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Imperial Ambassador Shirohebi by Irken-Risk
Imperial Ambassador Shirohebi
A recent and one hundred percent worth it adoption created by the talented :iconserenadefox: named Shirohebi, or Shiro for short.

Name: Shirohebi (for anyone who didn't read the text above)

Age: 35 Irken years (in this picture), 356 human years

Species: Irken

Affiliation: The Irken Empire Diplomacy Corps

Job: Imperial Ambassador

Height: 6'0"

Background: Shirohebi, otherwise known as Shiro informally, was originally assigned to the Irken Imperial Navy with her natural height earning her a future as a starship captain. She was assigned to a Levask class battle cruiser, the Dominion, and became known as a wise and resourceful strategist if not unconventional for how she would deviate from the strategy prefered by most Irken fleet commanders: overwhelming force and shock tactics combined with internal sabotage provided by Invader operatives. She would sometimes starve entire systems of resources for months in order to effortlessly conquer them and would take time to research the cultural values of her enemies, justifying this under the wisdom of knowing one's enemy by knowing everything about the society which has produced them and then taking advantages of the flaws inherent in that civilization's structure.

After several years as the Dominion's Captain Shiro found herself less willing to execute organic cleansing of captured worlds or annihilation of species proven too difficult to tame. Over time she applied for a transfer to the Diplomatic Corps, citing her recent victories through use of unconventional tactics as proof that her talents could be best applied outside of military service where she was granted like invited authority over only her own fleet. Although suspicious, the Tallests granted her request but kept her under probation, having her movements watched and her actions analyzed thoroughly over the next few years as she handled diplomatic relations between the Empire and its few allies such as the Planet Jackers (who she directed to worlds either uninhabited or unsuitable for colonization). Overtime any suspicion regarding her lack of zealous xenophobia towards other Irkens were forgotten and Shiro was seen as a useful and efficient diplomat despite lacking the enthusiasm for war that most Irkens value.

After she had verified that she was no longer being watched at all times Shiro began to allow herself to relax and seek out hobbies to cope with the stresses of her job. She had acquired a taste for collecting art and antiques from other cultures and even attempted to paint some art of her own...only to end in failure-a similar result was found when she tried her hand at cooking, dancing, poetry and sculpting. However she did discover that she possessed an aptitude for singing and began to sometimes wander out to local clubs under disguise in order to take some time on stage, where she was met with mostly positive reception as her talents became refined. Shiro was forced to carefully plan these excursions and account for the time spent there, covering her tracks to make sure she could not be followed or traced.

Shiro also has a taste for video games, particularly space naval combat games involving careful strategy and resource management-a call back to her own days as commander of a small fleet. She uses this in addition to many other vices that are funded by money made during her times on stage to help distract from increasingly frustrating job conditions. Sometimes she will try exercising in order to both keep up a flattering appearance-which she sees as a tool to use in some negotiations, other times she will play video games for hours or smoke Herb Sticks recreationally. At her lowest points she had been known to imbibe alcohol to the point of requiring a personally programmed drone to carry her home safely.

Visibly Shirohebi maintains a very well composed disposition, behaving pleasantly towards others despite their position, species or personalities-all thanks to decades of dealing with aggressive and demanding diplomats. She is well known throughout the Diplomatic Corps both as an effective negotiator and more infamously for traits which other Irkens consider borderline treasonous including the making of promises to other species that are actually quite fair and are kept in order to ensure that a species added to the Empire is able to live in mildly comfortable conditions while still contributing to the Irken War Machine. Some believe her to be a rebel sympathizer, however dozens of investigations have turned up nothing and eventually Director of Special Projects Eder has personally commanded after a meeting with Shiro that any claims from within the Diplomatic Corps of Shiro committing treason should be treated as hearsay and only lightly investigated in order to save valuable time and resources.

When in private Shiro is actually quite depressed, and over the years has begun a slow decline of relying more and more on Herb Sticks, alcohol and other vices to help cope with her day to day lifestyle. She manages to conceal this flawlessly, making sure to seek appropriate attention whenever she begins to suffer physiological symptoms such as addiction or withdrawal. There are some points where she is forced to wear a holographic disguise to conceal the physical signs of these illnesses until she is able to nurse herself back to health with help from contacts within the Irken Medical Corps and Science Council. As a result few people would ever suspect that the kind, beautiful and cool headed Ambassador Shirohebi is only being held together by careful management and layers upon layers of redundant concealments in order to project herself as a successful Imperial diplomat who is able to easily balance and maintain her work load and cope with the ethical ramifications of her job.

Training: Shiro maintains her training with a firearm and continues to exercise regularly both as a therapeutic measure and to maintain a reasonable state of physical fitness, but her strengths lay in her ability to spot when someone is lying, analyze a person through the culture or subculture they originate from and easily negotiate from a position of strength. She is also trained in numerous dialects, primarily with the species she most commonly has to visit on numerous occasions to maintain cordial relations with. She is a very talented singer who has not written her own music but is easily able to adapt to the compositions of other musicians easily. Shiro is also well versed in the art of concealing her movements, having managed to fool Imperial agents and the public at large of being a simple diplomat and keeping her side activities and brief bouts of declining health secret for decades.

Weaknesses: Shiro has discovered that she has no talent in the art of painting or sculpting, and that she has little talent for cooking outside of preparing MREs. She also is not as emotionally stable as she appears, often resorting to her numerous vices in order to tolerate her usual environment. On the worst days where the pressures of her job and repeatedly declining health becomes too much Shiro can suffer an emotional breakdown and will require weeks of rest and recovery before she is qualified to resume her work-she disguises this by simply using some of her saved up vacation days to quietly vanish to a private villa where she can get away from the Galaxy and go through rehabilitation.

Personality: Shiro is actually a good natured person who sincerely cares for others, regardless of their origins. She likes to see the best in others but is able to wisely avoid trusting those who she feels would cause her harm. One of her passions lay in studying the music of other species, but she also has an appreciation of art, cooking, architecture and literature even if she possesses no talent for any of those fields. She is intelligent and rational, able to weigh risks and benefits of certain actions and conduct thorough research on whole new civilizations even while on route to their home worlds to begin her work so that she can have a thorough understanding of their traditions, behaviours and may calculate how to best proceed. Shiro is however emotionally fragile as a result of decades of hostility, suspicion and distress brought on by her work and lacks any trusted friends or close relationships that could allow her to vent her worries and frustrations in a more healthy manner.

Status: Single

Sexuality: Hm....I'm actually leaning towards lesbian on this. I just sort of...think that's what she'd prefer based on how I've pictured her in my head so far. She might be a little bisexual but heavily favour women.
A New Recruit




Darion stared at the Twi’Lek from the pilot’s chair, one set of fingers tapping rhythmically against the arm as Flara pleaded with him.

“You know how I feel about bringing pets on board.”

Flara pouted. “What about Reggie?”

“He’s an astromech, and more importantly he can’t wander off and get caught in one of the mechanisms or chew and scratch things.” Darion retorted, “Why would you even want one of those anyways?”

He gestured to the shape that lay curled up in Flara’s arms, purring softly as it rubbed its round and furry head against her front.

“Aw come on Darion, look at him!” Flara knelt and held the creature out, causing it to open its eyes and trill in protest before it looked around and then turned its large eyes upwards to stare into Darion’s.

For a few moments Darion and the Loth Cat locked gazes…and then the latter gave a chirp and hopped down onto Darion’s lap where it curled up again. As it made itself comfortable Darion exhaled heavily and looked up at Flara, glaring irritably at the Twi’Lek while all she could do in response was smile innocently.

“You’re paying for its food, you're cleaning it and most of all you are keeping it out of my quarters.” Darion said, one hand stroking the Loth Cat’s head.

Flara grinned and hugged Darion, careful not to disturb the newest addition to their crew. “Thank you thank you thank you!”

Darion futilely fought down a smile, glancing down at the furry little animal using his lap as a bed. He saw it turn its head up and look at him with one black orb.

Well played you furry little puke. Well played.


The End

A New Recruit
A little oneshot showing how Darion and Flara end up with a new crew member.

Darion hates pets, but in this case he just can't say no to Flara when she adopts a Loth Cat during a mission to Lothal. From that point on he begrudgingly welcomes said Loth Cat into their happy little dysfunctional family.

Darion belongs to me

Flara belongs to :iconheavenbat:

I do not own Star Wars...or Loth Cats...I actually woukdn't mind one though.

We Are Corosai


“We have one home, and until we return unto it we wander the stars. We have one goal, and until it is met we endure the dangers of the universe. We have one throne, and while it lays empty we pay fealty to no one who is undeserving. We are Corosai.” – Corosai Clan Chief Seldisan Teek, Chief of the Fleet of Dark Chasers, Approx 3000 BBY.

The Corosai are a humanoid species that some continue to view as an offshoot of either humans or Arkanians. They bear a physical and genetic resemblance to humans, but are the product of a completely different world that had worked its magic on them through the power of evolution. The name of that world is not as of yet known, save by the few Corosai historians assigned to the safekeeping of the knowledge of the species’ origins. The most defining feature of the Corosai are their golden eyes, sharp canines and striking bone structure that give most an angular, well proportioned face that make them appealing.

Corosai have evolved to become exceptional hunters, and it is assumed that their homeworld had forced them to develop extensive reserves of stamina for travelling long distances on foot. The average Corosai can outrun most other humanoid species, often displaying expertise in acrobatics that is implemented in using their environment for climbing, vaulting, sliding and jumping either in pursue or flight. They also possess denser muscle tissue, allowing them greater physical strength without the need for bulkier body structure and contributing to their ability to effortlessly scale most surfaces . Most Corosai are held to a standard of physical exercise on their respective fleets and thus most are seen as lean but well built, again adding to the appeal of other species. Some have displayed a keen sense of sight and smell, another by-product of their environment to help them while in search of food on their world of birth perhaps.

What little is known of the Corosai’s history can be summed up as follows: they were forced to leave their home world by some unknown cataclysm or hostile force many millennia ago and have lost the location. They now wander the galaxy, each tribe originating from their society forming into an individual fleet with its own laws, customs and reputation. Some fleets are used for transporting goods en mass, others act as armed transport liner fleets for relocating large numbers of sentients through dangerous territories, some are sizable armadas the give even Imperial Star Destroyers reason to pause before choosing to engage. There have been attempts made with each passing century to subjugate or eliminate these fleets, but this task is made next to impossible due to both the adaptability and tenacity of the Corosai Flotillas.

After making contact with the Galactic Republic sometime between 4600 BBY and 4700 BBY the Corosai encountered the Mandalorian culture and would often clash with these warriors when passing close to their sector of space. However as time went on both cultures developed a begrudging respect for one another, and the Corosai even adopted the Mandalorian custom of accepting others into their society regardless of their species. This allowed the Corosai to flourish as they acquired the expertise of engineers, scientists and soldiers from around the Galaxy and share their knowledge with the other flotillas. This is what makes the Flotillas today so formidable, enabling them to construct and maintain worthy battleships to replace old and broken ones.

Corosai Flotillas favor less populated areas of the Outer Rim, Wild Space and have been known to even wander the Unknown Regions. They will find worlds to settle on for weeks or months at a time, build temporary shelters for their people to flourish from and then seek work from nearby worlds. Some tribes will offer the skills of their warriors in eliminating pirates or repelling invasions to great effect, others will offer to conduct labour for these worlds in return for a portion of the materials produced. All of this work goes into reconstructing entire ships and ensuring that the Corosai never stagnate or become weakened by malfunctioning and broken down equipment, or rendered weak by prolonged lack of exposure to a real eco system to test their immune system. This, along with their willful recruitment of those outside of their species in the dozens or hundreds on some worlds have allowed small convoys of ships to grow into armadas which later branch off to go their own way so that their numbers do not become too great to sustain in on area of space. The exact number of fleets scattered throughout the galaxy is unknown, but it is suspected that there are upwards of a hundred separate tribes-some formed by splitting off from larger fleets.

When war had struck the Galaxy the Corosai have usually abstained from involvement unless directly affected by it, but some tribes have been known to take sides. One incident pitted two fleets against one another, resulting in the only recorded case of two Corosai tribes waging war against one another to the point of one tribe being completely destroyed by the other. Since then the Corosai have made sure to hold councils to unanimously agree on a single faction to side with in the event of a galactic war where their services are called for. When the Mandalorians began their invasion of Republic Space the Corosai sided with the Republic, combating pockets of their old foes on the Outer Rim while Revan led the Republic to victory at Malachor. When the Sith Empire returned three hundred years later and set fire to the galaxy, the Corosai stood by the Republic and actively harassed Sith fleets and supply lines until the time of the Cold War...and found themselves almost wiped out with the arrival of the Eternal Empire.

In what is known as The Second Fall, almost every Corosai fleet was engaged by and nearly eliminated by the fleets of the Eternal Empire. Whole armies were slaughtered fighting to the last, tribes scattered to the furthest reaches of the galaxy in search of refuge...and it was only thanks to the work of a single Corosai that they still exist today. A man who took on the name Excal’Thar, supposedly the name of an ancient ruler from the Corosai, gathered the survivors of every tribe on the far Outer Rim where they colonized a new world to call their own, but they all agreed that this would only be a temporary shelter until they were strong enough to wander the stars independently. For that time however, Excal’Thar became synonymous with words such as ‘saviour’, ‘redeemer’, ‘hero’ and most controversially: Leader. The Corosai remained on the Outer Rim world of Cor-Abi, translating into the word ‘Shelter of Corosai’, for almost a century before the tribes were able to rebuild their fleets and take to the galaxy again. Cor-Abi remains a planet hidden from the rest of the known universe, a refuge where the tribes can gather in times of peril, but remains unpopulated save by the native fauna and the few tribes who see it as their new and permanent home.

For the most part the Corosai have never had any truly hostile relationships with other factions, save the Sith Empire and Mandalorians of old, but their reaction to the presence of Jedi arriving in their settlements or approaching their fleets can be described as ‘cold’. At different points in history the Jedi have detected the manifestation of powerful Force Sensitives among Corosai tribes, but have found that the families of these newborns are disinclined to surrender them to Jedi custody. Some motivations lay in tradition governing the role of families, others in the more personal area of parents refusing to send their child off to some distant world to be trained as a warrior monk who is to suppress all emotion. For the most part the Jedi sent to retrieve these younglings are reasonable and choose to leave rather than cause trouble when met with a lack of cooperation by Corosai tribes, but there have been rare incidents where Jedi have come into conflict and have even been forced to kill in self defence...or have been flushed out an air lock.

The main reason for the reception that most Jedi receive lays in the existence of an organization among almost every Corosai Flotilla known as The Circle, which is made up of Force Sensitive Corosai who act as agents for the Flotillas out in the Galaxy at large, identifying specific threats to any of the tribes and even taking steps to eliminate them if required. The Circle has no recorded instances of members being corrupted by the Dark Side, but it never has kept an accurate record of activities or a roster of its members. It also lacks in the area of Lightsaber training, but there have been some sightings of Corosai warriors wielding lightsabers at different points in history-however it is unknown as to where they acquired these weapons or how. The Circle is classified as an organization of Grey Jedi, and during the era of the Galactic Empire it withdrew almost completely from Galactic society after losing hundreds of members in a matter of months to the Imperial Inquisitorious and the fearsome Darth Vader-who once slew as many as thirty members of the Circle without any assistance.

Several of the more well known Corosai Flotillas are listed below

Fleet of the Dark Chasers: Mercenary fleet, recently altered methods and customs based on inspiration taken from the Supercommando Codex created by Jaster Mereel. Moderate sized fleet of approximately seventy ships with upwards of three flagships and a number of carrier and support ships with civilian populations living aboard armed transports as of 0 BBY. Famous for having the largest concentration of Force Sensitives out of all recorded Corosai fleets and for being the fleet from which the individual known as Excal’Thar was born.

Fleet of the Nebula Sea: Mercenary fleet, most active in providing security services to the Corporate Alliance and independent worlds. Small fleet of approximately twenty ships made up of cruiser and frigate classes as of 0 BBY

Fleet of the Glorious Unity: Merchant fleet, operates throughout explored areas of the Unknown Regions and provides critical supplies to developing colonies. Large fleet numbering at approximately two hundred ships composed mainly of transport vessels along with a complement of corvette and frigate class escorts and a single Venator class flagship as of 0 BBY.

Fleet of the Thunderous Horde: Mercenary fleet, destroyed during the Second Fall while leading a defence of Republic worlds against the Eternal Empire. Led by Chief Telesa Darke. At the time of destruction it numbered at over three hundred ships with multiple heavy cruisers and flagships. Destroyed in action over Alderaan, resulting in official dissolution of the Thunderous Horde.

Fleet of the Mending Resolve: Mercenary fleet formed by Chief Valar Toren after his escape from slavery, primarily assaults slave trafficking operations and recruits willing slaves into ranks. At time of the Second Fall it was made up of approximately thirty ships and remained out of the fighting. At the time of 0 BBY it numbers at approximately a hundred ships and has begun to actively engage the Galactic Empire while raiding Hutt holdings all over the galaxy. Has clashed with the Arakians on numerous occasions after abduction of Valar Toren’s wife by an Arakian warrior.

Fleet of the Nourishing Shepard: A Merchant fleet which provides aid to worlds struck by disaster, acquiring food and supplies to help in recovery efforts as well as trained medical and construction personnel. Also sells services to worlds requiring deep space construction and mining operations.

Fleet of the Demon’s Hand: A Pirate Fleet that operates from deep within the Unknown Regions, numbers unknown but they have operated ever since the oldest recorded sightings of Corosai and have always taken credit for their handiwork. Have access to unknown amounts of warships ranging from Hammerhead Cruisers to more modern Star Destroyers. Also possesses large amounts of Force Sensitive warriors who exhibit increased willful use of Dark Side based abilities.



The current population of the Corosai are unknown, but it is estimated that for every biological Corosai there are at least three or four adopted aliens (human or otherwise) who now see themselves as Corosai in spirit.

We Are Corosai
Just a little information on my OC species: The Corosai.

I do not own Star Wars

Arakians (which are briefly mentioned in this) belong to :iconmandogirl22:

Resisty Uprising Round Two: In the Depths


It would appear that for the second round they were making it rain.

“No points for originality, Lard-Nar.” Rimak grumbled while adjusting his hat, the wide brim catching the droplets plummeting from the sky as clouds rolled in-or was it just the shade of the massive device that had plunged the planet into this state of perpetual rainfall?

“Surprisingly this wasn’t his idea.” Next to him, his new drone bobbed along silently while ignoring the curtain of rain. “It would appear that one of his technicians might be in greater danger than all of the contestants put together. They were trying to think of some new way to thin the herd and one of them had the bright idea to make it rain...a lot. To his credit Lard-Nar isn’t impressed anymore than you are.”

“Bloody fuckin’ good for him then,” Rimak’s response could not possibly be any less sympathetic to the insane Vortian mastermind’s plight. “Can I assume that I have another arranged opponent for this round?”

“Even better: you’ve got two opponents.”

Rimak stepped into the shelter of a half crumbled building and eased himself down onto the remains of a bench. He reached into his coat in search of his personal supply of Herb Sticks. When he had been dropped off his captors had made sure to remove any supplies that could offer nourishment, but it seemed that recreational Herb Sticks which doubled as stimulants had escaped their notice or had been permitted. He pulled one from the container and planted it between his teeth before lighting it. After inhaling and then exhaling a puff of fumes he sighed and held the Herb Stick between his fingers before looking at the drone.

“Alright, give me the basics on them.”

The drone projected two different images at once from its lens. One showed an Irken woman with yellow eyes and some excess weight-not that it deducted from a rather pleasant appearance. She was more dangerous than she appeared at first glance if her profile was accurate.

“Seems this Sheret has been around the block,” Rimak commented, rubbing his chin and planting his Herb Stick back between his teeth. “And the other?”

His second opponent was not Irken. Nor was she any alien that Rimak was personally familiar with (a Timuki according to the file included with her picture). She was more physically capable than any average Irken, but lacked weapons and equipment that would hopefully allow Rimak to maintain an advantage in a fight.


He’d heard stranger names, but it seemed that her real name was unpronounceable by his tongue.

“A drug dealer, a tour guide and a bounty hunter walk into a rain storm.” The drone said as it dismissed the images. “I’ll get back to you on the punch line.”

“Take your time. It’ll come to you eventually.”

“Soooo....are you going to go looking for them?”

Rimak shrugged and propped one foot up on the opposite knee as he reclined in his seat. “I could.” He agreed, “Or I could wait for them to come to me.”

“What makes you so sure that they will?”

Rimak blew another puff of smoke out and tilted his head back. As he watched the fumes spiral and dissipate overhead a smile crossed his face.

“Because one of them is louder than she thinks when she’s sniffin’ around,” He looked to the back of the building, possibly once a dining establishment based on the design. “Ain’t that right, Barky?”

A head covered in yellow fur popped out into the open, a pair of red eyes narrowing as she glared at the Irken sitting casually a few feet away.

“Well YOU try being quiet when there’s debris sitting around everywhere.” She retorted, her nostrils flaring a bit in response to the powerful odour of his Herb Sticks.

“Just said it was your nose that was the problem, furball,” Rimak stood up and turned towards her, arms crossed. “Can’t say I’ve ever met you, meanin’ I likely don’t have any problems with yah or vice versa...but given our present situation I’m sure yah can understand why what I’m about to do ain’t personal.” His hands travelled to where his twin blasters were holstered.

 “I’m just gonna take a wild guess: yer last opponent wasn’t packin’ heat.”

“Nope, all she had was a scythe-” Barky began before her eyes wandered down to Rimak’s hands as he wrapped his fingers around the handles sticking out of the thigh mounted holsters. “Aaaaand you’ve got two.”

Barky put on a brave face and braced herself, growling as she got down on all fours. “C’mon then, give it your best shot!” She dared, baring her teeth.


Rimak upholstered both weapons, bringing them to bear on Barky as she lowered herself down in preparation to dodge to the side. But just as the Irken made to squeeze the triggers he noticed something in the doorway behind Barky...with a single glowing red circle for an eye.

Barky saw Rimak’s smirk melt away, and was confused when the bounty hunter adjusted the angle of his guns so that he was aiming over her rather than at her. Then she heard something shift behind her and felt a chill shoot through her entire body. She forced her head to slowly turn and gaze up at the shape staring down at her.

She screamed. It lunged.

And Rimak fired.


Barely a hundred meters away, Sheret heard the blaster discharges as she tried to seek shelter from the rain in an abandoned hotel. She glanced out into the street behind her and winced as she felt the sting of water through the fabric of the coat she had snatched in an effort to protect herself from the rainfall. Her situation wasn’t helped by the fact that her previous opponent had pretty much shredded her dress, leaving her in a tank top and shorts and more exposed to the rain than usual.

“Come on already.” She frowned as she tried to push the door open, succeeding after a moment only to find that the obstacle that had been barring her access had been a skeleton almost half her size that had been slumped in front of the door with its right arm stuck under a collapsed shelf, leaving the humerus jammed in the way of the door until Sheret had pushed with enough force to snap the bone in half. The bones were covered by the tattered and soggy remains of clothing she could not recognize, and had been gnawed upon by something at some point or another for their marrow.

In response to this rather gruesome discovery Sheret stared for several seconds before shrugging and stepping over the skeletal remains. “Sucks to be you, right?” She giggled as she took off her coat and looked at her new surroundings.


Sheret cringed and spun around to face the door, gun in hand. She could hear numerous blaster shots in the distance now, getting closer with each pause as the shooter ran down the open street.

“Get down!”

A voice. Masculine. Rimak Rikson?

Three more shots in quick succession followed by the sound of something made of metal crashing to the ground and scraping along the surface.

“What the hell are these things?!”

A second voice. Feminine. Barky?

“Hell if I know and I sure don’t care to stop and ask so keep runnin’ unless you wanna find out fer yerself!”

Sheret peeked out through the ajar door as two figures darted past her. She recognized them both from the images her drone had shown her: one a tall red eyed Irken in a long brown coat with a wide brimmed hat, the other a yellow furred alien running on all fours. Something else was coming up behind them, something that Rimak was shooting at with both blasters as he backpedalled.

Seeing an opportunity, Sheret slowly raised her gun and aimed through the open door as Barky tripped and fell into a puddle. Rimak slid to a stop next to her and kept firing at their pursuer, holstering one pistol to offer her a hand while he fired away with the other. Sheret lined up a shot, taking aim at Rimak’s head...


Just as she fired something engulfed her view of both contestants and took the bullet meant for the Irken gunslinger. The bullet tore through a rusted and weakened metal exterior, shredded circuitry and wiring within and shattered a circular eye lens on the other side of the floating angular drone that had moved into the line of fire. It crashed to the sidewalk in a heap and the bullet went off course, striking several feet off to the side of its intended target.

Sheret bit her lip and held back a curse as both contestants looked her way, but before anyone could do or say anything two more of the drones shrieked into view. They each had a set of arms with claws gnashing together on them, metal scraping against metal as they tried to slice into the two contestants. Barky ducked under one while Rimak triggered his jet PAK and flew up over head before dropping down on top of the second and crushing it against the road. He then fired three shots in a row into the other drone as it tried to come around for another pass.

“The door, over there!” Rimak pointed to Sheret’s position. “GO!”

Barky nodded and bounded towards the door in a hurry. Sheret tried to line up a second shot, but another of the damned drones got in her way...only this time it was facing her with a glowing red eye that locked in on her before it punched a hole clean through the door. Sheret stumbled back with a yelp, dropping her gun in the process as she scrambled away from the opening. Just as the drone finished creating an opening it was pushed down by the weight of Barky slamming into it from behind, tackling it to the floor as its claws grabbed at thin air.

Sheret watched the two wrestle for a moment before coming to her senses and scrambling for her gun. She picked the firearm up and aimed at the two, trying to get a clean shot at the drone since unlike it Barky at least wasn’t trying to flay her alive yet and was keeping it off of her.

Barky saw Sheret taking aim and tried to shove herself away from the robot, but instead found her left hind leg being grabbed by a metallic claw that dug into her skin and made her shriek in pain as it dragged her back across the floor.


The drone’s grip remained firm, but its body clattered to the floor as Barky whined and tried to pull her ankle free of the iron grip.

Rimak was at the door a moment later, staring at the scene before him. He spun around as the hum of more thrusters emanated from the street outside and fired two more shots out into the rain before turning and firing a third into the arm grasping Barky’s leg, severing the robotic limb but leaving the hand clenched around the Timuki’s leg.

“Get up!” He barked at Sheret, who quickly leapt to her feet. “Help me move her.”

“U-uh sure! Yeah!” Sheret donned her positive demeanor and smiled as she slung one of Barky’s arms over her shoulder. “Thanks for helping me out there Barky!”

Barky’s response was a pained groan as she hobbled along, supported by the two Irkens as they made their way to the back of the room where Rimak kicked the door in, allowing them access to the alley behind the building. As drones began to gather by the front door the trio made their escape through the back, going unseen while the robotic horde tore into the structure behind them.


“And....there!” Rimak grunted with exertion as he pried the metal claw open, releasing Barky’s leg.

The Timuki winced as she moved her leg out of reach of the claw, which snapped shut the moment Rimak let go of it. “What were those things? ”She asked, looking at the gouges in her lower leg.

“If I were to venture a guess they were probably some kinda police or military drone that got left active after everythin’ else on this rock kicked the bucket.” Rimak proposed, rubbing his chin, “Must’a been malfunctionin’ if they attacked us right off the bat.”

Sheret sat next to her opponents in the shelter of a hollowed out transport of some kind, similar to a rail car. It was mounted on what must have been an old transit system rail about thirty feet over the regular street level and had been reached by walking up a set of stairs to an empty outdoor station platform where the car was currently parked. It still had all of its seats, but any evidence of those who rode it was absent. The flight from her previous hiding spot had been...painful to say the least on account of the rain, but they had managed to get under cover before it could cause any serious damage to her. Rimak had also gotten off better because his clothing and hat protected him better than her outfit did with her.

“Yikes, that sure looks like it got to dig its fingers in nice and deep.” Sheret said, observing the wound.

Competitor Sheret,” Sheret’s drone sighed as it floated into view overhead alongside the drones assigned to Barky and Rimak, “Don’t you think you should be...oh...I don’t know...fighting them?

I had a similar thought,” Rimak’s drone said in a matter of fact tone. “But then I remembered the flesh rending robots and how you meat bags tend to dislike them.

Rimak grimaced as he examined the wound. “Yah’ve got the right idea. Between these two and those things I think I’d prefer bein’ stuck with the former rather than on my own against the latter.” He muttered, tilting his hat up, “So fer now yah both can rest assured that I ain’t fixin’ to plant one in between yer eyes just yet.”

Sheret giggled a bit. “You talk pretty funny,” She noted, “Is that part of the whole cowboy theme you have going?”

His response was to sigh and roll his eyes as he removed his coat and tore away part of his right sleeve, using it as a rag to tie around Barky’s leg and put pressure on the wound. “The wife sure doesn’t mind it.”

Barky whined, but slowly relaxed after Rimak was done treating her leg. “Uhn...I hate robots.” She murmured, wincing as she tested her leg’s range of motion. “Uh...thanks?”

“Don’t thank me yet, we’ll still likely have tah kill one another by the end of this if those things don’t do us in first.” Rimak retorted and stood up, walking out into the rainfall here his hat and coat easily protected him from the acidic sting. “But before either of yah get any ideas about doin’ me in...bear in mind that yall will be left stranded in this city, and those clankers won’t give one damn that yer round is over.”

At that revelation Sheret took her hand off of her pistol and pouted. “Point taken.”

“What do we do then?” Barky asked, carefully standing up and putting her weight on her good leg.

“Get the hell out of this city, that’s what.” Rimak replied, peering out at the nearby streets. “I think I can trace mah foot steps back to the edge of the city and out into the countryside. Maybe after we get there and are clear of these things we can finish this, supposing we all get there alive.”

“Uh...Mr Cowboy?” Sheret cleared her throat and pointed in the opposite direction that Rimak was facing. “That might have just gotten a lot more difficult.”

“What? Why...fuck me.” Rimak groaned as he saw what Sheret was pointing at: a wall of water surging through the streets from the direction of the coat.

Huh...looks like that sea wall finally gave out.” Rimak’s drone commented, “Things just got interesting.

Barky gaped as she watched vehicles and whole buildings get swept up by the tide, and breathed a sigh of relief when the tram station held strong along with the rail line. “At least we’re safe up here.”

Rimak stepped up next to the Timuki and peered down into the water. “Maybe not fer long...look.” He pointed to a series of red lights just barely visible beneath the surface of the churning water, surging past the pillars of the station...and some clung to the structures and climbed out to reveal more robot drones like the ones from earlier. “Looks like we’re meeting the aquatic cousins of our previous acquaintances.”

“More robots?!” Barky scrambled away from the edge. “How are we going to get out of the city while it’s flooded and filled with these things?!”

“Simple.” Rimak hopped down onto the tram line. “The power was cut to this, so there’s no risk of getting shocked or run over. We can probably walk along it to some safer grounds.” He looked back up at Barky, who tentatively stood on the edge of the platform. “C’mon, I’ll give you a hand getting down.”

The yellow furred Timuki accepted his help and slowly slid off of the platform. Sheret climbed down and helped to ease Barky down onto the track. All the while they could hear the sound of the robots slowly clawing their way up the pillars or crawling along the stairwell towards the platform.

“Let’s make it quick.” Rimak supported Barky.

“Hn...why are you still helping me?” Barky asked, hobbling along with help from the Irken.

“I told yah: I don’t wanna be stuck out here alone with those things.”

Barky shook her head. “No, you’d have a better chance than any of us at making it alone. What’s the real story?”

“Furball, do us both a favor and cut down on the talkin’.” Rimak grunted as the track led them into an enclosed tunnel which dipped down. “Well shit...dunno if it’ll be flooded down there or not.”

“If it was flooding then we’d already see the water,” Sheret pointed out, “Maybe this tunnel is sealed up tight?”

“Maybe...” Rimak glanced over his shoulder to see the first of the aquatic robots appearing on the tram platform behind them. “And we ain’t got the time to find out or find another way around. Let’s go!”


End of Part 1

Resisty Uprising S2R2 Part 1
Part One of my Entry for this round...hopefully I can get the second half up in the next four hours.

Rimak belongs to me

Barky belongs to :iconheavenbat:

Sheret belongs to :icontisvana18:


I do not own Invader Zim

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Blood Sport Season Four: Round One, Rush vs Kid


Round One: Catch 22, Part 2


After travelling far enough that they were certain their pursuer would not immediately catch up to them the two opponents found and pried open an access panel in the ventilation duct, exposing a storage room with a thick and locked metal door. Rush gestured for Kid to go first, and after some prodding the boy accepted and slid down, finding one of his wrists grasped by the assassin who lowered him down as far as he could reach before releasing Kid. A moment later the Irken leaned his upper body down through the opening, grasped the edge and then flipped over, bringing his legs down into view next and dropping down to land on his feet with a certain grace that must have taken years to hone.

“W-what was that thing?” Kid asked, leaning against a supply crate.

The two camera drones accompanying them floated down from the shaft opening, emitting a glow to make themselves known as Chrome provided an answer. Records salvaged from this world identify that thing as an Unteraith, a vicious nocturnal predator that often makes nests in deep natural caverns on this world. It would seem this one has managed to survive whatever purged the world of civilization...oh, did I mention they have an average life span of a few thousand years? During which they only keep growing?

“That one must have been upwards of three thousand years old if those archives are anything to go by,” Kid’s drone added, “Meaning he’s probably got armoured skin that could withstand anything short of heavy artillery-”

The drone was sent sailing into the far wall and clattered to the ground by an abrupt and precise kick from Rush. It sputtered as it floated back up to shoulder height. “H-hey! What gives?!”

It was met by Rush’s cold glare as the assassin stood by Kid, who sat curled up against the stack of crates. The boy was becoming more visibly panicked by the distressing information from both drones.

“Ah...right, sorry about that,” Chrome apologized, tilting his spherical body forward in a mimicry of bowing his head in humility, “Sensitivity has always been an acquired trait, especially in artificial intelligence based life forms such as us.”

Rush turned and knelt in front of Kid, who was shivering. The assassin set one hand on the boy’s shoulder and used the other to tilt Kid’s head up. The hybrid was doing his best to keep a straight face, and had even managed to keep himself from being reduced to tears. That in itself was an achievement which many twice his age would fail to reach.

“How are we going to fight something like that?” Kid whispered.

If speech was not something perpetually beyond his grasp then Rush would have done his best to compose some comforting and motivational speech to raise Kid’s spirit. As it stood the best he could do was offer an encouraging smile and a pat on the shoulder as a substitute for saying ‘leave that to me’.

The assassin took stock of the supply room, looking around for any equipment which might be useful. His eyes settled on something nestled between the stacks of crates, and after some work to move the containers Rush found a computer console built into the wall. It was a simple matter of hooking his Holo-Interface up to it now that the power was restored, and with it he began to access the facility’s database, searching for anything that could assist them.

After half a minute of sifting through data in silence Rush found and projejcted a three dimensional blueprint of the sector of the mine which currently had power in it. Around ten floors from the first sublevel to the deepest part of the mine in this region, a radius of almost four kilometres and a web of narrow and winding corridors that intersected at different wide chambers.

“A map!” Kid darted over and peered at it. “Maybe we can find a way out of here.”

Rush nodded and tried to access the facility’s interior sensors. The blueprint suddenly had the addition of three pulsating blobs of red colour, two of them residing within a cramped room that was presumably the current location of the two would-be opponents while the third was barrelling through tunnels at high speed-likely the Unteraith.

Kid followed the third blob with a finger. “There it is.”

The beast was far off for the moment, several levels up. The vent had led the pair down several ramps and once had even abruptly dropped ten feet, almost causing Kid to tumble head first before Rush pulled him back. This had both served to distance themselves from the Unteraith and to drive them deeper underground, away from the surface and safety. They were now nestled into the lair of this creature that was hunting them down, closing in on them with each passing second; there would be no escaping it without a miracle...or its death.

Kid felt Rush tap his shoulder and direct his attention to a holo-screen being projected from his arm; a message was already fully composed and waiting for him.

-Kidderance, I realize that we have been told that we must fight. But even if one of us were to fall now the other would only be left at the mercy of this Unteraith. I propose that we put our arranged battle on hold for the time being and focus on escaping this mine alive.-

Kid tilted his head as he read the message over once. “You want to team up.” He stated, lifting his gaze from the screen to regard Rush with no small amount of suspicion. “How can I know that you won’t try to feed me to that thing?”

-Could I not have done just that when it first attacked us in the generator room?-

Much to Rush’s surprise Kid responded with quite the compelling argument.

“If you had just let it eat me then you would have still been stuck with it,” The boy pointed out, “But if you used me as bait at the right time, at a time when you would be able to get away or maybe kill it while it was gobbling me up then you could kill two birds with one stone.”

Clearly Rush had not credited the boy with the appropriate amount of tactical ingenuity. While Kid may at first seem naive and slow, he had been the personal assassin and body guard of a Tallest candidate for much of his childhood and had also worked alongside Wrath for an extended period of time. The latter’s suspicious nature had even rubbed off on him a bit.

-That is quite the valid point.- Rush admitted, -Then I suppose there is only one thing I can say to try and convince you that this offer is legitimate.-

“Oh yeah? What?”

-That if I were to kill you my employer would likely hunt me to the furthest edge of the universe and back.- Rush answered, -I believe you are familiar with him. His name is Wrath.-

Kid’s eyes widened. “Mr Cuddly...” He whispered, causing Rush to blink once in surprise. “You work for him?”

-I do work for the one known as the Wrath of Irk.- Rush affirmed. -And he made it abundantly clear prior to your departure from Blue’s service that you are never to be one of my targets.-

This news brought a grin to the boy’s face. “If you really work for Wrath then you can’t be all that bad...and if you were then your first point stands: he would kill you after this tournament.” Kid nodded, accepting of Rush’s logic, “Alright Mr Rush, you’ve convinced me. We’ll team up and get out of here, and then we can see who the better fighter is.”

That might be a little difficult,” Chrome cautioned, “That thing likely knows this place like the back of its own claw. You’ll need to do something about it if you want to get out of here.

Rush brought back up the image of the mine and examined the structure. Next to him, Kid mimicked the assassin and analyzed the different rooms and corridors.

Did I mention that it seems to be getting pretty close? You may want to hurry.” Chrome added.

“There!” Kid pointed at one large circular room that was three or four stories high. “Look at that room, Mr Rush! See that pillar in the middle?”

Rush zoomed in on the room in question and saw that it was held up by a series of pillars connecting different layers of catwalks and stairs. The central pillar however appeared to be bent out of shape if the sensor logs providing the imagery were to be trusted.

“I bet the roof of that room is preparing to collapse.” Kid elaborated, “Maybe if we take that out we can bring the whole thing down on top of it!”

As Rush pondered the strategy, Kid’s camera drone scoffed. “And just where would you get something strong enough to take out that pillar? It still looks plenty strong. You’d need a lot of explosives or some big drill to...take it...” The drone trailed off as Rush swept one hand over the stack of crates next to them, wiping away a layer of dust to reveal bright red text which his Holo-Interface had already translated.




The Unteraith found the storage room to be empty when it arrived several minutes later. The scent of prey was still fresh and easy to track, manifesting in the form of a blue mist rising off of the floor in the vision of the nocturnal beast as it crawled on all fours, following abandoned cart tracks over several hundred meters towards a nearby stairwell which was blocked off-a momentary obstacle for one of the most dangerous subterranean predators listed in galactic records. Once through the door it followed the scent back up two levels and began to close in on its targets within several more minutes, ending up in a large room lined with alcoves that were to be the beginnings of new tunnels which were never dug due to the deaths of the mine’s worker population.

It had not lived so long by acting rashly however. First it stuck its head into the room and sniffed the air while scanning the chamber with its eyes. There were catwalks and stairs set up around the room, the beginning step to establishing full supports. In addition there were numerous temporary structures used for storing equipment scattered about in a mess.

Now certain that there were no immediate sources of danger, the Unteraith took its first steps out of the tunnel. Now its full form could be observed by the two sets of eyes fixed upon it.

It resembled some sort of cross between a reptilian and a canine. Four legs, a long prehensile tail, scaley skin with claws suitable for gripping and digging into rock, four eyes born of millions of years of evolution to allow it to see easily in the dark and in multiple directions without having to turn its head.

Rush had a perfect view of the creature from where he hung from the side of one of the support beams scattered evenly throughout the room, using the electrostatic bonding function of his gloves and boots to keep in place as he pressed back against the surface and remained still as a statue. The assassin had his hood up and his green eyes followed the progress of the animal as it cautiously stepped towards the heart of the room. As it stepped around an abandoned cart Rush looked across the room towards the central pillar, bent out of shape under the weight of a ceiling that it had not been intended to hold forever. The pillars were all temporary, meant to simply support the ceiling until more sturdy implements could be constructed and implanted; now that ceiling was pressing down day by day, month by month, threatening to cause a cave in eventually.

Kid was crouched by the bent pillar, peeking out at the approaching form of the Unteraith as it followed his scent. He ducked back into cover and looked at his and Rush’s handiwork: an array of explosive charges set all over the base of the pillar with another set wired near the point where the pillar was bent. Both sets of explosives were wired in parallel and set to be triggered by remote detonation-the detonator being in Rush’s pocket for the time being. They had only been able to carry a single crate with what little time they’d been given to outrun the Unteraith, but if his time with Risk and the Syndicate had taught Kid anything then this would be sufficient enough to bring the whole cavern collapsing down at the push of a button.

Both of their drones had wisely opted to remain invisible and record in silence. Some audiences may have been disappointed by how short the initial confrontation between the two competitors had been, but there had been a renewed interest with the inclusion of the Unteraith. Already a number of betting pools had opened up across many worlds with wagers being set in favour of the wild beast claiming one or both competitors, others gambled on the Unteraith being killed while some hoped for all three parties to meet their end in the trap that the temporary allies had concocted.

Once the Unteraith had gotten close enough to the central pillar Rush pushed off of the one he was clinging to and landed with an audible ‘thud’. His clothing, composed of a unique material woven by the Infarai, absorbed the worst of the kinetic energy from the impact and left Rush unharmed, allowing him to quickly get up and dart away as he heard the creature give a growl and sniff the air. It had no doubt heard him, having mastered hunting all manner of prey in these tunnels. Stray tools, bones and an assortment of objects were crushed underfoot by the Unteraith as it turned about and reached the place where Rush had only moments ago landed, sniffing the ground eagerly as it anticipated its next meal.

What it failed to grasp was that this had been a distraction to allow Kid to creep away from the central pillar. The hybrid began to skirt the far edge of the chamber and make his way towards the exit tunnel. He had to refrain from moving too fast; one wrong step could make too much noise and exerting himself too quickly could give him away while leaving him too winded to escape if it came down to a pursuit. Kid’s part in the first step of the plan was done, now he had to trust Rush to carry through with his side and move on to the second step whether or not the assassin survived.

Halfway across the chamber, the Unteraith stopped as it came upon a splatter of blood on the floor. Before it could even consider the idea that it had fallen into a trap it felt something land on its head followed by a blade sinking right into its upper left eye, bypassing its sturdy armored scales. A shriek of pure agony ripped through the chamber as the Unteraith swung its head around violently, trying to dislodge Rush as he jammed his Shock Knife as deeply as he could into the eye socket. Before he could hit the button on the base of the hilt Rush was thrown clear by the Unteraith throwing itself into a roll, flinging the Irken off and slamming him into one of the nearby support columns.

Now that it had a target the beast lunged forward, jaws opening wide. Rush rolled out of the way, narrowly avoiding the gaping maw and swiftly unsheathed his sword, which he swung across the Unteraith’s lower left eye in the same movement and split the orb of flesh neatly down the center. Blood spurted from both left eye sockets as the Unteraith wailed and writhed, swinging its head around in a blind, pain fuelled rage. Now that it was half blinded, Rush had a more plausible chance of stepping away from this encounter intact.

While the Unteraith recovered the assassin flipped his sword around in his grasp, flinging droplets of blood off of its length before he dropped into a half crouch stance, presenting his right side while holding his right arm parallel to the ground and across his chest while holding his left arm back with his sword held in a reverse grip, keeping the blade parallel to his forearm as Rush faced a now enraged predator that was no longer concerned with its next meal. Now it would simply want to crush and kill the source of its pain and anger: the infuriating green piece of food that didn’t know how to lay down and die.

Rush saw the set of intact right eyes lock onto him, and turned his right hand over to reveal the cut he had made in his palm to set the bait for his trap in a gesture of mockery to the Unteraith, which may or may not have recognized it-although in this state it was hard to measure its intelligence. As it expelled a furious snarl and swiped one set of claws at Rush he dropped to the ground and rolled forward, ending up just under its head which was still too heavily protected even at the neck area. Rush reached up and grabbed onto the hilt of his Shock Knife which was still buried deep into the creature’s upper left eye, using it as leverage to pull himself back up to straddle its neck with his legs.

He did not remain long, only just enough to pull the knife free. The Unteraith thought that he was going to target its remaining eyes and quickly threw itself to the side with the aim of crushing him against a wall. Rush quickly leapt off, kicking up and away from the beast and clinging to the wall just above where it impacted. As he took a moment to place the hilt of his knife between his teeth and sheathe his sword on his back again Rush could hear the Unteraith down below as it got back up; it growled up at him and leapt, standing on its hind legs while it dug its foreclaws into the wall, finding enough grip to pull itself up the surface towards the Irken.

“Mr Rush!” Kid called out from the exit tunnel. “Ready!”

The Unteraith turned at the sudden noise and realized that its second piece of food was in the perfect position to get away. As it debated between finishing off Rush or going for what would hopefully be an easier kill Rush kicked off of the wall and pulled his Shock Knife from between his teeth before pressing the button to activate it. An electrical shield crackled around him as he landed on the Unteraith, which considered this a small annoyance until it felt the blade cut clean through its armour and slice a neat line down its back when Rush slid down its body, using it like a ramp before rolling to the ground and coming back up in a sprint. Behind him the creature howled and fell on its side, writhing uncontrollably as a line of glowing and half melted scaled pulsed with inescapable pain all along its back from the side of its neck to its hind leg.

Rush didn’t get far before his legs were swept out from under him, struck from the side by a whip like tail which then wrapped around his ankle and began to drag him back. The shield was still up, yet went ignored as Rush was pulled off of the ground and flung back down hard enough to make him taste blood in his mouth before he was then cast aside and thrown almost thirty feet away. Somehow he kept hold of his knife the entire time even as his head spun, the world turning upside down from his perspective.

“Mr Rush?!” Kid shouted. “Are you alright?!”

Rush managed to pull himself to his feet and leaned against a mine cart as he regained is balance, muted groans of pain escaping from him as he began to make his way towards the exit with the Unteraith in pursuit. It was wounded, perhaps more severely than ever before in its entire life. Nothing down here had a blade like Rush’s Shock Knife, nothing capable of slicing so easily through its skin as easily as dipping a blade into water. Now it was driven just to wreak revenge on Rush even at the cost of its own life, pushed beyond any thought of self preservation.

And it was still faster than him despite being wounded.

Twenty feet and gaining.

Rush could see the exit tunnel ahead.

Too far to reach, not enough time.

That trigger detonator in his coat pocket was beginning to look very friendly right now, compared to the fate of being that thing’s lunch.

“Get down!”

Rush threw himself to the ground, the breath of the Unteraith washing over him. It was just reaching out to grab him up when something struck it from above, collapsing on top of it and weighing the beast down. Rush turned over and saw one of the catwalks from above now crumpled atop the Unteraith, which was already beginning to push the weight off while something leapt off and helped Rush up.

“Come on,” Kid said, letting Rush lean on him for support as they made for the exit tunnel, now only a few feet away. “Hit the detonator!”

Rush fumbled in his coat pocket and pulled the detonator out. He flipped pen the casing over the red button at the top and sucked in his breathe, reciting a quick prayer in his head that the damn thing wouldn’t do something cliché like malfunction right when they need it and pressed down with his thumb...

Just as the Unteraith’s tail wrapped around Kid’s arm and tore him away from Rush’s side, making the assassin trip as Kid was pulled back out of the tunnel with a pained cry.

Then a roar filled the cavern as the central support column was wracked with explosions and bent in under the weight of the ceiling. The entire roof began to cave in, the smaller pillars unable to hold its weight back for more than a few seconds. Rush had just enough time to turn in a futile effort to rush back to Kid’s aid before all lights in the chamber beyond the tunnel mouth went out and rock crashed down, smothering the shrieks of the Unteraith and shooting out a cloud of dust which blinded Rush as he raised his arms to protect his face.

He opened his mouth, forming Kid’s name before the whole tunnel was plunged into darkness.


So...think they’re dead?

Chrome sighed and glared at the camera drone floating next to him. “For the eleventh time: no. And why are you even asking me when you’re linked to Kid’s watch? You can see his vitals!

Oh right...but his vital signs are so weak that he’s probably about to flat line anyways.

The pair were lighting the half collapsed tunnel connecting to the room where rush and Kid had sprung their trap. Half of the supports in the passage had given away, causing some sections to become buried under rubble and left the drones with little space to manoeuvre.

Well unless he goes offline then you could save us both some time and personally spare a fe more of my memory cells from committing suicide by shutting-

He just died.” The drone cut Chrome off, causing a sudden silence to descend on the cavern.


The drone feigned clearing his throat. “So...what about Rush?

He’s right up ahead.” Chrome sped up, weaving through any nook or cranny he could find as he closed in on the signal from Rush’s watch.

Damn shame about the kid,” The camera drone sighed as it followed Chrom. “Would have thought that he’d last a little longer than the first round at least.

Chrome growled. “Pal, your contestant is dead and yet you’re still here and pissing me off. Don’t you have a self destruct program with your name on it? know what? You’re right! Screw living!

An explosion rocked the cavern behind Chrome, who turned as rocks were shattered into pebbles and cleared a path.

Well, at least he made himself useful and cleared a way back out.” Chrome muttered while ducking down through a gap in the rubble and into an alcove that had been spared the crushing weight of several tons of rock. “Rush! Rush!

A knuckle rapped against the side of Chrome’s shell. He spun around and engaged his exterior lights, providing light to the alcove to reveal a dust covered and bruised Rush sitting cross legged next to something that stuck out from the rocks...

A slender green arm with a watch around the wrist. that...?

Rush kept his head bowed and his hood over his face, but nodded grimly as the drone got a good look at where the arm vanished under the rocks just past the middle of the bicep. There was no way to see past the surface...but it appeared rather obvious that Kidderence Wilde was crushed into paste beneath the debris.

Well,” Chrome moved back from the bloody limb and looked at Rush. “It looks like you win.

Rush slowly nodded and stood up, his Holo-Interface manifesting so he could type a response. -Pardon me if I take no pleasure in that fact.- He typed, -The audience has their pound of flesh. If you would not mind I would like several minutes alone to pray for Kidderance Wilde’s soul.-

Of course.” Chrome said sullenly, turning away and floating back the way he’d come. “Take your time...based on your psych profile I can only guess at how far this conflicts with your code of ethics.

Once Rush was alone he knelt down on both knees and bowed his head, lacing his fingers together while placing his hands on his lap. He allowed several moments to pass in silence before he was certain that he was alone and began to move some of the rocks aside...but not the one covering Kid’s partially visible arm. Soon he uncovered a small crevice in the wall of the collapsed tunnel where the bloody and unconscious form of Kid lay curled up in a ball...his entire left arm now severed with the stump cauterized and wrapped in every bandage that Rush had on his person.

A sad smile crossed the assassin’s face as he drew his hood back away from his head and reached out, gently rubbing the boy’s dark messy locks before placing the stones back in place. He summoned his Holo-Interface again and typed a command into it before a screen popped up.




The screen went blank for several seconds before a line of text appeared.

MEDINAE COUNCIL: We have witnessed your victory. The child is dead?

Rush typed a response.

DD-047: To the galaxy, and more importantly to the host of this tournament. Transferring coordinates for emergency acquisition.

MEDINAE COUNCIL: Clarify purpose of acquisition. We require justification for endangering retrieval operative.

DD-047: He is the beloved of the Wrath of Irk. If he dies, Wrath shall become my enemy and be extension our enemy. Provide retrieval operative for emergency acquisition and prepare extensive medical care unit. Kidderance Wilde must live.

It was almost half a minute before Rush received an answer.

MEDINAE COUNCIL: Request approved. Vacate premises and ensure that surveillance devices are absent. We shall ensure the safe care and return of Kidderance Wilde to his family, but must take steps to ensure that his survival remains secret until after the tournament has ended. You will be held accountable if this action compromises your mission. Good luck.


Rush pulled the arm out from under the rubble, revealing the area where he had cut through the damaged limb with his Shock Knife. The action had been necessary to save Kid’s life. Bone stuck through the flesh where a rock had shattered the limb, every finger was crushed or broken while the hand was a mangled mess. Most doctors would just remove it and replace it with a cybernetic, but he had no doubt that the Infarai would be able to mend and reattach it, after a week of intensive medical care for Kid.

Hopefully Wrath wouldn’t get too trigger happy before being informed of Kid’s survival.

He left the alcove behind and followed the distant light that Chrome projected from far down the tunnel. When the drone spotted him coming it floated to his side and blinked its circular eye once. “Done already?

Rush nodded.

I know this might not mean much, coming from me...but I am sorry that Kidderance died.” Chrome offered his condolences. “I understand that it’s never an easy thing to cope with the loss of someone so young, but it wasn’t your fault.

It was hard to differentiate between simulated and genuine empathy when it came to artificial intelligence. Chrome could have been programmed to appear more sympathetic in an effort to appeal to Rush’s personality, or his behaviour could be the product of chance like with most low level AIs produced for simple tasks such as acting as a camera. Either way Rush had to pretend that the sympathy was warranted and gave the drone a grateful smile.

Chrome turned away quickly. “We’d better get out of this mine. Now that the fight has been concluded I’m permitted to act as an assistant navigation unit and guide you out of here. There should be an elevator shaft half a mile from our present location that we can use if your plan hasn’t caved all passages to it in also.” He zoomed ahead. “Lets go!

Rush glanced over his shoulder back to where he’d left Kid. He saw a green glow which vanished as quickly as it had appeared, telling him that the young hybrid was now in safe hands. The assassin smiled and pulled his hood back over his head before taking off after Chrome.


End of Round One

Blood Sport Season Four: Round One, Part Two
Part Two of my entry

Kid belongs to :iconprojecthalfbreed:

Rush belongs to me

I do not own Invader Zim


Part One Link:… the interest of gaining the Four is Death Achievement for this round, I've kept a record of how many blows Rush has dealt against Kid

1- Heel strike to Kid's face in paragraph #78
2- Elbow strike to Kid's side in paragraph #80
3- Kick that knocks Kid down in paragraph #80

4- Triggering the explosion which injures Kid's arm, defeating him
Taken from :iconted-drakness:

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Game on. B)


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imajanaeshun Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the Favorite! :)
RaynaHero200 Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Hey there long time no see~ how ya doin? x3
Irken-Risk Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2015
Heyo, doing great and going back to university in a few days. You?
RaynaHero200 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Everyone getting back to school it seems |D oh hard at work on some pics am going to be entering BloodSport this season :la:
Irken-Risk Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2015
I'm considering joining in, not too sure though.
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SaintHeartwing Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2015  Student General Artist
Hey dude, how's it going? :)
Irken-Risk Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2015
Going fine, been working a lot.
SaintHeartwing Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2015  Student General Artist
Oh, really? Like what? :)
Irken-Risk Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2015
I meant working as in at the marina. XD Cleaning boats, fuelling them, etc.
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ToaDeathax Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2015
Hey man, what's up?
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