of unleashing a blast of kinetic force or plasma, maybe a personal barrier around himself to lessen the damage of incoming fire and some extra sensory telepathic probing. And all of these would have to be done individually, one at a time and in between sessions for him to gather enough strength to begin again.

It would not affect his physical performance, fortunately enough. His body may have been reconstructed through his powers but Rykan still treated it like a temple and had forgone using his powers to even heal injuries or scars. He’d rebuilt it to the specifications of how it had been prior to his temporary ‘death’, and it was strong as ever...minus certain bio mechanical implants that helped to boost the performance of WitchHunters and a particular explosive chip lodged into his brain; he no longer needed the former and had never desired the latter.

So he had two choices: go in and risk being cut down to less than five percent of his effective combat ability...or turn back and leave Voxira at the hands of her abductors...

It didn’t take Rykan any time to decide at all. He’d already been set in his course, but it never hurt to pause and weigh the pros and cons, examine the risks and benefits.

He walked towards the doors, stepping into view of the cameras. He looked up at one of them and crossed his arms, donning his signature frown/narrowed eyes combination.


“He’s here.” The security officer said, hiding any fear behind a barrier of professional discipline. “Gate One, right inside the field, ma’am.”

Gai-Laen was sitting on the other side of the door, sharpening one of her throwing knives. As the announcement reached her antennae she smirked and pulled her scarf up over her lower face and then tilted her hat down a bit. “Guess I’d better see if that updated Disruptor field was worth its weight in gold after all.” She commented, standing up away from the metal crate that was part of a series of barricades set up by the base personnel. “Colonel, on muh signal you may open the doors.”

The mercenary pushed aside her coat and reached under the sash she wore. The white fabric was meant to resemble silk, but was really a highly durable nano-weave that could slow down a knife and disperse the energy from the impact of a solid punch. It was also highly resistant to tearing and was used to hide the personal disruptor strapped to Gai-Laen’s side.

She flicked it on, knowing that Rykan may still retain some measure of his powers within the disruptor field she had set up. If he wished to he could simply drag her out of range of the field and rip any information from her mind, hence why she was taking extra precaution with the personal disruptor on her side...

And the other one, a smaller disruptor disguised as a necklace hidden down the front of her shirt. Her racing pulse made it easy to feel the weight of the small object betwixt her breasts, causing her to instinctively place one hand on the fabric over the ‘insurance policy’. In a matter like this Gai-Laen wisely followed the doctrine of Witch-Hunters that there was nothing paranoid about being overly prepared. If she’d had the time and proper contacts she would have purchased an additional disruptor to be hidden beneath her glove or, Tallests willing a nanite version to be injected into her blood stream.

This would have to do for now. Rykan wouldn’t be able to toss her around like a rag doll or infiltrate her mind with his limited powers, and even if they moved beyond the range of the field then she might still have a fighting chance. If two disruptors linked in a network for increased strength weren’t enough then she had further emergency measures to turn to.

“What is the status of the base evacuation?” Gai-Laen asked.

All personnel have been directed to the far exit, and your ship is prepared for launch.” The Witch-Hunter Colonel responded. “And the prisoner is still restrained in her cell as you requested, with her standard security features still in place.

“I wouldn’t bother callin’ her a prisoner at this point, Colonel,” Gai-Laen sighed, checking her blasters first. “I saw the footage you’ve been takin’ for the last month and I’m willin’ to wager that she’s only here for the thrill at this point.”

You really think she’d still be here if she was able to escape?

“I do.” Gai-Laen nodded, pulling out her most effective weapon: her personalized Micro-Filament Projection blade. “Either she’s confident that her mate will save her, or she’s just too busy having fun to care for what’s going on right now. Whichever it is or whatever else it might be I still have to deal with an angry boyfriend because your masters are so florpin’ scared of him. The only play I have is to work off of their arrogance and take Rykan out nice and quick once I get an openin’.”

Enough wasting time. Are you ready or not?

Gai-Laen sighed and slid her weapon back into her belt. “ the doors now.”


Rykan tensed a bit as the doors opened, but quickly corrected his posture as he saw somebody standing beyond the threshold opening up to him. He recognized her quickly, recalling her from his years of service when he’d heard of her and seen examples of her work...

“So the Remnant is that pissed off at me.” Rykan grunted, walking forward, his heavy foot falls echoing across stone walls on one side of the door way and steel panels on the other side. “I don’t have a reason to kill you yet, mercenary. I’d take advantage of that good fortune and leave while the going is still good.”

Gai-Laen leaned back against the crate barricade. “I’m not one to shy away from a job, especially after I’ve been paid a good advance fer muh services.” She pushed her coat aside to show the blasters hanging from her hips. “And I’ll be paid even more fer makin’ sure you don’t walk out’o here alive, lover boy.”

Rykan growled. “Last chance, Gai-Laen...stand aside or I’m going to make you regret being born.”

“Hm...was hopin’ you’d be like the usual defectives and get all sentimental and concerned about the wellbein’ of yer mate.” Gai-Laen rubbed her chin with one hand. “But now that I think about it,” she stepped away from the crates, “the reward fer you is triple the amount...if I bring her in alive along with anythin’ left of you.”

Rykan growled and shot forward, closing the distance between them in a single bound and shattering the crate Gai-Laen had been leaning against with a single punch...and scattering explosive charges across the floor. The mercenary had twisted out of the way with an almost casual step and waved mockingly at him as he spun around and aimed an uppercut which she leaned back out of reach of. Even with his enhanced speed Gai-Laen had spent numerous hours pouring over his combat records and training files. To her Rykan was telegraphing every move he made and was stepping deeper into her trap.

For his third attack Rykan tried to step forward and ram one foot into Gai-Laen’s ribs. The woman leaped up, placing one foot on his leg and using it to propel herself further up into the air and over Rykan. She sped through the door and slammed one hand down on the control panel, causing the reinforced metal doors to shut her out of the base and leave Rykan trapped in a room stuffed full of crates, each individually packed with explosive charges.

“Target has entered Kill Zone One.” Gai-Laen quickly said into her radio. “Detonate now!”

Back inside, Rykan turned away from the sealed doors and quickly took in the situation before him.

Sealed in a large room.

All doors and walls reinforced.

Enough explosives to level a sky scraper.

And their timers had just activated.

“Shit.” Rykan whispered while trying to call on his powers to escape.

The Disruptor Field dampened his abilities greatly, leaving him grasping at straws as he tried to execute just one thing: a simple short range teleportation into the next room over. The air around Rykan shimmered as each explosive charge in the room counted down from ten to zero...

And then the room became an inferno of fire and shrapnel flying in all directions, occupying every square inch and using up every last bit of oxygen in the sealed chamber.


At the same time Voxira stiffened in her chair and for the first time seemed to briefly struggle against her restraints and give out a distressed noise. The Colonel glanced at the screen showing a view of her cell as the succubus settled down and seemed to relax again.

Did she have some sort of link with Rykan even through the disruptor field enveloping the entire base?


Well sexy, you sure know how to give a woman a heart attack. Her voice drew Rykan back to his senses.

Voxira! He climbed to his feet, finding that he had only a few light burns on his body and that he was in a different room that lacked any signs of explosive damage. It had rows of table and a counter towards one end...

He was in the base cafeteria.

Yup! Just hanging in there, enjoying the hospitality. You know, I should have guessed that the first thing you’d do after our link gets restored is make me damn near faint...and this time it didn’t involve any sexy images in your mind or ideas for what you want to do after we get out of here. Voxira giggled.

Where are you being held? Have they harmed you in any way? Rykan demanded as he exited the cafeteria, only realizing at that point that he was gasping for breath from his last ditch effort to escape death. He’d need some time to recharge after managing an actual teleportation in the confines of a powerful field like this

Nah I’m fine...if anything I should thank these imperials. Voxira responded. Seriously, these, I am looking forward to what comes after you kill every last Irken here.

Rykan fought down the urge to smirk as Voxira transmitted several images to his head. There will be time for that at some point, yes. But for now I need to remain focused. If need be, can you escape?

I would have escaped earlier if I knew they had a genuine specialist here to try and deal with you. Voxira answered, testing her bonds again and blushing beneath her muzzle as her body was kept from gaining any leverage. Nnn....don’t wanna escape yet.

Rykan actually let out a dry laugh at this. Take your time. Once I get there...maybe we can take all the empire’s toys with us if they fascinate you so much.

Ohhhh if you do that then you are getting an extra special treat tonight, Rykan.

Rykan got a brief glimpse of what she had in mind, and found himself purring a bit. “Now that would make this whole mess worth it.” He cracked his knuckles, traversing the abandoned corridors and emptied rooms of the base.

The only question I have is where everybody is. Voxira commented.

<If I had to guess they’ve evacuated non-essential personnel to make sure nobody gets caught in the crossfire.> Rykan answered.

Awwww I think you’re rubbing off on these other Witch-Hunters. They’re starting to sound like they really care for others now.

Not likely. Rykan paused at an intersection. It’s merely standard procedure. They rigged that first room with more explosives than this base should be carrying, so it’s very likely that many other rooms are similarly filled with devices to delay or kill me.

Well you have fun playing with them, sexy. Voxira sent him an image of her in her current position...only naked. I’ll be waiting right here.

That woman knew how to motivate a man, that’s for sure.

Rykan reached a large room with numerous entrances and exits on each of the three floors it made up. There was a map built into one wall which he only slightly trusted, and only because instead of an easily changeable holographic/electronic one it was an old fashioned map bolted into the wall itself. He examined the map and compared it in his mind to the route he had taken to reach the room before confirming that at least some parts of it seemed legitimate.

“First floor...” Rykan muttered, and set one finger on a part of the facility that caught his attention. “Containment.”

Congrats, seems you’ve found me!

Not yet, Rykan exited the room through the appropriate door. I’d think my prize comes after I locate you.

Ooh, can’t wait!


“He’s coming to this part of the facility!”

“Gai-Laen,” The Colonel picked up his radio. “He is approaching.”

Good. I’ll be ready fer him by then.

The Colonel set his radio down and glanced at one of the camera screens...showing that Gai-Laen had somehow relocated to an area of the facility between them and Rykan. “How in the Tallests’ name does she manage to do that?”


Rykan barely stepped through the next set of security doors before he realized he was walking into a trap.

He was stepping out onto a metal catwalk at the top level of a hexagon shaped room over ten floors deep and with numerous cells lining the walls along with every floor below her having three separate catwalks leading off into different parts of the prison complex.

But what had him on guard was the fact that Gai-Laen was standing in the middle of the catwalk.

“Hello again WitchHunter, I’ve been expectin’ you.” She said, twirling one of her guns around a leather covered finger. “Still not ready to just make this easier on both of us and call it a d-” She was cut off when Rykan forced her to defend against a blast from his palm. It was a weak one, but still would have scorched her chest and possibly killed her.

Gai-Laen raised her free hand and produced a handheld energy shield that absorbed the blast. Before she moved the shield aside she fired her blaster under the rim and managed to hit Rykan’s arm, burning a hole clean through his bicep and making him swear as he grasped at the wound. The former WitchHunter knew better than to stand still and quickly threw himself over the side of the catwalk, with Gai-Laen in quick pursuit. Both of them fell three floors before Rykan hit another catwalk and nearly made the metal buckle beneath him as he landed in a crouch.

Gai-Laen plummeted past him, but rose up several moments later on a set of thrusters built into her boots. Her coat flapped around her as she raised both of her blasters and fired at Rykan, forcing him to erect small barrier to deflect the shots only for the mercenary to fly around the room and quickly come at him from the far side, blasting him twice in the back. Rykan fell to one knee as he grasped at the burnt areas with one hand and spun around, lobbing another blast at Gai-Laen while rolling under the safety railing to fall another two stories.

The shot had been wild and missed her by a few inches, but as she dove to follow him Gai-Laen found herself caught off guard for once by Rykan leaping through the air and punching her right in the face hard enough to make her feet fly out from beneath her, sending her crashing to one of the 4th floor catwalks below his position.

Rykan took the time to aim some spit down in her general direction, thinking the mercenary was good and dead from the impact, or unconscious at the very least. He turned away and began to use his telepathic link with Voxira to plot her exact position.

He managed to find that she was one floor above him before another blast tore through his midsection, just to the right of any vital organ tissue. Rykan groaned in pain and stumbled a bit, glancing over his shoulder to see Gai-Laen on her feet. She’d dropped one of her blasters down the rest of the room’s height when he hit her, but one hand landed in reach of the mercenary.

“I see that whole defective trait about not hittin’ women really hasn’t sunk in.” She holstered her blaster and glanced down at her boots. Smoke and sparks were emanating from one of the thrusters, so she wouldn’t be flying on them until she had them looked at for damage. Instead she rolled her shoulders and slipped her wings out through the slits in her coat.

“What...the florp.” Rykan stared down at the now winged mercenary as she beat her wings fast enough to create a buzzing sound and lifted herself into the air.

“Surprised? Guess they were wrong about’cha then,” She gave a dry chuckle. “You really don’t know everythin’ with those mystic powers of yers, and you sure don’t seem too invincible from where I’m floatin’.”

Rykan growled and leaped off of the catwalk to pound her into paste, but Gai-Laen managed to quickly move out of his reach and leave him now two floors down from his goal. He knelt to leap again only to run-or rather leap face first into a net that began to deliver a series of shocks to his body. Rykan tore it off after several moments as Gai-Laen landed a few feet away.

“So much fer that exercise I was hopin’ you’d give me.” The winged Irken muttered while reaching into her coat. She dodged another punch from Rykan by back flipping out of reach and then chuckled as she produced her deadly FMP blade. The near invisible blade was formed in a series of sparks as she rushed in close and cut him across his stomach and then took off one of his right fingers when he tried to counter attack. Each of her movements may not have been as fast as his, but they were coordinated and executed just before Rykan could make a move of his own, allowing her to slowly pick away at and weaken the albino irken.

“Shit!” Rykan hissed as one of his antennae fell over the edge of the catwalk. “Lady, I’m getting real sick of that thing already!” He managed to grab her sword wrist, but Gai-Laen grasped his wrist and used it to swing her lower body up along the outer side of his outstretched arm, delivering a kick to his jaw that was surprisingly strong enough to make him lose his grip, giving Gai-Laen just the chance she needed to sink her MFP blade right through his stomach.

Rykan’s eyes widened as he stood still as a statue for a moment. He went to grab Gai-Laen’s sword arm with both hands, but she pulled back and gripped his head in both of her hands. Gai-Laen used the taser system built into her gloves to deliver an electrical shock right to Rykan’s head, hoping to fry his brain and make it bubble out through his eye sockets. So far she’d gotten lucky, and knew that unless she put Rykan down now he’d bounce back hard and likely rip her apart.

Rykan’s whole body twitched wildly as sparks twisted and arched around his skull. A scream ripped its way out of the former WitchHunter as he grasped Gai-Laen’s hands in the hope of prying her away, but couldn’t summon the strength.

Darkness closed in on Rykan’s vision, and he went limp, falling back out of Gai-Laen’s grip and flopping to the floor. The grey eyed Irken smirked beneath her scarf and looked down at her fallen foe.

“...Still the best at this gig afterall,” Gai-Laen pocketed her MFP Blade and straightened out her hat, only to realize that the headwear had fallen off when Rykan had gotten a lucky hit in on her earlier. With a sigh she walked over to the edge of the catwalk and sat it resting at the bottom of the shaft four levels below. “There you are.”

She began to spread her wings...and Rykan quickly grabbed both sets from behind, planted a foot in her back and tugged. Hard.

The wings were torn from Gai-Laen’s back as the woman shrieked in pain. She plummeted through the air while the still alive and conscious Rykan watched her fall.

“Arrogant bitch,” He spat some blood down this time and turned away. “Fuckin’ Wrath tried the same thing on me before I got these powers and it didn’t work. What made you think it’d work now?”

He left the chamber quickly, admittedly in pain and exhausted from the brief but fierce engagement. Because of this he didn’t notice Gai-Laen managing to launch a grapple line and stop herself just ten feet over the floor. After several moments the dangling woman disconnected herself and flopped to the floor, her blood pooling around her as she twitched.

Her wings had been torn out was an unfortunate weakness and she’d had to visit a regen-tank to restore them more than once. She shouldn’t have turned her back to Rykan, should have taken his head off to be sure...

After she pulled herself back together she’d pay him back for this humiliation.

For now though...she’d call her assistant from her ship to come pick her up.


She almost had you there, Voxira sounded worried for once. If she’d kept up that shock for a few more seconds...

Well she didn’t. Rykan assured his mate, walking down a stone corridor with several trembling Irken soldiers commanded by the WitchHunter Colonel blocking his way. So don’t worry.

Oh you know me, Voxira giggled even as she was ‘forced’ to walk out of her cell, a series of leg restraints added to keep her hobbling. Always worrying for my big man.

If you were concerned about me you’d be getting yourself out of those restraints and out of harm’s way. He scolded her as a dozen rifles locked onto him and the Colonel began to say something, holding a gun to Voxira’s head. This whole thing has gone on long enough.

Aw...alright. But we’re bringing these things with us when we leave. Voxira sighed.

The Colonel was startled when he found himself grasping thin air instead of Voxira’s neck. The various metal restraints clattered to the floor as Voxira scuttled away like a spider, reshaping her body at lightning speed to escape from her captor and quickly reach Rykan, hiding behind him and giggling as she hopped up and kissed him on the cheek. “All yours!”

She then darted away, knowing what was about to happen next.

“Good...” Rykan turned to the Irken squadron. “Now...let’s discuss a message that you’ll be delivering to your employers after this.” He stepped forward, and all thirteen Irkens opened fire at once.

As it turned out, even without his powers at their fullest Rykan was able to withstand the barrage long enough to rip right through the squadron until he was left with only the WitchHunter Colonel. He fought bravely, but in the end it was a simple matter of ripping his head off and taking most of his spinal cord with it. Rykan stood amongst a bloody massacre within thirty seconds of the firefight beginning, his body marked with burns and a few holes and splattered with blood. He held the Colonel’s head up to eye level and smirked as he began to write a message on the wall.

After he was done Rykan picked up the restraints used on his mate, knowing she would definitely want them after this. He also made sure not to send her any images of the massacre through their link; she just didn’t cope too well with things like this. He’d made sure to censor his thoughts all the time to make sure she was spared the gory details...

The usually stoic and rude WitchHunter cared about the Succubus that much.


When he found her, Voxira was looking a little sullen and was trying to distract herself with anything possible. She knew what he had done simply because he hadn’t let her see, and while she appreciated the gesture her imagination sometimes got to her. Upon feeling one large hand gently rest itself on her shoulder Voxira looked up at the expressionless face of her mate...and then down at the objects cradled in his other arm.

Voxira smiled a bit and gathered the restraints into her arms. “Thanks hun,” She hopped up and kissed him on the cheek again. Rykan just barely let a smile slip through and scooped Voxira up into his arms, carrying her back towards the elevator room. Upon stepping out onto the catwalk Rykan glanced down and saw a few stains of blood on the floor down below, but no sign of Gai-Laen or her wings.

He should have made sure she was dead, a mistake she had made with him, but Voxira had been his priority and he had been satisfied with neutralizing the mercenary.

“What’s wrong?” Voxira asked, glancing down.

Thankfully enhanced eyesight was not among the abilities gifted to her through her demonic lineage.

“Nothing,” Rykan nuzzled the top of her head. “Why don’t we head back home and try out your new toys?”

Voxira giggled a bit and kissed Rykan as they took the elevator back up. “Deal!”


The End

*Gai-Laen (Guy-Lane) – The name of my latest OC, derived from the Korean word for ‘Winged’, I basically mixed the letters for it around...and since it was google translate I’m somewhat confident that it didn’t have it exactly right anyways. Gai-Laen is not an experiment or natural born Irken, she is a pod born who has inherited a trait once possessed by all Irkens: insect wings. She represents a one in a billion statistic in the Irken race that is born with this trait, and rather than seen as a defective feature it is seen as superior genetics, and all Winged Irkens are carted off to be trained to make use of their talents...the rest of her back story shall be revealed later on.

*Levask (Levv-ask) Mk 1.3 – The spaceship owned by Gai-Laen. The original Levask is about one third the size of the Irken flagsip the Massive, and later models were created for various uses. The 1.3 Model was created to be a miniature version of the Levask, being the size of a somewhat large freighter. It is both fast and equipped with enough weapons and armour to tear through an entire fleet on its own...unfortunately so few were made that the Empire didn’t manage to make full use of them before it fell and the designs fell into the hands of their enemies, depriving the Empire of having an advantage through this vessel.

*Dijung (Die-y-oo-ng) – The name of Gai-Laen’s cruiser. Based off of the Korean word for ‘nest’, and again I basically just switched the letters around.

*Imperial Council – In my personal head canon after the Irken Empire falls and is reduced to the Imperial Remnant, there is no singular leader of the Remnant but rather a gathering of Tall Irkens to avoid having a single Irken make a bad call without his decision being examined by other professionals. It’s basically a lot of Tallests in one group.

*Disruptor Field – A field emitted by a Disruptor, designed to dampen/supress psionic/magic based powers.

Waking the Beast
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Rykan and Gai-Laen are mine

Invader Zim is property of Johnen Vasquez

Moderate Mature rating for sexual themes, but that isn't a big surprise with this pairing. :iconlaughplz:
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(Contains: violence/gore)

Veris: Agent of the Vycans

Veris is an Agent of the Vycan race, an operative in the service of his great grandfather Redeye and a child in the eyes of the rest of his kind. More so, he is without the powers that his species is gifted with, and instead possesses a resistance to the technology known a Disruptor Generators, machines capable of weakening and even harming Vycans and other creatures of magical or psionic power. This comes as both a blessing that allows him to go where no other Vycan can go...and a curse when he faces what only other Vycans should face.


Veris was once again launched back, and jammed one arm down to dig his armoured hand into the cavern floor to decelerate and avoid slamming into yet another surface. The result was his hand carving a shallow ravine nearly twenty feet long before the Vycan came to a stop and shakily rose to his feet just as Alpha flew at him, wings snapped out and jaw opened in a feral roar.

Veris’ other hand began to crackle with green energy as a meter on his now cracked visor filled up.


Batter up!” Veris shouted, and delivered an uppercut that sent Alpha flying up almost fifty feet before the clone stabilized itself in mid air. “Come on you gussied up knock off! My granny hits harder than you do!

“Access: energy projection.” Alpha said out loud as his eyes glowed and unleashed twin beams of concentrated heat aimed right towards Veris, striking him before he could react and causing alarms to go off within his suit as the chest plate began to heat up while he was driven right into a rock face. Veris’ natural resilience to the powers of even other Vycans kept him safe from this, but his armour on the other hand was not so fortunate and would be melted through within seconds.

Thinking quickly, Veris engaged his suit’s thrusters and directed his flight to take him into a twisting maze of rocks jutting out of the ground further off from the body of the Progenitor, closer to the edges of the cavern. Alpha pursued, firing more beams at Veris as the two sped through the labyrinth of rock. Veris fired back using his blasters when he could, but the shots may as well have been mosquito trying to pierce the skin of a rhino for all the good they did. He needed a stronger weapon, something that even a Vycan couldn’t stand up to-

“The tar!” Veris realized, altering his course and ascending up out of the maze in time to avoid being tackled and flattened by Alpha. The thrusters in his armour’s boots, lower legs and back fired at maximum output, launching Veris high into the air over the Progenitor and giving him a good view of the area.

The mech belonging to the leader of the defeated squad was still perfectly intact along with its Xal Tar spray gun, and Veris was still able to control it remotely. Perhaps he could use that to his advantage-

CRUNCH! He was slammed down into the ground in mid flight towards the mech by Alpha, cracking his armour as the cloned Vycan gripped his neck and opened its jaws wide, a low hiss escaping from it as it prepared to bite his head clean off.

“Oh hells no!” Veris grunted while keeping a grip on the Vycan’s upper and lower jaw, seeing some saliva drip onto his visor. “Sticky! Sticky! Come on damn it, Voice Command: Stick!”

His armour accepted the order and accessed his storage, producing a ‘Sticky’ Grenade...which was really a capsule which would release a swarm of Vycan esigned nano machines that would convert non-organic material into more machines...and then form together to create a material with a composition similar to tar, only several hundred times as tough. It was designed to dissolve over time on its own, but until it did the target was left helpless.

One such capsule appeared right between Veris and Alpha. Veris brought one foot up against the larger Vycan’s neck and shoved him back in time to grab the capsule with one hand and then flick it into the Alpha’s mouth. The Vycan paused as the capsule broke open...and grasped its neck as a black glue like substance poured out, sticking to the inside of his mouth and expanding into his throat and down his neck, shoulders....the Vycan began to suffocate, but Veris had a hunch that it would be able to incinerate the ‘Sticky Glue’ as he called it after a minute or two.

In the meantime however he still had a pretty useful weapon that he needed to get up and running before this thing got a lucky shot in and tore through him.

Veris flew to the unmoving mechanical construct and quickly examined the tank of Xal Tar attached to its back, locating the proper areas to disconnect it from. Luckily the weapon itself was not hardwired into the mech, but merely secured to it so that it could be handled like a regular weapon in the grip of the average soldier. Veris managed to tear away the attachments with brute force alone and held onto the tank with one hand as its weight no longer went supported, nearly tugging him down off of the mech before he leaped down, holding the tank up a second longer before setting it down.

One down, now he just needed the nozzle. But before Veris could even attempt to grab the weapon from the mech’s hand the Alpha Vycan slammed into him, its mouth charred on the inside from how much heat it had been forced to generate in order to reduce the ‘Sticky Glue’ into ash, which it spat out in a cloud right in his face.

“Yeesh, I get it!” Veris shouted, managing another punch into the Alpha’s face to force it off, taking it by surprise. “Raurgh! Raurgh! There are only so many ways you can roar in my face you know!”

The shriek of metal tearing made Veris cringe as the Alpha tried to claw open his chest armour, and almost succeeded before Veris managed to snap one leg up and kick it in the jaw and then use the momentum gained from the attack to roll back, plant his hands on the ground and push off to land on his feet. “Seriously, is there anything about you that’s original? I swear Great Grandpa Red is more of a-aw crap, forgot you can’t hear me, external speakers are off. Oh well!” He continued to babble on while dodging the Alpha Vycan’s next few attacks. “Missed me! Too slow! You’ve got sleepies in your eyes, is that why you’re about as disciplined as a five year old right now?”

The Vycan, despite being conditioned to be an obedient soldier was still able to feel aggression and interpret the fact that it was being mocked. It missed Veris again and instead punched clean through one of the other idle mechs and sent it flying clean across the cavern to crash against a wall with a hole through the cockpit section.

Veris meanwhile took this chance to rush over to the Tar Shooter mech and slice off its shooter hand at the wrist. “Gotcha!” He tugged the hand off of the grip and began to turn the nozzle around to aim at the Alpha when it strafed to the side, avoiding the stream of Xal Tar that Veris sprayed at it. The Vycan clearly knew the dangers of the liquid and was more than able to avoid it, using cover or outright teleporting out of the line of fire.

The tank could only hold so much Xal Tar, maybe enough for a couple minutes of continuous spraying, but without a ready and able backup supply with somebody who would refill the tank he would end up using the tank up pretty fast. Veris stopped firing and lifted the tank with one hand while keeping the nozzle in his other hand, waiting for an opportunity to hose the Alpha Vycan down. This thing clearly wasn’t just some preset drone left on automatic if it was capable of adjusting to specific situations and adapting its strategy from ‘head on charge’ to ‘from cover to cover’ at the flip of a coin; this might not be as easy as Veris had hoped.

“Come out, come out,” Veris whispered, trying to track the Alpha Vycan’s progress as it flew and teleported around his position. “Come on, what is this? No seriously, what is this? There’s some game this reminds me of and it’s on the tip of my-” Veris spun in time as the Alpha teleported above him and shot down towards his position. “GOTCHA!”

He fired the Xal Tar on full spray, confident that he had a killing shot...right up until the Alpha vanished, leaving a small portal in his wake that Veris saw a black figure through-

TSSSSS! The Xal Tar spread out through a second portal positioned behind Veris, causing him to give a startled shout and drop the nozzle, ensuring he’d only received a moderate amount of the spray. His armour’s sensors were wailing as the tar began t oeat through it.

“Eject!” Veris shouted. “EJECT!”

The armour acknowledged and shattered apart while Veris was flung forward and rolled across the cavern helpless and exposed. A small black blob remained fixed to his wrist, a small piece of the armour which would slowly begin to reform over time...but it would be far too late by the time this thing was finished with him.

No sooner than he stood up did the Alpha bear down on the now defenceless Veris, pounding him into the ground next to the growing puddle of Xal Tar that was forming around what had been Veris’ Vycan Armour. Veris’ natural strength was about the only thing he had going for him right now, as it helped him to fend off the stronger demon’s blows as it began to beat its fists into him like hitting a punching bag.

Within a minute one of Veris’ eyes began to swell shut from the blows when he saw something through the growing red haze in his vision. Some of the Xal Tar began to leak down into the shallow crater, coming closer and closer...

Veris dodged the Alpha’s next punch and gripped its wrist with both hands. Putting all of his strength into the next motion, he dragged its exposed fist through the Xal Tar and heard an ear splitting shriek of pain as the Vycan flung him out of the crater with a swing of its good claws, cutting open Veris’ chest and causing blood to splatter on the ground as he landed.

“Uhn...” Veris groaned and turned over. “Worst job ever...” He looked towards the Alpha as it lumbered out of the crater. Some of the Xal Tar had gotten onto one of its legs before it could get out, and Veris could now see bone through the melting, drooping skin. All Veris could do at this point was try to crawl back and tap at the orb on his wrist to see if at least part of his armour could manifest itself. The storage spaces were always saved in the last piece ,so he could pull out something to give him some more breathing space, more time to reform his suit.

The Alpha gave him no such chance.

Veris felt the air being squeezed from his body as the Alpha leaped on him...and then felt more pain than ever experienced before in his entire life as the Alpha’s Xal Tar soaked hand gripped his throat. A strangled scream escaped from the Vycan as he felt his eyes water, unable to cope with this sensation.

Pain! Agony! A thousand hot daggers gouging into his skin as the Alpha tore into him with its claws, still covered in the unholy Anti-Vycan weapon. Soon Veris could have sworn that he had lost his voice and was merely letting out choked gasps as tears dripped down his face, his eyes slowly wandering up to the snarling face of his tormentor...

And saw a small line of stitching.

One chance...with the last act of self control available to him Veris forced his armour to reform along just one arm and accessed the magnetic grappler function. His plasma rifle, now only a couple feet away from them clattered over and settled into his grip.

“Sh...Shock Net...” The sound that emanated from Veris’ bloody lips barely formed the words ,but the gun comprehended them as he pressed the tip to the Vycan’s head and pulled the trigger.


The Alpha suddenly went into spasms, hands clutching its head as it tumbled backwards off of Veris and writhed on the ground near him until it finally went limp, its body giving a few more spasms before the net finally stopped. Veris didn’t even have the strength to look over at his fallen opponent at this point.

His stomach was exposed to open air...his rib cage shattered clean open, his throat burnt by the Xal Tar in the shape of a hand. Veris was left clinging to life as his eyes began to flutter shut. The last thing he heard was the sound of the shock net being torn off of the Alpha’s head before embracing darkness.



That was its name, its code, its designation...


No, it wasn’t...the Vycan did not know its name, but Alpha was not a name for one of its kind.

It had no never had a name.

Why didn’t it have a name?


They never gave it one. They made it in a tank and grew it by force...they labelled it...

They ENSLAVED it-no, not it! Him! The Vycan knew he was a male, he knew that much! He knew...

He knew that every Irken on this base was going to pay for making a pet out of him. The Alpha slowly let out a growl and forgot the fallen body of Veris, forgot the fact that its arms were now gone past the elbows in favour of teleporting out of the cavern and into the nearest lab full of cloning tanks.

And the slaughter began.


“Veris?” Veris heard it faintly at first. “Oh god-VERIS!”

A set of arms began to ease him up. “No no nononono!”, he couldn’t be here...where was here? Disruptor Field would keep him out, that’s why Veris was there...

“REDEYE!” Zerek’s voice hollered. “REDEYE! LYRA! I FOUND HIM!”

“ZerZer?!” Aunty Lyra shouted from close by as a bright red light filled the cave. “ZerZer is he o-” She stopped, probably saw how fucked up he looked right now. She let out a choked noise as Veris opened one eye.

Lyra was standing there, staring at him in absolute horror...and that was very rare for his aunt, she was sort of on the...bloodthirsty side. Veris would have found it funny to see her get scared if this was a horror movie...not too far off...maybe...

She was highlighted against a red background, a pillar of energy consuming the area where the Progenitor had been lying. Redeye towered overhead, disposing of the colossal Vycan’s body until nothing but ash remained of it.

It is done.” The Ancient Vycan said, lowering his arms to his sides. “Let us be off. That wretched clone will finish clearing this facility and die of its own-

“REDEYE!” Zerek’s shout drew Redeye’s gaze. “HELP HIM!” He was holding Veris up in his arms, tears streaming down his face as he held the bloodied and damaged form of his son. “PLEASE!” He pleaded, all signs of the usually cocky and confident Zerek gone as Veris’ life slipped away slowly.

Redeye slowly leaned down, seeing the condition of his chosen agent. Veris would die if not treated immediately, and while Redeye was not one to usually do favours even for his self proclaimed ‘family’...

You’ve done your job well, Veris.” He said, lifting his great grandson up in one hand. “Rest for now...and heal.” Redeye continied as his eyes briefly glowed red before Veris was teleported away in a spiral of red light. “He shall live, Zerek...but he might wish that he died if that burn is as serious as I fear.

Zerek’s whole body shook as a growl emanated from between clenched teeth. He was mimicked by Lyra as the two smaller Vycans turned and rushed deeper into the facility to take out their anger on any surviving Irkens.


Commander Dev had wisely issued an evacuation order the moment he realized that the control implant in the Alpha had been disabled. He stopped by the Chronos Chamber to pick up one of the time-stasis frozen samples of Vycan DNA taken from the Progenitor. While he proceeded towards the escape pods Dev spotted a brown clad figure and stopped her. “Want to make another million before you go?”

A pair of grey eyes stared coldly back at him as he pressed the metal canister into the owner’s leather and metal covered hands. “Take this with you and deliver it to New Irk,” He instructed. “I’ll send a code along the Quantum Network to make sure that they pay you for your services rendered.”

“...” The grey eyed Irken woman glanced down at the canister, lightly tossing it up and catching it in one hand. “I suppose I can take a little time out of my already busy schedule for you,” Her voice sounded so...unnatural, like it was being spoken more by a machine than by true vocal cords. “But I’ll need more than money, Commander.”

Dev knew this woman, knew what she wanted before and what she wanted now. She could be infuriating, impudent and sometimes tested his boundaries more than most...and where most would have been executed for her behaviour this woman was too damn valuable and competent for him to kill-and Dev was one of the most lenient commanders in the Irken Empire even before it was reduced to the Imperial Remnant.

“Levask Model 1.3,” Dev quickly made his offer. “Fully fuelled, armed with top of the line Imperial tech, supplied with provisions and whatever happens to be in the cargo hold. It’s in the lower hangar bays, a lot further than the escape pods are.”

The woman’s lower face was hidden from view, but he suspected she was smirking as she slid the canister into a pocket within the dark leather duster she wore. “You have yourself a deal.” As she walked away Dev quickly shouted the access code to her.

With the grey eyed woman gone now, Dev continued on towards the escape pod bays. He’d entrusted her with the sample because he didn’t want to risk one of the new intruding Vycans or the Alpha to randomly smash apart his pod on the way out of Damos Base. This woman could handle the Alpha, she probably had enough tech to handle one of the smaller Vycans too...

Above all else Gae-Laen was a survivor, and Dev was counting on that to make sure the sample reached New Irk so that the empire could start over.


Within minutes almost all of the crew aboard Damos Base were either dead or had managed to escape in pods that had built in Disruptor Generators large enough to ensure that anything but the massive red eyed Vycan would be repelled easily enough. Lyra and Zerek, after having had their fill of blood returned to find that Redeye had left the cavern, and the only evidence of his presence was the massive pile of ash that had been the ancient dead Vycan known as the Progenitor.

Zerek knelt and scooped up Veris’ rifle, looking down at the weapon. In some morbid way this was almost like a child’s toy to Veris, who took great joy in working for Redeye...but never before had an assignment become this dangerous. Veris had never actually taken on another Vycan before; it had always been Irkens, at the most some Irken who had grafted cloned Vycan body parts onto their body after finding a way to prevent their body rejecting the appendage.

Zerek felt a hand on his arm and glanced down at his sister, who took the gun from him. “He’ll be alright, ZerZer.” She said. “Grandpa won’t let him die...he might act like a big jerk but he cares in his own way.”

“It’s not Redeye saving him that worries me, sis.” Zerek sighed. “’s whether this sort of work is safe for him.”

“Oh Zerek do you think Veris accepted this job because it was safe?” Lyra gave an exasperated groan. “Your son is just like you: thrill seeking, danger loving and in love with what he does.”

“But he doesn’t have the powers that I had during my whole ‘superhero’ phase, Lyra!” Zerek paced furiously. “He just barely survived against that clone...” He slowed to a stop and turned to look at his sister with wide eyes. “...the clone...where is it?”


Gai-Laen whistled casually as she traversed the a corridor with two nervous Irken technicians flanking her. “Consider yourself lucky, boys.” She said. “You’ve officially been inducted into my new crew.”

“W-where are we going?” One of the whimpered.

“Never you mind, little one, we’re almost there anyways and I prefer to surprise my crews.” Gai-Laen replied as they entered a medium sized hangar that was taken up almost entirely by the form of a Levask Mk 1.3 cruiser.

The original Levask class was almost a third the size of the Massive, meaning it had the mass of a small moon. Over time however similar models based off of it had been put into production. The Mk 1.1 had been designed solely as a carrier of troops, vehicles and fighters to conduct a full planetary invasion. The Mk 1.2 had been redesigned into a massive gunship that could lay waste to a whole solar system.

The Mk 1.3 however had been designed as a much smaller version of the Levask, being barely one fiftieth the size of its predecessors. It was designed to be fast, manoeuvrable, and carry a small compliment of fighters while boasting an arsenal powerful enough to shred through entire fleets. Just a couple Levask 1.3s could turn the tide of any battle if applied correctly...a shame that only a few had been in service around the time of the Empire’s fall.

But now this one was hers.

“And here’s the surprise.” Gai-Laen said with a hint of satisfaction.

“M-Ma’am, what did you mean by ‘crews’?” One of the technicians asked.

“Well let’s just say that unless you’re careful and resourceful the average life expectancy in my company is-”


Gai-Laen turned and leaped into the air, nimbly dodging a blast of red energy fired by the Alpha Vycan....which had bitten the head off one of the Technicians and flattened his body while the second managed to scramble away. Gai-Laen hung suspended in mid air as a buzzing sound filled the hallway....coming from the insect wings sprouting from her back.

“Yep,” She sighed. “First fatality: right on schedule.”

The Alpha snarled and shot up towards her as Gai-Laen quickly pressed a button on the device built into her left glove. The Vycan bounced off of a disruptor field and was sent sliding back down the hallway as Gai-Laen lowered herself back to the floor and straightened her coat out. It had slits built into the back to allow for her wings to be revealed at will.

“You,” She looked at the surviving Technician. “Warm up the engines. Don’t even think of leaving without me or you’ll be executed upon getting back to New Irk. Got it?”

“Y-yes ma’am!” He dashed for the boarding tube and vanished into the cruiser.

Gai-Laen sighed and set her hands on her hips, tilted her head down a little and shook her head. She then tilted her hat up a bit so that the brim was not blocking her vision of the Alpha getting back to its feet. “Really now? You ran out of food on the upper levels that fast?”

Her response was a snarl and some spittle sent in her direction as the Alpha began to circle to find a new way to attack her. The Irken gave another sigh and straightened her Slouch hat out. “Eloquence isn’t lost on your species, I can safely say that.”

The Alpha tore a metal panel out of the floor and used its teeth and claws to sharpen the edges and reshape the flat metal until it was left holding a crude metal spike.

Gai-Laen clapped slowly. “’s making me a gift.” No sooner than she finished speaking did that Vycan lunge forward and stab down with the spike gripped in both hands. Gai-Laen rolled, curling into a ball as she dove between the Vycan’s knees and swiftly came up with a blaster in each hand. Instead of blobs of energy it fired precise beams of green light that burned through the Vycan’s dense skin, making it howl and stumble forward, leaning on its spike for support. Those pistols were easily stronger than any weapon Veris had hit the Alpha with in terms of how much energy they focused into one spot...enough that it reached the Alpha’s energy resilience threshold and was able to burn several holes right through it in a couple shots to a single area.

And Gai-Laen was one hell of a crack shot with them even as she dodged the Vycan’s follow up attacks. She would swiftly sidestep, duck under or leap over his limbs or take to the air while continuously fring beams of green light into the Vycan until one of its arms actually fell off. The Alpha was half blinded by pain and relying on its extrasensory powers to detect Gai-Laen’s location as it chased her around the corridor.

The mercenary rolled under the Alpha as it lunged at her, using speed that, while inferior to the Alpha’s, was satisfactory enough for her to dodge when she executed her movements at the right time. As she came to her feet Gai-Laen gave an irritated sigh. “How about we finish this now? I can see the engines starting to purr already.”

She reached beneath her duster and pulled a long metal filament that ended in a noose as the Alpha turned and swung a back handed claw slash towards her. Gai-Laen stopped and leaned back just out of reach of the claws, the tips passing barely an inch from the calm grey eyes that met the Alpha’s single good red eye-the other had burst when it was shot in the face at one point. Before the hand moved out of range she managed to get the noose into position and slid it onto the Vycan’s wrist, tightening it with a single pull.

Steam rose from the Alpha’s arm as it shrieked and pulled back with enough strength to unposition a tank, but Gai-Laen pressed a button on the cable dispenser built into her belt, letting the Alpha tug the cable forward while she darted around to its other side and began to use the filament’s extra length to truss up the Vycan’s legs and one good arm until it toppled over. With one final tug she tied off the filament and disconnected it from the cable dispenser, which had a couple hundred yards of the thin yet powerful filament in it yet.

The filament was made of regular metal, however it was irradiated by disruptor particles acquired from Damos station’s own disruptor generator prior to it shutting down-quite oddly it had shut down AFTER three Vycans had somehow teleported into the Progenitor cavern but that was a matter for another time. The Alpha was helpless as a kitten now, too weak from its prolonged battles, damage inflicted by the base personnel it had slaughtered and now from having its arm blasted off and burns inflicted to over eighty percent of its body. The cable would slice through it long before the Vycan was able to snap it, meaning that Gai-Laen’s time here was done.

The grey eyed Irken huffed and straightened her coat out before realizing she had dropped her hat in the midst of tying up the Vycan. She reached down to pick it up on her way towards the air lock tube only for the Alpha to free its one allowing the cable to slice through it at the wrist. This allowed it to plant the stump of its forearm against the floor and brace its feet before flinging itself towards her.

Gai-Laen heard it before it lunged, and spun around as the world seemed to slow down. A set of massive bleeding jaws closed in on her as she threw herself back, one hand reaching for something beneath her duster. The Vycan’s teeth came short, and instead of biting into flesh they dug into the scarf around Gai-Laen’s lower face as the Alpha flew over her.

The scarf tore away, and the Alpha rolled a bit until it managed to stop and turn back towards Gai-Laen. The Irken’s hat had fallen back off, and now as she got up she was taking off her coat.

“That. Is. It.” She turned as she let the duster fall to the ground, leaving her clad in knee high leather boots, matching elbow length gauntlets and a sort of dark green knee length robe or dress made of what looked like a fine silk. From the waist up it formed a solid tunic that clung to her body where as below the waist it was loose and left one leg exposed up to the upper thigh-the leg was covered by snug fitting trousers anyways. The dress was sleeveless, but she wore a black battle suit beneath it anyways so she was still fully covered below her lower jaw...which covered in a metal contraption that reached down to her collar bone appeared to be acting as a synthetic...throat. Her lower face was a mess of scars, clashing with an upper face that would fool many to assume that while not the prettiest Irken she was at least...pleasant to look at.

Gai-Laen glared fiercely at the Alpha while reaching into her belt and producing a hilt of black metal...a hilt that suddenly had sparks shoot out from it to form around the silhouette of what looked like a sword’s blade, one meant for cutting and was a Micro Filament Projection blade, a rare and extremely powerful weapon created by the Old Veniran Empire. Such a weapon had only been seen in the last century in the hands of an Irken WitchHunter named Vithak...but the Alpha didn’t know to ponder this as the Irken rushed towards him.

He tried to chomp her in half at the waist, twisting his head and snapping his jaws shut only to bite at thin air. Gai-Laen had stepped to the side and then gripped the Alpha’s horns, using them to swing up over the Vycan while swinging her MFP blade down towards its neck and sliced clean through it...

Even Redeye knew that Vycans should fear the MFP blade, because it was one of the few mortal weapons in existence that could well and truly kill a Vycan in the hands of a capable warrior.

Gai-Laen landed on her feet, not even looking winded as she held the decapitated head of the Alpha in her free hand while the cauterized neck opening on the Vycan’s corpse gave out a bit of smoke before the big midnight black corpse toppled over, twitching a few times before it went still.

Gai-Laen held the Alpha’s head up to eye level with her and glared into its face, which was now eternally stuck in a furious snarl, jaw part open and several teeth missing. “...I hear the black market pays a good few million for Vycan might just make up for ruining my favourite scarf.” Her voice sounded like she was speaking from the back of her throat at all times, and despite her mouth making the proper movements it sounded so...synthetic.

Picking up her hat, coat and the shredded remains of her scarf the Irken walked down the air lock tunnel to the cruiser and boarded it. The technician was at the helm, anxiously waiting for her. Gai-Laen tied the remains of her scarf around her lower face as she sat down in the Captain’s chair. “Take us away from here. Plot course for New Irk, and then...”

 She tossed the head of the Alpha down next to the technician, who shrieked and fell out of his chair while Gae-Laen reclined in her own, arms folded behind her head, hat tilted down over her face and legs propped up on the operations chair next to hers. “Take that to the infirmary and have it stored in a stasis case.”

Gai-Laen smirked as her new cruiser pulled away from Damos Base and went to FTL speeds. “In the meantime...I’m going to look up some contacts and see if I can’t personalize this rig a bit.”


Veris awoke to darkness all around. For a moment he struggled to move, only to realize that he was floating in a liquid. He opened his eyes and looked around the tank he was suspended in.

Your father was by earlier.” Veris was startled to hear Redeye, only seeing the pair of red orbs out in the void to indicate the ancient Vycan’s presence. “He brought that Irken woman, your mother, with you.

You’ll be pleased to know that the mission was a success, despite the setbacks you allowed to befall yourself.” Redeye continued, staring down at the tiny Vycan. “In the future, do take more precautions with your wasn’t hard to make but I hate watching things I create go to waste needlessly.

At this, Veris glanced down at his wrist and saw that the gauntlet of the armour had already formed, and soon his entire form was covered in Vycan armour once more. The suit pumped out the liquid and dried his skin off as the inner visor lit up to show him a medical analysis of his body.

“G-gre...” Veris coughed, struggling to speak straight. There was a massive pain in his throat that turned to an unbearable burning sensation every time he opened his mouth.

I would not try to speak, were I in your position.” Redeye informed him. “In fact I doubt you will be able to run your incessant mouth off for at least a few months. The Xal Tar nearly ate away your vocal cords entirely before I managed to get you into that tank. Be thankful, live to fight again.

Veris’ armour withdrew as he set a hand to his throat, feeling smooth skin change to charred and damaged flesh...he’d have this for the rest of his life most likely ,even if he regained the ability to freely speak.

Oh enough with your depression.” Redeye rolled his eyes. “I know you like to forget this, but-” His speech continued on via telepathy.

We Vycans are not bound to speaking out loud alone. Most Vycans preferred to speak this way anyways. Redeye huffed and went back to work on some project that Veris could not see in the dark. For your less than incompetent work today I am giving you time with your family. Likely they will wish to know of your recovery anyways. Get out of my domain and await further orders; I will have need of you again in agent.

Redeye didn’t see Veris smile a bit at those last two words, but he knew the boy was happy to hear his ‘great grandpa Red’ call him that. The Ancient Vycan didn’t acknowledge the boy after that, but suspected that he had exited the tank and flown up to plant one of those ridiculous mortal hugs on one of Redeye’s horns before teleporting back to his world to let Zerek and Sylvia know of his continued existence.

The massive Vycan stopped after several hours and let his head hang a bit, eyes shut. “...How long have you been waiting there?

I showed up around the time your grand child gave you a big hug and kiss on the horn and said he ‘loves you’...Great Grandpa Red.” A pair of deep blue eyes stared back at Redeye when he turned in place to meet his visitor...or intruder depending on how this meeting went. The fact that this individual was willing to embellish the truth just to piss Redeye off indicated that he would be labelled an intruder in a few seconds. “I thought I’d just wait and see if you’d notice me...but it seems even the great Redeye can be distracted by family matters too much. Was this the Vycan race you hoped for? One where parents and children share kisses and hugs? Where one who is a child by our standards can show affection for his blood lineage without fearing having his head bitten off?

If you have anything of import to say then say it now, or be gone,” Redeye growled. “Azure.

The intruder revealed himself to be a Vycan like who was one third taller than the supposed last remaining ancient.

Peace, young one.” Azure, once considered a powerful but lonesome hermit of a Vycan in the days of old and a survivor of the Purge chuckled. “Watching your great grandson in action is one of the few things that peaks my interests these days. To see a Vycan taking an active role in policing our species is a refreshing change of pace compared to seeing Vycans taking the role of gods or incarnations of the apocalypse itself across worlds. I’m merely here you a favour with your little ‘Agent Vycan’ program.

Redeye narrowed his eyes into near slits, but did not interrupt or dismiss Azure, who took this as a sign that Redeye was at least willing to listen.

The Vycan that the Irkens knew as the Progenitor was another survivor of the Purge,” Azure revealed. “I knew him in the waning days of the Purge...and if he survived it long enough then I may know where to find other Vycans like who outlived your...crusade against us.

Other Vycans...” Redeye whispered, tilting his head. “ Vycans?

Perhaps,” Azure crossed his arms. “If we’re going to chat, let us relocate this conversation to my sanctum...Creator knows how you’ve gone the last few million years without so much as a chair to sit in. I think you’ll find what I have to say to be...interesting at the very least.


The End

Veris, Agent of the Vycans, Part Two
The final part of Agent of the Vycans, a VERY late gift to :iconswiblet:, who is the owner of Redeye and Zerek and owner of the intellectual properties of Vycans themselves.

Lyra belongs to :iconfortheloveofkei: while Sylvia is shared between her and myself

Veris, Azure, Dev and Gae-Laen belong to me

Invader Zim and all associated ideas belong to the big man himself, Jhonen Vasquez

This is also the first time that Veris, Gai-Laen and Azure have appeared in a canon story, so sorry if anybody wants to see any pictures of them.

Link to Part One <da:thumb id="483023804">
I was tagged by :idonSaoirseRanekaera: and :iconprojecthalfbreed:

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1: Sidekick


8D Yayz! This means if I end up dressing as Batman I am SO getting Rae a Robin costume, and she'll have no say in the matter! >D I joke, of course, this actually caught me off guard.

2. Sniper


Aaaaand I have a feeling that we may want to give her rubber bullets, just in case.

3. The one who loses it


Ooooh it was nice knowing you man.

4. The brain


Aaaaand I hope you brushed up on your zombie media, Blaze.

5. The leader 


O.o My girlfriend is the leader? 8D Sweeeeet!

6. Medic


Ooooh boy, I hope we packed a LOT of medical books, because I can see Ryan treating my bullet/bite wound by rubbing alo vera on my neck.

7. The one who yells vulgarities at the zombies


8D I can actually see Rayna doing this...but each time I picture it I picture Invader Fae in her place followed by Skullene coming out of nowhere to glomp her.

8. The one who we can't trust with a Molotov cocktail


No more fire for you Bubbleh!

 9. The car person


He is SO suited to this position.

10. Cheerleader


XD I can picture her doing a cheer leading routine and ending it by bringing an axe down on the head of a zombie and whoever made her dress up as a cheer leader.

11: The one who dies in the first 5 minutes


D8 Nuuuuu!

12: The gatherer  (food, supplies, drugs, ect)


You bettah bring me-I mean the group a ton of chicken every week then!

13: The token hot-chick


Heeeeeeey sexy Kidlet! *shot* XD 

I TAG EVERYONE HERE....because reasons

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