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We just had an 'Iron Cake Decoration Contest' here at residence, and my group decided to make a cake decorated to look like Iron Man's face plate.

Don't know if we won but it was freaking delicious.

I Am Iron Cake by Irken-Risk
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I Am Iron Cake by Irken-Risk
I Am Iron Cake
A delicious little super hero cake made to suit an Iron Cake Decoration contest.
Selfie by Irken-Risk
I was tagged by :iconprojecthalfbreed: as part of a recent Selfie Meme.

Here you go. It is! *fails at sounding epic*

I tag...NO ONE. Suckers" >8D
Swiblet is streaming! Currently drawing but if we get enough people he's agreed to make it into a request stream. Come one and all!
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Musical Pick-Me-Up


Planet Sauria, City of Tyroses

Tyrana Park had once been an active and exciting place for people all across Sauria to visit with their families. Children would play, carnivals would be held and in the intimacy of a moon lit night one wouldn’t be surprised to spy a couple in the distance be it on a bench kissing or moving off the beaten path for less than child appropriate activities. Its primary attraction had been the lake lying in the middle of the park where artists throughout history had gone to find inspiration or where crowds would gather just to enjoy the cool water.

However, Tyrana Park’s glory days had ended when the Irken Empire had first tried to take Sauria.

Key Word: Tried.

Some lower ranking but ambitious Admiral had thought to fire a bombardment on the city from orbit to scare the Saurians into submission. His invasion had been crushed easily, but one single shot of artillery had landed right in Tyrana Park...specifically in Tyrana Lake almost as if it had been the specific target. Most of the park caught fire and the lake had been reduced to a steam filled crate that was too dangerous for anybody to approach for a while. In the aftermath few people, if any visited the remains of Tyrana Park.

Mary Glock stayed on the edges of the park furthest from Tyrana Crater, where the grass was still green and trees still grew. The young Saurian was curled up with her back to the trunk of what was perhaps the largest tree left in the park. Her legs were pressed up against her chest and her arms were wrapped around her knees, resting her head on her crossed forearms while staring up at the starry sky overhead.

She liked coming to this place for the solitude. Even few animals dared to inhabit Tyrana Park anymore, and she didn’t even have to worry about any bugs getting at her anymore. It’s like everything about this place pushed away people and creatures unlike Mary.

Recently the Glock girl’s personality had taken bit of a turn. The usually bubbly and optimistic young woman had turned silent, sullen and sour. Her bright and colorful clothing had been replaced with darker attires reflecting her current mood. Leather boots, purple stockings, dark colored skirt and shirt, purple arm warmers and even a purple bow with a little skull on it set into her hair. Whatever the reason for her change in personality was, Mary hadn’t discussed it with anyone.

And who could she talk to: her cousins, Tera and Roxy? They didn’t care for her personal problems, and if anything they’d just laugh her off...and that was just the best case scenario. Besides, she still had to put on a facade of sharing their downright nasty demeanour in public.

As for Meagan, Mary’s friend and the Princess of Sauria, Mary didn’t want to burden the girl with any of her emotional turmoil. When they spoke, which was not nearly as often as she liked, Mary managed to feel a bit like her old self again. But once they were parted Mary fell back into her mood.

Her entire life in the past few months seemed to have become one big performance. For the public and her family she pretended that she was a pampered and snooty girl who just happened to take on a more gothic fashion. For Meagan and her closest friends she pretended that nothing was amiss. In a way it made her feel like she was cut off from the whole world, like there was nobody who she could just talk to about what made her feel like this...

A sudden gust of wind and the sound of the tree overhead creeking made Mary snap out of her thoughts and sit up. Her pulse began to race as she spied something perched overhead, a black figure that somehow appeared darker than the night sky it stood out against. Whatever it was, it was tall and thin...

And had two purple eyes that stared down at her.

Mary scrambled to her feet, staring up at the creature as it slowly folded a set of wings to its back. Static began to spark around the girl’s body as she stumbled back, unable to find any words.

‘Who are you’ sprang to mind...followed by ‘what are you’.

The creature simply tilted its head a bit and lowered itself down out of the tree, able to set one foot flat on the ground without letting go of the branch. Once it stood on its own two feet Mary saw details of its form that had escaped her...such as the fact that this thing looked like it was wearing some formal suit which matched its skin tone almost perfectly. The first indication had been the visible white shirt beneath its coat, and the tails of the coat hanging behind it. The creature took a moment as if to smooth out its coat before slowly holding out one hand towards Mary, palm up and fingers open.

Mary felt a good deal of her initial panic die down. Whatever this thing was, it didn’t seem to be openly hostile to her. She looked at its extended hand and took a step closer before it closed its fingers. When it opened them again something appeared in its grasp.

A flower. A little red rose.

Mary looked up at the creature’s face. Its round purple eyes, which were the only features visible on its smooth pitch black face formed into a set of arrows pointing up. It took her a moment to realize that it was meant as an expression. She hesitantly accepted the flower, holding the rose in both hands. “Th...thank you.” She said, looking up at the creature.

He seemed to tip an invisible hat to Mary as he bowed his head and turned, walking off into the shadows.

“Wait!” Mary called after him, rushing after the creature only to find that he was gone. “What...who are you?” She asked the thin air before her.

Afterwards, Mary walked back home, eyes focused on the flower. When she laid down to sleep she almost believed that it had been a dream...

But the next morning one of her servants had found the rose on her nightstand and set it in a jar with water, thinking it to be an admirer of the young Glock girl. When Mary opened her eyes and saw the flower sticking up out of the jar she knew that everything she had seen was real...

Because roses like that didn’t grow in Tyrana Park, not anymore.


She returned to the park the next night once all of her duties for the day were done and she was able to sneak off without being seen. Mary sat by the same tree and waited for the sun to go down. Soon she was left in the dark without even the light of the moon or the sparkling stars overhead due to the weather being overcast. As time went on she realized that it was beginning to rain and shivered, curling up tightly and shutting her eyes, determined to wait for the creature to reappear.

She stayed a lot longer than she had intended...far too long.

Mary fell asleep, wet and miserable...and woke up bundled in something. She’d been relocated to the nearby gazebo overlooking the ashen wasteland that was the rest of Tyrana Park, and had a blanket over her. Somebody had cleaned her wet makeup off of her face, and even left her some snacks on the bench next to her. The young Glock took a moment to look over herself, wondering if the creature had reappeared or if some random passerby had found her and moved her here...over a half mile away from where she’d been to the only dry place in the park.

Mary sighed and sat down, gathering the blanket close to herself while checking the time. It was early in the morning and the rain still had yet to let up...her family was going to kill her when she got home.

Suddenly she noticed something dangling over the entrance of the gazebo...two long and thin legs ending in feet covered by expensive looking shoes.

Mary gasped and rushed over, about to stumble into the curtain of rain only for a hand to hold an umbrella down to her level, covering her from the rain while letting her peek up to see the purple eyes of the creature who had approached her last night.

For a moment they locked gazes, and then the creature’s round eyes once again formed what Mary believed to be an expression to indicate that it was happy. It held down its free hand and helped her up onto the roof of the gazebo next to it, keeping the umbrella over the young girl.

Mary settled in and took a moment to take in her current position. She was out in an abandoned park at night in the middle of the rain and next to a creature that she had never seen or heard of before. All that the young girl could do was look up at him from under the umbrella and ask something.

“Who are you?” She repeated her question from last night.

The creature tilted its head.


Mary jumped in place, startled by hearing what literally seemed to be a voice in her head. “Was-was that you?” She asked. “Was that you speaking just now?”

Speaking. The creature looked towards the muddy ground below, its expression blank and betraying no thought or emotion. I am...speaking. It nodded. I

So it could communicate, but not with words. What did people call this again? Tell-eh-path-ee?

Speak with mouth. The creature continued. Language...strange. Need learn first. Different.

So that must be why it sounds so awkward. “What do you usually speak?”

The creature looked over at her...and a moment later she heard a series of noises in her head that formed words she wasn’t familiar with. By the end of it she found herself to be back to being simply confused.

Told you. The creature said. Different.

“This still doesn’t answer my first question.” Mary said. “Who are you?”

The creature remained silent for nearly an entire minute before answering. Should go home now. It said. Sun almost up.

It handed her the umbrella, but then gently grasped her wrist with one hand and produced a rose in the other, matching the one it had given her last night. It set the rose in her palm and closed her fingers over it before helping her down off of the gazebo roof.

“Why do you keep giving me these?” Mary asked, looking down at the rose. “It’s flattering but...why?” make people happy. The creature answered. Do they not make you happy?

Mary blushed a little at this, and a little static could be seen crackling from her hair. Luckily she wasn’t barefoot or she might have shocked this creature. “I...guess they do.” She answered. “Thanks again...for the rose and for, well...getting me out of the rain. Can we meet here again so I don’t sit out there again?”

The creature nodded. We may.


And they did.

Mary came to the gazebo the next night, and this time she brought a gift for the creature-no...for her new friend. She gave him a portion of her dinner that she’d saved, and to her surprise he swallowed it down quickly, licked the bowl and then licked himself clean of any droplets that had spilt on him. Upon noticing her looking at him he shrugged and made his usual happy expression.

This made Mary giggle. It wasn’t a high pitched, fake, nasty one she used when ‘in character’ for her family but a real one.

She learned one thing about her new friend that night: he liked meat, even if it was from the crappy soup her chefs served on Thursdays.


They met again the next night, and this time he had an instrument with him and was playing a soft melody when Mary arrived. She heard the music long before she reached their gazebo- strange how the structure had taken on that title over time. When it finally came into view she saw her friend sitting on the roof and playing a violin...and most oddly there were actual musical notes made of golden light rising from the strings as the heavenly tune played.

Mary found herself shutting her eyes and giving a genuine smile right up until she bumped into the gazebo and fell into the dirt. “Ow!”

The tune stopped, and Mary looked up to see her friend gazing down at her. He reached down with one long, thing arm and helped her up before lifting her up to sit next to him like usual.

Did I distract you? He asked.

“Oh no, no.” Mary giggled, a little embarrassed but also amused at her own mistake. “Well I guess, but it was because it’s so good. You’ve got a real talent for the violin.” She looked down at the instrument, which looked so delicately designed and intimately shaped. “Are you a musician?”

Oh, no. He rubbed the back of his head while giving her what seemed to be an embarrassed look. I play the music of others but...I can never make up my own.

“So? You still play it like you wrote it,” Mary shrugged. “You could really go into business with that. How long have you been playing?”

...for over a thousand years. He answered, causing silence to descend on their conversation. I am, as you can tell, not like anybody from this world...nor am I like anybody from other worlds. I do not even know what I am, what my species is...I have simply always been. My memory dates back as far as two I remember being born into this universe in the ancient days of a world far away from here. There were no parents waiting to greet me, no home with a roof over my head...I simply awoke and knew I had just been born, even if I did not fully understand the circumstances of my creation.

The long response was a testament to how easily Mary’s friend had taken to the Saurian language.

“ never had parents, or any real family?” She asked.

Never...only knowledge of what I can do, which allowed me to easily adapt to and blend in with the violent and barbaric world I had been cast into. Years passed as I forged an identity for myself, the identity of a human man...and then decades, centuries...before I knew it I actually began to believe that I was one of these fragile mortals, these...humans.


But...that was long ago. And mankind has burned away their own homeworld and flung themselves to the stars in desperation for survival. I know not if they succeeded...I only recently left the planet that had served to be my cradle.

“That story sounds...sad.” Mary commented. “Being all alone, not knowing so much...”

It was very lonely. He nodded. ...I cannot even recall the name that I once held. I gave myself a human name...I used many names for different cultures but I forgot it over time.

“So you don’t even have a name,” Mary looked up at him. “...what if I could think of a name for you?”

That would be...quite appreciated. He nodded, giving her his happy expression again.

Mary sat there and pondered different ideas.

Inky? No. Blacky? No. Purple? No. Amethyst? He definitely didn’t identify as a woman. He liked music...

Composer? No. Player? That was just plain awful.

What about...

“Maestro?” Mary looked up. “How about that? Does Maestro sound good?”

Maestro...a title for a teacher...a master, and commonly applied to those who conduct music and opera. He tilted his head. Yes...I often did this in my false life as a human. Mayhap I could do so again...hopefully.

“So you like it?” Mary asked with a bit of a smile.

I do! He nodded, a happy expression on his mostly featureless face once more. I am Maestro...I am Maestro. He stood up and, while perfectly balancing on the roof, gracefully bowed and grasped one of Mary’s hands, which he kissed. I am Maestro, and it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Mary.

Blushing, Mary looked into Maestro’s purple eyes and smiled a bit. “Nice to meet you too...Maestro.”

The two shared a laugh-well Mary laughed and Maestro seemed to make the motion but no sound. Afterwards they sat inside the gazebo where Maestro would play music and Mary would talk to him about her day. Overtime she would doze off and fall asleep on the benches inside the gazebo, lulled into a restful slumber by Maestro’s music...

And when she awoke, she would find a whole bouquet of flowers set on the night stand next to her bed at home. On it this time was a note addressed to her from Maestro.

Dear Lady Mary,

Thank you for giving me a new name. Hope to see you again.

Your dearest acquaintance: Maestro.


The End

Musical Pick Me Up
Just a light little one shot with some friendship forming between my Vycan OC Maestro and Mary Glock (owned by :iconblaze150: )

This is a verrrrrry late gift to Blaze. I own nothing.
We just had an 'Iron Cake Decoration Contest' here at residence, and my group decided to make a cake decorated to look like Iron Man's face plate.

Don't know if we won but it was freaking delicious.

I Am Iron Cake by Irken-Risk
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The only thing I could offer right now would be a written entry with one of your own characters in it. If you would like one in return for points, just say so.

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