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The Corsairs (Crew)

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 12:16 AM


-First and foremost we actually have a name for it! The Corsairs. |D Yay!

-We're now sharing a fully disclosed summary of the premise behind this crew' beginning along with hints of what it could end up doing in the future, be it in RPs or stories. In the following scenario you may use up to two OCs (as the crew thing develops people can use more, but let's keep it at two each for now)

The setting of the Corsairs first takes place in an Irken Penal colony/orbital habitat circling a dead world, containing hundreds of thousands of undesirables from around the empire and acting as an unfortunate waypoint for merchants, mercenaries, regular travellers, etc. At this location our OCs have arrived through varying methods, be it by just working there or being a prisoner, or even being a traveller who has been stopped there for inspection or whatever you decide on.

Suddenly the penal colony is attacked by an as of yet unknown alien species, destroying the imperial barracks and defence emplacements on the station as well as killing most people aboard. Among the survivors are our characters, including the human who shall be the leader of the Corsairs: Mr Thompson, owner of the confiscated vessel 'Wild Hunt' which is the group's only hope of escaping alive as the colony plunges towards the planet below.

Beyond that, anything could happen. The main plot will focus on the mystery attackers, but there shall be room for sub plots, character development, interaction and just plain old fun.

- For the most part this shall have a sci fi theme, however I'm allowing to let elements of things such as fantasy, western, etc cross into this so long as it doesn't disrupt the group's activities. Also the tone shall generally be somewhat dark and serious mixed with a little humour and light heartedness here or there so we can get a balance of both sides and keep this from being too silly or depressing. ^_^

- Now, this group shall be handled in two locations.

1- Here on DA in the form of your average group to keep people here updated on what goes on and make it easier to get together, share ideas, etc.

2- On a separate forum where the actual storytelling will be taking place, and shall be kept private unless a majority of the group wishes it to be otherwise.

- As for administration, currently only I have an official seat of authority this far in, and will accept the input of experts who might wish to assist as moderators.

- If you join this group you DO NOT have to partake in RPing or even register a character. If you just want to attend chats, share ideas or read the stories that are formed from this then that is perfectly alright.

If anybody has questions or concerns, I am accepting them now.

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Irken-Risk has started a donation pool!
750 / 600
I'm looking to get a subscription, but at the rate I spend my points I will have some trouble. For now...I'm just hoping anybody who likes some of the stories I put up might donate a few. I am in no way pressuring anybody to, I'm only saying it would be appreciated-plus I can still collect points the old fashioned way...though for some reason I can't access my badges page to give away badges for points. I managed to get to it using my computer's history, but I'm honestly not sure if that was supposed to happen or if it's another error. Either way, I chose to open this.

The only thing I could offer right now would be a written entry with one of your own characters in it. If you would like one in return for points, just say so.

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